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Dec. 29, 2019,  post by Joe Faust
              Kite Applications
  • Generate electricity       
    Wind Energy by Kite
    Energy Kiting
    Energy Kite Systems
    Airborne Wind Energy
    Kite Wind Energy
    Kite Electricity
    Kite Energy
    Drone Wind Energy
    Drone-Kite Wind Energy

  • Kite Cold Chain
  • Make shade                      Shading by Kite
  • Pull vehicles         traction        Travel by Kite
  • Abrade and polish items        
  • Crush grain              Grind Grain by Kite
  • Cut stone            Cut by Kite
  • Lift items           Lift by Kite  
  • Move items       Move Things by Kite             Place Things by Kite   
  • Entertain people          Entertain by Kite    
  • Scare birds away from crops            Scare Pest Birds by Kite  
  • Drop items                Drop Items by Kite    
  • Provide launching sky platforms           Hold Aloft Sky Platforms by Kite    
  • Give sky home to some people          Holding Aerial Living Quarters by Kite   
  • Provide sky communication links        Maintain Aerial Communication Devices by Kite 
  • Use kite systems to tow large bags of fresh water to places on earth
    that need fresh water
  • Hold flags aloft                    Hold Flags Aloft by Kite   
  • Give aerial amusement rides to humans.               
  • Drive the cables for city-to-city human/goods transport
  • Electric cars having AWE as energy supplier  See old forum Message 3731
  • Move aquaculture nets and cages by use of kite.
  • Fish by use of kite systems
  • Kytoon-held cableway
  • Fetch and place things
  • Provide ways to give physical exercise to humans
  • Observation platform directly or remotely            Hold Aerial Observatories by Kite  
  • KAP   kite aerial photography             Photograph Scenes from Kite Systems    
  • How a kite-maker is elevating mental health awareness    Updated March 19, 2020 By ECR
  • Water Dropping by Kite   
March 5, 2011

All in the world are invited to post a new kite application or to post a discussion message about a started kite applicaiton.

Best of lift to you and yours,

Joe Faust

March 6, 2011, posted by Joe Faust

Let a railed cart be drawn by kite power back and forth with riders in
the cart.

In some circumstances one would focus on just giving amusement rides in
the cart. Someone else might get fancy and have the back-and-forth
action of the cart be coupled with an electric generator, so that
electricity is made while people of all ages obtain their amusement

This is different from the free-pathing of land carts driven by kite
power or snow skis. The subject application herein looks at confining
the cart to a rail. Many variations on railing can be conceived. Herein
is the focus rails that are firmly connected to the ground. Cars or
carts set onto lifted sky cables will be found in a different thread for

March 6, 2011, post by Joe Faust

Drive cars or carts set onto lifted sky cables

Kite or kytoon set a sky cable; confine a cable car or cart to the cable . Power the movement of the confined car or cart by kite power.

Consider toy scale as well as other scales for this. Unmanned and  people passengers or material may be transported on a network of lifted sky cables.  Development of scaled solutions are invited.

It has been envisioned: world-circling sky cable with carts driven by kite power along the cable or network of cables.

The initial sky cable that has been vastly developed is the tether of a single kite; scores of patents face line riders; devices sail or are otherwise drive up and down the main tether of a simple kite system. Such is a start. Image a vast network of sky cable around the earth. Travel here and there by kite power.

Fly it and drive it.       This application thread will surely branch to some specialized applicaitons for kite systems.

Group: KiteApplications Message: 6 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/6/2011
Subject: Hold a platform for day use in hot climate
Consider a hot day. One desires to be 100 m above the heated sands. Set
a kite system that holds a platform at 100 m; place a shading sail just
above the platform. Be in the platform while performing one's other
action choices all done above the hot soil in cooler air, less dusty
air, away from crawling snakes and scorpions, etc. Perhaps one will
choose to exercise while on the platform, or read a bood or page from
the Internett. Picnic aloft. Take rocking nap. Thousands of things may
be done on the platform. Rent time on the platform. Honeymoon suite?
Give a sermon on the platform to hearers below. Draw, sketch, paint,
solve problems, etc. All in cooler and cleaner air.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 7 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/20/2011
Subject: BungeeBox kite-launch into free-flight manned kiting

 BungeeBox for self-soar HG launch with line-speed multiplier and bungee cord set: Pilot loads the cords, triggers release, and foot-launches with the assist of his or her stored potential energy.  The main tether is very-low-stretch cord.   .  [Image pending finding it again.]

 Discussion is invited.

Two sectors to the operation:  
1. The initial sector kiting has the wing body and its pilot, the kite's long tether, and the kite's tether's other end taken as mooring (here the BungeeBox) anchored to earth.  Notice that one may consider the mooring as a very blockish wing itself that is very extreme in drag with is soil anchor depicted (the soil anchor stresses the soil and some strain could be detected, if one wanted to detect such strain).

2.  Once the pilot releases himself or herself from the main first tether, then the second kiting sector begins. In this second sector the "kite" with its three parts goes as follows: the upper wing, the short hang tether, and then the body of the pilot as the other end of that short hang tether. The body of the pilot is a wing of sort and has mass falling mass also. As the pilot (as mooring) falls and reacts with the stream, a net tension coupling is achieve in relation with the upper wing. The net kiting circumstance in the second sector here is commonly referred to as hang gliding, but sometimes appropriately "kiting" where pilot is the moving mooring.       

A kite might be defined as a tether terminated by wings (the two wing sets oppose each other enough to form a tension in the coupling tether.       


Group: KiteApplications Message: 8 From: Date: 4/2/2011
Subject: Glow surfaces in kite systems
Use laser beam or strong light (delivered externally or via optical
fiber internally) to activate surfaces of kite systems (mooring set,
tether set, wing set, or auxiliary lofted item set), so the surfaces
glow in the night for various purposes (hazard recognition,
entertainment, message production, etc. )

Discuss, specify, build, example, phtographs, products, users?
Group: KiteApplications Message: 9 From: Date: 4/2/2011
Subject: Ocean travel and living by kite system
Have a kite system that has person living pod kept generally lofted
above the waves by the kite system wing elements. Have the mooring be a
hydrofoil adjustable by the pilot in the pod. Have the wing set also
controllable by the pilot from the mid-tether pod. Have some surfaces
of the kite system being solar-energy converters. Use some of the solar
energy electricity to split water to hydrogen and oxygen; use the
hydrogen for various power-consumption processes. In the pod have a
vegetable garden. Have also a fishing system for use in getting
protein during the travels.

At full calm the pod and wing set might rest in sea waiting for launch
when wind returns. If the system has lighter-than-air kytoons for wing
set, then the hydrogen could keep the wings at desired buoyancy.

An arrangement might be model toy size. Or one-person home. Or huge
passenger commercial size. Or industrial energy plant.

