Tasks Being Performed by Contemporary AWE

What good tasks are being served by contemporary AWES?
  • Send in and discuss the various good tasks that are being served by contemporary AWES.   If ou observe a current use of energy harvested by AWES that is not yet mentikoned, then please send your information.    
  • Bias of eras:  In times past  certain AWE tasks were dominant. Today, the tasks are several.
  • Kite Applications 

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March 6, 2020, post by Joe Faust
Some contemporary good tasks performed by contemporary AWES:  note that potential uses of the wind's energy obtained from AWES may get actual uses; I list here on-going present uses of the AWES' harvested wind energy:
  • Some AWES are generating electricty for use to drive electrical devices.
  • Some AWES are pulling ships, yachts, boats.
  • Some AWES are pulling kiteboards.
  • Some AWES are pulling humans on land.
  • Some AWES are pulling humans who are in the water.
  • Some AWES are lifting and then dropping party favors for children to fetch.
  • Some AWES are pulling road cars.
  • Some AWES are pulling snow and ice sleds.
  • Some AWES are used  for recreational purposes.
  • Some  AWES are used  in kite aerial photography (KAP). 
  • Some AWES are used to lift and drop water.
  • Some AWES are being used to directly charge an electric skateboard.
  • Some AWES are used to entertain spectators.
  • Some AWES are used in sports competitions, even the Olympics.
  • Some AWES are lifting communication antennae.
My thoughts:
It is not known what AWE activity at any given year will be most dominant. Sector parts might be measured and compared by the number of participants, the number of persons served, money invested, dollar-amounts in sales,  mass of systems involved, effective good achieved, visibility, media load, number of articles written, number of photographs taken, number of books written,  carbon footprint, greenness, beauty, wonder, joy, etc.    Many sectors of airborne wind energy are advancing; some sectors are being given less attention than in prior years. New foci will probably appear as the years roll in. AWE sectors: traction, lifting, electricity generation, recreation, transportation, sport, research, play, science, communications, and more.

This topic could trace the AWE sector shares.  How many people are in the AWE transportation sector? How many people are using AWE transportation devices? How much electricity is being fed to village or large electrical grids? How many miles are ships being towed by AWE machines? How much energy is being saved by judicious use of upper air currents by powered aircraft? How much time is being spent by humans in soaring? How much money is being spent for sport AWES? How much money is being spent by consumers on recreational AWES?  Other questions are invited to help discern AWE-sector activity shares. How much energy is being expended in a sector? How much energy is being harvested from the wind in each sector?