Discuss, specify, example, design, example, photograph:
Group: KiteApplications Message: 12 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/13/2011
Subject: Rope climbing

With suitable safety precautions:

  • 1. Recreational climbing of kite tether sets.
  • 2. Recreational climbing of a rope hung vertically from the kite systems' tether set.
  • 3. Motorized climbing of kite tether.
  • 4. Human-climber of rope hung from kite system.
  • 5. Animal climbers of ropes hung from kite systems.
  • 6. Mechanized tether ascenders and descenders to exchange goods to aloft stations.
  • 7. Descend charged batteries.  Send up uncharged batteries for getting charge.
  • 8. Send up water to be cooled at higher elevations. Bring the cold water back down for drinking or cooling a room or object.
  • 9. Human swings on a rope hung from a kite system; human has a wing for operating the gyrations wanted in the swing.
  • 10.  ?
Group: KiteApplications Message: 13 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/13/2011
Subject: Rescue
  • Use a kite system to rescue a downed kite wing.
  • Use a kite system to move ship-stranded people from ship to either another boat or to shore. Or use kite systems to sail people long distances from a sinking ship.
  • Use a kite system to rescue animals that have met hard times.
  • Use a kite system to fetch people from unlawful imprisonment.
  • Use kite systems to remove people from a surrounding fire.
  • ?
Group: KiteApplications Message: 14 From: Date: 7/13/2011
Subject: Targets and Kite Systems (KS)
  • The famous Target Kite is just the beginning of target matters.
  • Have KS hold party pinatas.
  • Have KS drop platters used in shooting practice.
  • Have KS have line-laundry objects that are targets for the artistic observing eye.
  • Have KS line objects be advertising attention-getting targets.
  • Hang a basket from a kite system. Recreational beach play: teams throw water balloons into the basket until the basket is so heavy that the basket gets grounded; first team to get their basket grounded wins.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 15 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/13/2011
Subject: Re: Targets and Kite Systems (KS)
Have KS hold up a high jump bar (or mimic elastic rope, etc) for use in recreational high jumping.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 16 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/13/2011
Subject: Shade

Using kite systems, produce shade per need.

  • Some common shading needs:
    • Protect special plants
    • Lower air-conditioning costs of a building
    • Make hot outdoor areas more pleasant by shading some of the sun.
    • Protect materials and goods from excessive sunshiine.
  • Double-purposing the shading sheet held by the kite system:
    • Have the sheet be a solar-energy converter; make electricity while also giving shade.
    • Have the shading sheet also be a resting platform for human naps.
    • Have the shading sheet be an observation deck
    • Have the shading sheet be a launching platform for hang gliders.
  • Triple-purposing the shading sheet:   Have those doble-purposing items be also with the sheet being a solar-energy converter.



Group: KiteApplications Message: 17 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/14/2011
Subject: Prayerful kiting

Have kite systems and kiting be part of prayer actions!

Tell your story!

  • Messages sent up the main line and let go!
  • Symbols on sail to remind one or others of the Love in the universe according to one's traditions and beliefs ...
  • Art lofted to trigger meditations ...
  • Movement prayer: the universe of relations is changed by each movement of the kite's parts. Gratitude may fly in such presentation and consideration.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 19 From: Bill Date: 7/15/2011
Subject: Re: Ocean travel and living by kite system
What do you do when the wind dies down?
Group: KiteApplications Message: 20 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/15/2011
Subject: Re: Ocean travel and living by kite system

"Bill" <billwrin@...

Depending on the system design, there could be many options.

  • The system might be equipped with kytoons using hydrogen obtained from splitting the sea water.
  • A system might fully accept full lull-time resting in the water; relauch when wind is adequate.
  • A system might be generating electrcity and storing the electricity for use in powering flight during the lull.
  • ?  ...

During the lull, many housekeeping tasks might become easier.

Thanks, Bill for the discussion.

Group: KiteApplications Message: 23 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/16/2011
Subject: Re: Shade

Before 1900, recognition of kites for shade was evident. Here is a touch of such shading: (click through image for the full patent)
[ ]IMAGE yet to find again.
Discuss shade.

  • Consider a smart system modernized where a kite system is aware of its shade mark over a define vehicle or item; as the sun changes, as the vehicle or item changes position, the kite system would fly the shade-giving wings or kite laundry to precise positions in order to maintain the shade mark where wanted.
  • Consider on-off shading where it is desired to have shade and not shade in cycles to fit particular needs.
  • Consider that the shading kite part doubles as a solar-energy collector-converter; drive the energy to do good works.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 24 From: Bill Date: 7/18/2011
Subject: Kiteboat
I think kites will make boats go faster than sails.

Because the kite will give the boat much less heeling force than a sail the hull shape can evolve into a new class of boats altogether.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 25 From: Date: 11/24/2011
Subject: Cut high tree branches

Method one:
Fly the kite; have a segment of the kite tether be a sawing line.   Get the line across the branch needing cut. Work the kite in and out until the branch is cut through.

Method two: 
Another way is to sling a line over a target branch; bring the the far side of the line back to ground. Line the the tether through a pulley and then connect a working kite system to the main line.  Then connect the working kite's main line to the cutting section.   Work the kite for alternating in and out. Perhaps have a spring return at the first base of the cutting line.   Out-in cycles will cut the branch.

Group: KiteApplications Message: 26 From: Joe Faust Date: 11/28/2011
Subject: Gliding kites (paragliders) form a sector of free-flight gliding

Gliding kites are many centuries old, though modern missions are inviting further development of gliding kites (paragliders).

As a kite necessarily is a unit of wing set with resistive set coupled by tensioned tether set, one may see that L/D

World ParaGliding Association  has opened a forum ParaglidingUnlimited for more discussion space on gliding kite systems (paragliders) for unmanned and manned systems of any scale, mission, or configuration.

Gliding kites are true kites; the mooring is moving with the kite line(s) and the kite's wing(s); the wings deflect the air and a net L/D results. Many run and jump and skip and sometimes glide using a a kite or sport kite; the same kite system works if one held on and jumped off a cliff (don't do this until you have designed an appropriate kite system!) and became a free-falling mooring putting tension in the main tether while the wing(s) resisted as they deflect the ambient and apparent winds that the wings face during operation.  All the same. Kite. But in the attention of this thread is when the mooring is moving freely through the air or water (in the case of paravanes or water kites).     Glidng kites (paragliders) can come in a vast array of stypes; the arena is not limited to a system having just one mooring, one tether, one wing; no, the paraglider may have  200 wings in the wing set, for example. Challenges of launching, landing, system-killing, etc. are part of the gave.

Gliding kites (paragliders) may be used in art, science, hobby, industry, sport, play, competition, commerce, recreation, education, and more.   

Drawings, descriptions, project reports, etc. are invited.

Safety: Have a way to stop or kill a gliding-kite (paraglider) system. We do not want to hear of reports of gliding kites (paragliders)  ripping powerlines, hurting people, scaring animals, disturbing other aircraft, etc.   Gliding kites have a huge potential for good missions, but wrongly handled and operated such paragliders can cause havoc. Stay in control and with a backup system to emergently stop the paraglider from further flight.  If a human is flying in the gliding kite, then be sure the gliding kite (paraglider) has what it takes to allow fully safe operations. 

Discuss any or all aspects of gliding kite (paraglider) designs.

Group: KiteApplications Message: 27 From: Date: 11/28/2011
Subject: Anemometry using kites

Discuss papers, links, details:
Ben Balsley, CIRES Scientist in the Field
Gathering atmospheric dynamics data using KITES by Jim Scott [Reprinted from Summit Magazine, Spring 1994]===================
A low level wind measurement technique for wind turbine generator siting
Note: A thermally stable tension meter for atmospheric soundings using kites
Measurements of atmospheric sea salt concentrations in Hawaii using a Tala kite
Finally here is a link to a whole PhD thesis from 1986 by S. Hobbs.
Plenty of maths and data for those serious about AWE.
A quantitative study of kite performance in natural wind with applicaiton to kite anemometry


Group: KiteApplications Message: 28 From: Joe Faust Date: 11/28/2011
Subject: Re: Kiteboat

KiteShip   for general study.

Also,  Seeking applications, records, hull designs for speedsailing by use of kites, etc.

Group: KiteApplications Message: 29 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/9/2011
Subject: Large TV screen in sky via kite pixels
Your VGA idea is good, its even possible to make a giant color TV screen in the sky out of kite pixels; would that not be cool?
~~ Dave Santos    See old forum message 4999  
Group: KiteApplications Message: 30 From: Date: 12/28/2011
Subject: Surfaces for ______
What to do with the surface of the wings of the kite,
the surface of the tether-set elements, and the surfaces of the resistive-set elements?
A kite consists of  wing-set elements, tether-set elements, and resistive-set elements (which may be wings in some kite systems). 
The surfaces of parts of a kite (wing, tether, anchor) are valuable real estate when applications are appreciated and developed.  Discussion is ever open on applications for the surfaces. 

Some starters for wing surfaces:
  • Have the surface of a wing be a photograph of people, places, things. 
  • Have the surface of a wing be fine art. 
  • Have the surface be a solar-energy converting device.
    Make electricity for use in the kite system or for sending to other loads. 
  • Have the surface be a screen that shows video, TV programs, movies, etc. by radiation. 
  • Have the surface be a reflection surface.
    When light shines on the surface, then the surface reflects the radiation that came to the surface. 
  • Have the surface be all one color. 
  • Have the surface be textured in various ways for aerodynamic purposes and effects. 
  • Have the surface be with various porosity, perhaps variable porosity. 
  • Have the surface have fix text messages. 
  • Have the surface have messages texted by passersby at the beach boardwalk; in real time people can write in the sky their message for all to see. 
  • Have the surface of wing be with cameras and video cams sending images to the Internet in real time. 

  • ???
Some starters for tether surfaces:
  • Have the tether radiate visible light all along its length. 
  • Have the tether radiate visible light with changes relative to altitude. 
  • Have the tether radiate visible light with changes relative to temperature of air. 
  • Have the tether radiate visible light with changes relative to ambient airspeed. 
  • Have the tether structured to give cyclic pulsations. 
  • Have the tether radiate variable-color visible radiant light. 
  • ???
Some starters for resistive set element surfaces:
  • In free-flight kite where the resistive set is perhaps a wing set itself, then see above for wing-set surfaces. 
  • In fixed-anchor kite, then the surfaces of anchor elements might warn people
    of the hazards of the kite system operation. Warn with color. Motion sensors and voice recordings?
  • The surfaces may be solar-energy devices. 
  • ???
Group: KiteApplications Message: 31 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/30/2011
Subject: Fishing using kite systems
All means of fishing using kite systems are invited for this thread. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 32 From: Joe Faust Date: 1/12/2012
Subject: Reconnaissance and surveillance
This topic thread invites explorations of kite systems involved in
reconnaissance and surveillance.


Ever-up kytoon with video cam, GPS, remote command, Internet reporting?
Surround view? Circle-vision?

Animal viewing, crop viewing, ranch watch, site watch,

The kytoon involved might recharge its LTA from collecting and breaking
atmosphere moisture to get hydrogen.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 33 From: Joe Faust Date: 1/15/2012
Subject: Lift a long sadly twisted line
Lift a long sadly twisted line. 
Let the the wind and gravity untwist the sad!

Or use the sadly twisted line as a main tether to a kited wing. Insert s swivel.  Let time and jiggling and flying take out most of the sad twist.

Group: KiteApplications Message: 34 From: Joe Faust Date: 1/15/2012
Subject: Want to twist together some lines?
Use the raw strand set as the main tether to a kited wing. 
Set a rotating bladed turbine upwind of a swivel; aft of the swivel have the wing. 

The rotation of the turbine will put twist in the line.   Reel in the twisted line. 
Advanced: Have a means to stop the process when the number of twists desired has been reached. 


Group: KiteApplications Message: 35 From: Date: 2/12/2012
Subject: Kite system for holding play swings
Use kite systems to lift play swings, recreational swings, sport swings, rope-climb swings, entertainment swings. 

The swings may be low or high above ground. Safety precautions are ever recommended. 
Good engineering of systems that intend to hold humans aloft on swings is highly recommended!  
Group: KiteApplications Message: 36 From: Date: 2/12/2012
Subject: Kite system for fetching objects caught on high wires or trees, etc.
Have means from a kite system that may grab, fetch, catch, etc. objects
that are in trees, on wires, on ledges, etc. The objects may be small,
large, alive or not. This thread invites the disclosure of fetching
mechanisms incorporated into kite systems. Full project execution
evidence is invited via photographs, video, and plans.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 37 From: Joe Faust Date: 2/12/2012
Subject: Market fluctuation and kite opportunities
SkySails' downsizing is the recurring pattern starting with Etzler and Pocock two hundred years ago, then the Kite Golden Age a hundred years ago, and continuing with Dave Culp's efforts in ship kites in recent decades, where lower fossil fuel costs suppress the advance of Kite Energy. Corrected for inflation, coal and oil is currently about as cheap as it has ever been, due to recent "advances" in extraction.
Harry notes that cargo ship numbers are down, but shipping tonnages are still growing, as container megaships increasingly dominate. These monstruous ships are inherently more marginal to kite-assist, not just by high-consequence danger, but they naturally cruise faster in proportion to windspeed, squeezing an already narrow window of suitable kite-flying conditions. Cheap-Oil phases are not all bad for AWE; one can imagine laid-off SkySails folks starting new kite ventures that would not have happen otherwise.
The best AWE bet to not get pushed around by fluctuating energy markets is to early-on find value-added niches based on the kite's unique quality of cheap flight, and let the energy application take hold in its own time. Kite-based sky-diving, experimental architecture, specialty lifting, fire-fighting; the cool possibilities boggle the mind. The same low oil prices hurting the ship kite market make it cheaper for small kite starts to acquire the oil-based string and rag to start with.    
Group: KiteApplications Message: 38 From: Joe Faust Date: 2/16/2012
Subject: Sector applications of kite systems
Examine a sector of the universe and find applications for natural and artificial kite systems (simple or complex).  Authors and teachers who instruct kiting frequently pause to rehearse uses of kites and kite systems.

Those rehearsals are invited to this thread.  Indeed, this group and all of its posts are aiming to rehearse and find applications for kite systems.

One rehearsal is on a slide for a kite course at TU Delft: 

To emulate the flight of birds,
To lift instruments high into the atmosphere,
And raise the antenna for the first trans Atlantic radio transmission. 

To carry fishing line and hook out over the water in atolls, thus providing a means of catching fish in somewhat remote water from where the fisherman stood. 

To visually signal other troops
To scatter messages over the enemy,
To measure distances,
To lift observers over military areas. 

To offer up wishes to the gods of weather and crop fertility at the time of spring planting or at fall harvest; or
To just appease the spirit world. 

To demonstrate artistically the symbols of a region or nation in the sky. 
One may find the full set of slides of several lectures: 

Discussion of those notes may be in this thread or at other kite-discussion sites. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 39 From: Joe Faust Date: 2/16/2012
Subject: Marconi instructs an application using kites of tin-foil


 Guglielmo Marconi

He describes using tin-foiled kites in his communication system: 

Discuss continued use of kites for communication purposes. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 40 From: Joe Faust Date: 2/28/2012
Subject: Tool sharpening
Use the energy of a kite system to turn a flywheel. Draw some of that
flywheel energy to sharpen saws, knives, scissors, etc. A one-way
sprag clutch and a small boom and a passively wafting kite can load a
flywheel to store energy.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 41 From: Date: 2/29/2012
Subject: Elevator
Have tower or building. Desire to have a goods or personnel elevator.
Counterweight the system. Then have a kite system working to drive the
Group: KiteApplications Message: 42 From: Joe Faust Date: 2/29/2012
Subject: Lofted sounds, speech, music, message, etc.
From high with a kite system, broadcast sound, speech, music, message:

Click above for amplifier patent.

Samuel E. Adair

Patent number: 1667300
Filing date: May 12, 1925
Issue date: Apr 24, 1928

Discuss comprehensive uses of sound from kite systems.  
Group: KiteApplications Message: 43 From: Date: 3/15/2012
Subject: KAP detail by Brown in 1909
Nat Elmer Brown
Aerial Photographic Apparatus

Patent number: 1002897
Filing date: Jul 7, 1909
Issue date: Sep 12, 1911

The patent reached by clicking the image of the text concerns kited or ballooned  camera works. 
The inventor includes a wind-powered fan and uses gearing to leverage the input energy to be used
in aerial works.   Clockworks may be driven by airborne wind energy turbines aloft in order to perform
desired sequences of events

Group: KiteApplications Message: 44 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/18/2012
Subject: Ski on water surface by kite
William G. Roeseler   [ "Bill" ]

Patent number: 5366182
Filing date: Nov 30, 1993
Issue date: Nov 22, 1994

Click image for full patent.  Discuss all.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 45 From: Date: 3/25/2012
Subject: One or many parachutes releasing by Moon
Max A. Moon 
a device for releasing one or more parachutes from a kite. 
Patent number: 2480948
Filing date: Jul 23, 1948
Issue date: Sep 6, 1949
Para-kite Attachment

Click image for full patent.   Discuss claims and implications for delivery of personnel, good, or skydivers.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 46 From: Date: 3/25/2012
Subject: Parachute-dropping kite by Berthene in 1950
Hugo Berthene

Parachute dropping kite

Patent number: 2575157
Filing date: May 9, 1950
Issue date: Nov 13, 1951

Click image for full patent. Discuss claims. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 47 From: Date: 3/29/2012
Subject: Celebratory fireworks launching from kite plateforms
Rocket or sling energy may be saved when celebratory fireworks are launched from kite system platforms. 
Many variations on this are possible. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 48 From: Date: 3/29/2012
Subject: Skywriting by kite
Use kites to do skywriting. Various ways to accomplish this may be discussed. 
But use kite systems to accomplish the deed! :)
Group: KiteApplications Message: 49 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/29/2012
Subject: Bungee jumping from kite-system skyhook
Use kite system platform for operating recreational bungee jumps, skydive launch, hang glider launch, canopy gliding-kite (paraglider) launch, etc. 
But this thread might be reserved for detailing bungee launch operations. 
But then aim to open and discuss bungee jumping from kite-system platforms. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 50 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/29/2012
Subject: Running high jump bar and standards and landing pit by kite system
Running high jump bar and standards and landing pit
provided by tensioned parts kite system.    

This thread invites unfolding variations on the topic.

The tethers may hold a cross-line magnetically held (allowing magnetic release upon hitting the "bar" in a not-high-enough high jump effort). 

The landing pit may use the combined cushioning of tether give; the landing pit would be an enhanced net held in the air by the kite system. Notice that hung-air-release gravity-hung textile cylinders could be held up and used for part of the cushioning effect to be used to soften the landing experience of the high jumping person. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 51 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/29/2012
Subject: Re: Bungee jumping from kite-system skyhook
Group: KiteApplications Message: 52 From: Date: 3/29/2012
Subject: Long-line recreational swinging
Use kite systems to hold up pendulum swings. 

Let people swing in various ways for fun and exercise.  Athlete could wear wings to waft and sway and partially fly with the wind while the main pendulum swing retains. Athlete could wear a rescue parachute or a skydiving parachute for use in concluding the swinging session.   A hung person could nap or use binoculars or telescope during a session.  Photography could be part of the swinging session.  Overnight sleeping could be done while on the kite-system-hung arrangement.  Practice in waft flying could be done in a small or large way while hung from a pendulum line from the main kite system. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 53 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/29/2012
Subject: Drop giant paper airplanes from kite system
Instead of using a two-pilot helicopter, the shown giant paper airplane could have been launched from use of a kite system. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 54 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/29/2012
Subject: Re: Drop giant paper airplanes from kite system

Flying 45 foot paper airplane with a 24 foot wingspan! 

Use kite system to drop many glider-designs for test. 
Use kite systems to drop items for impact tests.
Use kite systems to drop fish into streams and lakes. 
Use kite systems to drop seeds and treelings (darted for penetration) for replanting a region. 
Use kite systems to drop water or other chemicals for fighting fires or pests. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 55 From: Joe Faust Date: 5/13/2012
Subject: Geoengineering by kite systems

Discuss various ways to change the earth in large ways by use of kites. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 56 From: Joe Faust Date: 5/17/2012
Subject: Catching meteorites by kite systems
Exploring meteorite catching by kite systems: 

Catch a "falling star" before the meteorite impacts the ground. 
Any history on this use of kites?   
Catching birds and insects and atmospheric water and ice have been experienced. 
Catching  other kites and kite lines have formed sport competitions. 

There is some faulty logic on the following page where high altitude balloons were used to catch meteorites: 
That is, just because one has an absence of something does not demand that the former collected items were meteorites, I hold.

A kite system could collect dust; sampling the atmosphere for pollutants by use of kites is a known application. But I have not seen anyone using kite systems for meteorite collecting.   

Notes and research are welcome on this topic from anyone.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 57 From: Joe Faust Date: 5/17/2012
Subject: To fly a kite is to send a message
"To fly a kite is to send a message."

What is a message?
What messages are sent when this or that kite system is flown?
Is it a message of hope, gratitude, sadness, technical refinement, joy, political activism, plea, energy solution, fanciful play, athleticism, skill, power, leadership, etc. ?

The very flying might give message.  
A texted or video message might be on display on kite coverings or on kite line laundry.
A system of kites might display a special image meaningful to views on the ground or to pilots and passengers in the sky. 

A kite system might be threatening or a sign of helpfulness. 

What have we? 

A prison reform movement has adopted the metaphor of flying kites as part of their movement: 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 58 From: Date: 6/8/2012
Subject: Fishing kites

Mokau Beach Fishing With Kites Part 1 

and see
Discuss methods, rigs, etx. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 59 From: Joe Faust Date: 6/11/2012
Subject: Re: Fishing kites

Kite Fishing! 

Discuss kite and method, etc. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 60 From: Joe Faust Date: 6/11/2012
Subject: View from kite for customers
"The homeowner who chooses to buy the energy from a kite will be offered
a live feed of the beach views from the para-kite as a token of
thanks."      Source: HERE .
Group: KiteApplications Message: 61 From: Joe Faust Date: 6/22/2012
Subject: Dorand powered kite?
Something to explore: 

Dorand powered kite

Group: KiteApplications Message: 62 From: Joe Faust Date: 6/23/2012
Subject: Kites for festival fun and recreation
From: Jay Alarie 
Date: Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:44 am 

I don't know where everyone is but I am trying to have 
the first ever Cocoa Beach Florida Kite Festival
Now gathering interest and taking names :
Group: KiteApplications Message: 63 From: Date: 6/23/2012
Subject: Grassroots Mapping
Group: KiteApplications Message: 64 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/21/2012
Subject: Sound maker in 1908
Group: KiteApplications Message: 65 From: Joe Faust Date: 11/2/2012
Subject: Dredging Levees
  • Pull, scrape, plow, lift, carry material from A to B, pump, 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 66 From: Joe Faust Date: 11/24/2012
Subject: Kite system to maintain an aloft aircraft landing platform
Use kite systems to maintain an aloft aircraft takeoff-and-landing platform. 

The aircraft may be kites, paragliders, hang gliders, powered aircraft, wingsuited humans, powered blimps, etc. 

A hang glider glider club might fly kite-system-held launch platform and landing platform. 

A cousin patent in this genre of application: 
Click image for full patent.      Discuss claims, etc. 
Harry Clayton Belleville, of Oakland, California

Aircraft Landing
Patent number
: 1874423
Filing date: Jun 22, 1929
Issue date: Aug 30, 1932

Group: KiteApplications Message: 67 From: Joe Faust Date: 11/24/2012
Subject: Keep conductive cables out of harm's way
Use kite system to keep a conductive cable up out of harm's way while support the cable to a load. 
Cousin patent in this line of conception: 

Click image for full patent.      Discuss claims, etc. 
Donald L. Price

Electrical power supply method and system for open pit mining equipment
Patent number: 4071124
Filing date: Aug 26, 1976
Issue date: Jan 31, 1978


Group: KiteApplications Message: 68 From: Joe Faust Date: 11/26/2012
Subject: Kite systems (KS) for construction industry
Use kite systems (KS) to help construct tall towers, skyscrapers, remote buildings,  etc. 

Open discussion on ways and means: 
  • Use KS to lift materials to storeys that are being construction in a skyscraper.
  • Have KS tension an inflated object or network while the object is being sprayed with rigidizable material.
  • Have KS as crane to move construction materials to remote construction site. 
  • Have KS carry leading bridge line from one side of ravine to the other side. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 69 From: Joe Faust Date: 11/26/2012
Subject: Human aerial catch nets
Have kite systems (KS) hold huge catch nets. Flightsuited gliding human may glide into the nets. Paragliders could land on the nets. Leapers could land in the nets. Powered aircraft could land on the nets. Etc. 
Toward this application: 
Click image for full patent.      Discuss claims, etc. 
Harry Clayton Belleville, of Oakland, California

Aircraft Landing
Patent number
: 1874423
Filing date: Jun 22, 1929
Issue date: Aug 30, 1932

  • v
Group: KiteApplications Message: 70 From: Joe Faust Date: 11/29/2012
Subject: Step towing

step towing   steptowing  step-tow,    

Discussion of step towing ---a kiting application--- is invited from all. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 71 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/3/2012
Subject: Morse code night lighting communications
Have LED lighting aloft.  Cause the lighting to show messages via Morse code. 
Trigger the lighting changes by way  remote control to a lofted receiver. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 72 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/4/2012
Subject: Re: Kite systems (KS) for construction industry
Clip from a 1915 book of stories: 

By William Edward Shepard
Copyright 1915
By Messenger Publishing Co.

"Do you know how that wonderful bridge was built across Niagara river, below Niagara
Falls? First they flew a kite across the river, with a fine string attached to it; with that string they
pulled across a piece of cord, and with the cord a piece of wire; with the wire a rope, and with the
rope a cable; and so the great bridge finally was built. So little sins are linked into a chain."
Group: KiteApplications Message: 73 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/6/2012
Subject: ACT Airborne Cable Transport 

Discussion is open for ACT matters. 

Kite systems have been used for transporting people and items on cable ways. The great variety of historical instances prepares us for an unfolding future that may hold vast airborne cable transport arrangements for wide end services. Transport goods, people, animals, supplies to AWES, product from AWES, parts for aerial constructions, etc. Scaled testing of ACT systems has a long tradition, but much yet can be done for practical ACT. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 74 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/6/2012
Subject: Kiting gliders to starts with resistive set being powered aircraft
Use powered aircraft as the resistive set of a kite system that has the wing set being manned gliders or manned sailplanes or manned hang glider or manned canopy hang gliders or manned parachutes.   Aerotowing to obtain gliding experiences!  The kiting sector is the towing operation. 

Here is an artful look from the line's perspective in aerotow of a manned glider: 
Line perspective in AT of manned kites which become gliders at release of line:
50 Jahre Segelfluggruppe Reiselfingen - Ein Start von 93.000

Group: KiteApplications Message: 75 From: Jay Alarie Date: 12/9/2012
Subject: Re: Kite systems (KS) for construction industry
no way; this is just too cool

Group: KiteApplications Message: 76 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/10/2012
Subject: Hold large low-mass textile for use as a projection screen
Have kite system hang a huge low-mass textile for use as a light-show projection screeen. 
Drawings and examples at all scales are welcome. 

Toy scale projection screen. 
Neighborhood entertainment projection screen. 
City-wide viewable projection screen. 

Backdrops for movie shoots. 
Political propaganda. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 77 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/14/2012
Subject: Chip wood by kite systems
Let a kite system be used to chip wood, chop branches. 
Two ways:
1. Direct mechanical energy stored in a flywheel. 
2. Generate electricity and then let that electricity drive a chopper. 

Sawing wood is another application. 
Drive a sander or planer. 

Pile drive.

Illustrations and detail of projects are invited. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 78 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/18/2012
Subject: AWES dedicated to keeping human pilot warm
An AWES that is dedicated to keeping the human pilot warm might achieve the goal in several ways. 

One way is to generate electricity and drive a heating element in the shoes and clothes of the kite pilot. 

Another way, most common, is a kite system that nearly forces the kite pilot to keep running; that will heat the pilot!

Send in ideas, plans, and example video, etc. for kite systems designed to keep a human kite pilot warm. 

Flying a kite in winter winds can be a chilling experience; but a kite system that keeps the pilot warm could be part of the solution to the cold.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 79 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/19/2012
Subject: Dry wet clothing in high wind
Fly wet clothing or other wet textiles (blankets, etc. ) from a kite system. 
Fly the items up into winds that are faster than the ground-level winds. 
Aim to dry the clothing by such method. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 80 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/19/2012
Subject: To experience joy
Fly a joy kite in order to experience joy. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 81 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/19/2012
Subject: Fence, fencing
Use kite systems to hold up fencing. 
A short or long fence may be held taut by kite systems. 
Using doming tactics for hanging fencing is available. 

A fence might consist of thin-thread wide mesh netting
or of solids, and all between. 

Consider fences in the air as well as fences that begin at soil level and go up to desired heights. 

Examples, plans, and uses are invited on this application family.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 82 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/19/2012
Subject: Hold up mouth of bags
Use kite system to hold up loose-fabric or plastic bags. Small or large. 
Put things in the bags while the kite system is hold the bag up. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 82 From: Joe Faust Date: 12/19/2012
Subject: Hold up mouth of bags
Use kite system to hold up loose-fabric or plastic bags. Small or large. 
Put things in the bags while the kite system is hold the bag up. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 83 From: Joe Faust Date: 1/2/2013
Subject: Flying kites for charity
Fly kites for charity: 


Flying for charity focus: 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 84 From: Joe Faust Date: 1/2/2013
Subject: Release object from kite by electromagnet
Have object held by power of an electromagnet. 

Type one: RC of the electromagnet.  Control the switch to off from remote radio-control position. 

Type two: Battery that drives the electromagnet is let be drained.  Upon the low power, the object is release from high altitude.

Type three: Have the wind drive a generator aloft; when the wind is inadequate for driving the generator enough to give power enough for the electromagnet to hold, then the release occurs.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 85 From: Joe Faust Date: 1/2/2013
Subject: RC powered aircraft used to carry up a kite's wing for release
Radio-controlled aircraft takes wing set of kite system to high altitude
and then releases the wing set. The tether set may be lifted while the
tether set is connected to the anchor set. Or the tether set of the
kite system may be totally lifted and also released in special manner
for either a free-flight kite system or for a tether-set to be snagged
by a ground anchor. Other options probably may be configured.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 87 From: Joe Faust Date: 1/3/2013
Subject: Rescue persons, goods, animals from islands
Say in a river or wash there is a small island where persons, animals, or goods are stranded. 
Fly kite system with auxiliary lines and pulleys. Drop a catch line to the island. Attache the persons. 
Lift.  Draw to the side the persons, animals, or goods ... onto safe ground. 

Rescue team arrives. Flies kite immediately and gets lines ready. 

Details and examples are welcome.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 88 From: Joe Faust Date: 1/19/2013
Subject: Re: Fishing kites
Group: KiteApplications Message: 89 From: Joe Faust Date: 1/25/2013
Subject: KAP Kite aerial photography
Group: KiteApplications Message: 90 From: Joe Faust Date: 1/29/2013
Subject: Applications of kiting systems in agriculture
Kite Ag   or Kite Agriculture  or Applications of kiting systems in agriculture

Starting note by Dave Santos: 

Major Ag Kite Applications-
Irrigation- Standard reciprocating and rotary pumps can be driven with minimal modification. Fossil fuel units can be converted to kite-hybrids, as well as water hauled by well-pulleys or on wagons.

Plowing- A substitute for tractors and animal labor. Simpler traditional plows can be drawn by kite crosswind (for back-and-forth operation and conservation furrows). Notes- the plowshare must be a symmetrical type, to take traction-force from either side. A simple "tacking" plowshare is a likely method. A "kite-tractor" vehicle could tow a full variety of  ag devices. Electric-tractors can be charged by kite-energy systems.

Harvesting- Crops like hay or root crops that are not too time sensitive (that can await favorable wind) and/or have unusual harvest demands (harvesting giant coconut trees of Kerala is a high risk climbing occupation). Time sensitive harvests could proceed by stored kite-power of biochar-hybrid power.

Threshing and Milling- A cheaper faster means to apply wind power, which has a long history in Ag Processing application. Existing mills can be driven in many cases.

Farm-to-Market- Fuel-less bulk haulage from remote farms to distribution networks can work well in the right setting. 

Pest Control- Bird scaring during the final ripening phase of grains and fruits is possible with hawk-like kites. Improved methods offer better coverage and usefulness during even calm periods (by a small towing reel).

Small Scale Rural Electricity- To support ag with information access and improve quality of remote rural life. Lighting, radio, medical support, and charging phones, notebook computers, etc. could be done with the same sort of kites used in direct ag apps.

General Notes-

Kite applications are favored by carefully prospecting for opportunities.
Subtle factors of terrain, latitude, season, and so on, must be taken into careful account.

DIY Tech- COTS kites are inherently low cost (by installed watt), but DIY kites are practical for even lower costs, for populations at the lowest economic scale.

Kites to Turbines- With far lower capital-cost than conventional wind power, but a higher attention requirement (kite-piloting or kite-system supervision), kites offer poor communities a path to begin wind power, generate value to finance wind towers (where towers are favored)

Hay Farming Affinity-


Maritime Uses- Kites operate in water currents much like they do in air (slower for equivalent power). In many cases the same kite flown above can be "flown" submerged, with minor differences in power handling. Applications include reliable self-powered ferryboats across rivers to support remote ag. Fish Farming-  Kites can oxygenate water and drive waste filtering (into compost). A kite-towed mussel-raft would enhance production, by boosting feeding and oxygen availability.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 91 From: Joe Faust Date: 2/4/2013
Subject: Capabilities seeking applications in kite systems
Have a capability. 
Then seek an application of that capability with some kite system.

A Supersonic Ping Pong Gun   (PDF document)
Mark French
Craig Zehrung
Jim Stratton
Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology
Purdue University

So, how might that capability be integrated within some kite system?   Open discussion on this capability. 
Submit other capabilities and wonder similarly. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 92 From: Joe Faust Date: 2/6/2013
Subject: Re: Kite system to maintain an aloft aircraft landing platform
Similarly, for launching skydivers and hang gliders over flatland: 
Re: New platform for launching HG? Wed, Feb  6 2013, 12:36:42 pm
Nice notes, ARP ! High hats off to Cody!
Blindrodie, … Yes, and feasible. Little-to-no fuel; wind-energy only. Systems can be smart. Protocols may be set. Safety margins can be known. Visibility will be conforming to airspace control needs. Several centers of efforts are underway for "airborne architecture" and "wind enabled airborne architecture" with some skydivers thinking about participating in some first efforts. Safety first attends to having means for facing breakaways, so tethers and wings do not cause damage. 
Cloud Hopper and his aerial museum is not out of the question. 
Tourist fees may go to pay for the total launch system and its smart controls, inspection, maintenance, etc. 

Pat Halfhill, there are several ways the new platform may drop one off into thermals: 
1. Wait for a passing thermal. Have upwind indicators to give some warning; several options exist. 
2. Control the position of the system in the sky over portions of the wind-window quarter-spherical space. 
3. Raise and lower the platform according to conditions and needs. 
4. Have thermal awareness with the glide range from the launch. 
5. Position the lofted platform over a house thermal. 
6. Make on the ground structures that cook up artificial thermals. 


One center of effort revolves around Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno which see some note:
See some of his art images:

Another center of effort involves Mothrapolis
Starting in 2013, "Mothrapolis" is to be a true airborne laboratory for living-in-the-sky.

There are KiteLab, Ilwaco involved. Also, Util Movement:
Enlightened hang gliders might feed into a Kickstarter deal:

When a dedicated purpose, say, of "serial launching of hang gliders from a lofted incline to mimic terra-firma launching experience" without using piloted powered-towing aircraft, then kite systems with multiple wings for aggregate stability may loft a highly porous incline; one-by-one a hang glider and pilot-to-be could be raised to the launch incline in a number of ways. Watch the cycles. Weathercock. Preflight. Hook-in? Go. Next club member goes up to the stable platform. 

Advance: Clubhouse in the sky. Perhaps three hang gliders aloft in line for using the aerialized inclined launch ramp. 

Advance further: Return to the platform after a flight when enough altitude has been gathered; take a break. Lunch. Nap. Then fly again from the day's lofted HG home. 

Advance even more: Go toward an "ever-up" launch system. Let the system make energy to light up the ground; have night flights. 

Advance more yet: Endless-loop conveying of hundreds of hang gliders to launch point above. All in one session. 

Advance even more: Walk up kite arch and launch anywhere along the arch. 

Skydivers will probably be the first to use a full-on system; discussions are underway for such. 

Meanwhile, the system could be an energy-production plant as well where the system makes money selling excess energy; the funds could go to support the hang gliding club for paying for the kite system and other matters.

Footnote: Already we know launching a kite hang glider as the lifter kite itself. But the new platform deal is distinct; have the aerial mountain flying already; climb that mountain in various non-fuel ways (or fueled, if one insists, like a fueled or electrified line climber, etc… but even the energy for such could come from solar or wind within the confines of a club. Also, already in hang gliding are the instances of tandem hang gliding using kite hang gliders … with a drop-away of one of flight crew into a canopy hang gliding flight. But the new platform direction is aiming at economical launch of hundreds of hang gliders into the skies over flatland.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 93 From: Joe Faust Date: 2/27/2013
Subject: Applications for kite systems in World War II
Specific applications of kite systems in World War II
is the topic of this thread.

All are welcome to advance this specific study and discussion.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 94 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/8/2013
Subject: Use line to scrape, clean, cut, polish, seed, harvest, plow, ...
Proposed application of taut kite lines: 

While the lines are taut, move a working section the lines over surfaces to be cleaned. Let the lines scrape off items from certain surfaces. Repeat. 
The lines at the scraping sector may be specially constructed to clean, cut, abrade, saw, polish, etc. 

Agricultural uses of use of kite lines to scrape, cut, harvest, plow, seed, etc.: 
  • Have sharp and strong line drawn between two kite lines. Cause the line drawn to cut stalks of some plants for harvest. 
  • Have drawn lines drag plowing devices. 
  • Have drawn lines pull collecting nets. Then fly the bunch to a drop zone; drop. Return for further collecting. 
  • Have a draw line be specially constructed to have outlets in them to feed seed, fertilizer, water, water mist, control bugs, etc. 
  • Have lines de-weed a strip of land. 
  • etc.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 95 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/8/2013
Subject: Clear mines from mine fields and paths
Proposed use of kite systems:   
Clear mines from paths and fields

  • Use kite systems to drag a soil-piercing roller along paths suspected of having buried explosive mines. 
  • Use kite systems to methodically drop and lift soil-piercing devices to de-mine an area. 
  • Use kite systems to move highly sensitive mine-detecting instruments closely over fields suspected of holding mines. 
  • Use kite systems to plow the soil and sift the soil of suspected mine fields. 
  • etc.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 96 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/8/2013
Subject: Lift item up and drop it
Open brainstorming by all: 
Use kite systems to lift something up and then drop that something.

  • Lift up a bag of water.  Open bag and drop the water.   For what purpose?
  • Lift up a bag of water. Drop the entire bag of water.   For what purpose?
  • Lift up a kite hang glider and the intended pilot. Drop the kite hang glider system.  For what purpose?
  • Lift up a set of tree saplings in penetratingly-shaped holders. Drop the saplings in order to plant the young trees.  For what purpose?
  • Lift up seeds. Drop the seeds for planting a field or region. For what purpose?
  • Lift up a skydiver with his or her gear. Drop the skydiver.  For what purpose?
  • Lift up machines intended to be broken by a drop from altitude. Drop the machine onto concrete or iron plates or rocks.  
  • Lift up ______ (to be continued by anyone) ...
Group: KiteApplications Message: 97 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/27/2013
Subject: Pile driving
A whisper on pile driving was in post 
We haves some on pile driving in  folder: 
And there is a discussion based from: 
which is titled: Impact Drills, Pile Driving
Continued notes and development of pile driving by AWES is invited. 

Dave Santos has suggested fast-growth trees for carbon capture; transport the logs and then pile drive by use of AWE methods. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 98 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/31/2013
Subject: Early article on antenna application
Popular Science Monthly
Pages 630 and 631
Issue: October 1916

Employing Kites to Supper an Aerial


Constant-length of the aerial line brought success over earlier efforts; such constancy was obtained by letting the aerial line restrain the kite tether at a kite-tether low point; above the connection point the kite system could rise and fall.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 99 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/31/2013
Subject: March 1968 Popular Mechanics
List of some kite applications is given in article. 
by John Fix

Popular Mechanics Mar 1968

pages 86 and following. 

Discuss each application listed. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 100 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/31/2013
Subject: Lift kite pilot over water by use of towing boat

Popular Mechanics Dec 1955

Note: The triangle control frame, familiar in kite hang gliders from at least 1908, 
is used in this one-footed-ski kite flight. By shifting weight differential from one hand to the other, some control of the kite occurred. 
This flier chose not to have a hang harness to himself as was used by the 1908 kite hang glider.   The shown 1955 pilot hung by the 
the tendons of his arms; gusts or jerks could increase the forces enough to force early dropping to the water.  The free-glide of the shown kite is with a very low L/D. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 101 From: Joe Faust Date: 4/2/2013
Subject: Deliver pizza by way of kite systems
Deliver pizza by way of kite systems

  1. Fixed-anchor kite systems on the beach or park. Novelty delivery of pieces of pizza to parties. 
  2. Free-flight powered kiting systems delivering pizza to customers. 
  3. ?
Group: KiteApplications Message: 102 From: Joe Faust Date: 4/2/2013
Subject: UAS free-flight powered kite systems for surveillance
UAS free-flight powered kite systems for surveillance

Small or large powered uninhabited free-flight kiting systems could carry cameras . 
Consider very small powered kiting systems without a live pilot. 
Of course we see the powered inhabited kiting systems:

... but the uninhabited  robotic free-flight kiting systems may feature various tether sets for various reasons; 
short-coupled (payload to wing set) or up to very-very-long tether sets between wing set and payload set are in the option set. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 103 From: Joe Faust Date: 4/2/2013
Subject: Zip lining within complex kite systems
People or objects may be zip lined within complex or simple kite systems. 


Group: KiteApplications Message: 104 From: Joe Faust Date: 4/2/2013
Subject: Applications of Kite Systems Embedded in AWE tech
Sift for applications of kite systems within the AWE tech: 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 105 From: Joe Faust Date: 4/2/2013
Subject: S.O.S. kiting. SOS Kite Systems (SOSKS)
Invited are the various ways to have S.O.S. kiting.

The entries will have a user situation. Invited: State user situation and then the arrangements and configurations of kite systems that might be designed to fit the user situation. Describe how the systems might be operated. 
To start on some possible users: 
  • Large ships
  • Yachts
  • Power boats
  • Power-kiters
  • Sailboats
  • Automobiles
  • Trains
  • Hikers
  • Trekkers
  • Aircraft 

Some miscellaneous notes to start:
  1. If one is without a pre-made SOS Kite System (SOSKS), then consider using the threads of clothing for tether. Consider ambient sticks. Consider clothing parts for sails. Or consider using leaves in a thread-net for sail.  Trash for sails?
  2. Consider staining for SOS messaging on the sails. 
  3. Consider drawing the environment's silhouettes on a note. Let the kite go fugitive in some cases, perhaps. 
  4. ...?
Education and marketing of SOSKS might be part of the larger picture. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 106 From: Joe Faust Date: 4/26/2013
Subject: Exercise of human body for health purposes
Use kite systems in order to give exercise to one's body for health purposes. Enjoy doing such exercise.  Apply safety measures. 

Here is a video that shows the working of arms, neck, legs, feet, etc.  

  • Running a line of a tethered-wing set. 
  • Multi-line control stunt kiting for exercise of eyes, arms, hands, etc. 
  • Kite dancing
  • Windless kiting for lots of exercise!

Group: KiteApplications Message: 107 From: Jay Alarie Date: 4/27/2013
Subject: Re: Exercise of human body for health purposes
this was cool ; I regulary fly a 4 meter HQ Beamer for exercise purposes
talk about FUN, it isn't hard to get me out there to exercise whereas I cannot force myself to go to the gym
once my last child graduates I hope to use kites to aid people suffering from addictions and depression

Group: KiteApplications Message: 108 From: Joe Faust Date: 5/3/2013
Subject: In 1906 circa At-the-ready kitemen
"We will contract to fly your advertisements on any size banner desired from
500 feet to 2000 feet above the earth.  Expert kite men sent to any part
of the U.S. if desired.  Terms reasonable 
Harbert Aerial Advertising Co.

Year: 1906 ad in Popular Mechanics. 
Advertising Kites, Captive Airships and Aerial Banners fpr sa;e pr rent.

  • Idea of renting kite systems
  • Professional "kite men" could travel to serve. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 109 From: Joe Faust Date: 5/6/2013
Subject: Window display per note in Boy Mechanic, Book I
See the image clip in the topic thread at US Hawks
Group: KiteApplications Message: 110 From: Joe Faust Date: 5/6/2013
Subject: Re: Window display per note in Boy Mechanic, Book I
Group: KiteApplications Message: 112 From: Joe Faust Date: 5/7/2013
Subject: Drying objects using kite systems
This thread invites study of drying things using kite systems. 
Letting water and distillates evaporate from objects may be faster when the objects are flown into higher winds. 
Higher winds not close to the ground might be with fewer particulates to dirty or spoil the objects that are being dried. 

The first easy things that come to mind are washed clothes that are to be wind-dried.  Hang the wet clothes on kite system tethers. 

What else?   The challenges?  When might such drying be efficient? 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 111 From: Joe Faust Date: 5/6/2013
Subject: Releasing loop
Releasing loop from Boy Mechanic, Book 3
Group: KiteApplications Message: 113 From: Joe Faust Date: 6/13/2013
Subject: Radio
n this same time period Loomis became interested in using the electrical charges obtainable from the upper atmosphere by means of kites carrying metal wires. This set him on a path of developing it as a system of wireless telegraphy for practical long distance communications.

Mahlon Loomis

Details on the growth of kites in radio and communications are invited. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 114 From: Joe Faust Date: 6/14/2013
Subject: Express liberty, independence, freedom ...
Use kiting to express liberty, independence, freedom ... 
The kites of Afghanistan

Group: KiteApplications Message: 116 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/17/2013
Subject: Kite systems for dropping disposable UAVs for environment awareness?
Kite systems for dropping disposable UAVs for environment awareness?

By Loz Blain
July 16, 2013

Group: KiteApplications Message: 115 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/17/2013
Subject: Mosquitoes
Use kite systems to driving ground fans to blow an artificial wind in a place or hut to drive out mosquitoes. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 117 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/27/2013
Subject: Beam deflector and scanner
The taught processes and functions may be airborne on kite systems. 

Beam deflector and scanner
Publication number WO2000011515 A1
Publication type Application
Application number PCT/US1999/019365
Publication date Mar 2, 2000
Filing date Aug 24, 1999
Priority date Aug 24, 1998
Also published as CA2341424A19 More 
Inventors Tin M. AyeGajendra D. Savant
Applicant Physical Optics Corporation
External Links: PatentscopeEspacenet
Group: KiteApplications Message: 118 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/27/2013
Subject: Electron beam directed energy device and methods of using same US 20
Consider using kite-system platforms for holding electron-beam directed-energy devices for peaceful uses, say landmine detection and destruction, energy-transfer from energy harvested from the wind, and more ...
We notice the storage of aloft energy in fly wheels is part of teaching in the following patent. 

Electron beam directed energy device and methods of using same
US 20100171446 A1

Publication number US20100171446 A1
Publication type Application
Application number US 11/872,158
Publication date Jul 8, 2010
Filing date Oct 15, 2007
Priority date Oct 15, 2007
Inventors Michael Walter Retsky
Original Assignee Michael Walter Retsky
External Links: USPTOUSPTO AssignmentEspacenet
Group: KiteApplications Message: 119 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/30/2013
Subject: Kites as tools
Kites as tools

Let the kite system be a tool for getting some task accomplished. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 120 From: Joe Faust Date: 8/2/2013
Subject: KAP. Popular Mechanics. Dec. 1912

Is that a bladed-turbine tail?

Group: KiteApplications Message: 121 From: Joe Faust Date: 8/3/2013
Subject: Aerial Fishing System 
Aerial Fishing System

 Emil B. Terilli

Patent number: 3462870
Filing date: Oct 26, 1966
Issue date: Aug 26, 1969
Group: KiteApplications Message: 122 From: Joe Faust Date: 8/3/2013
Subject: Hybrid kite for a fishing system 
Fishing Apparatus
Jacob F. Baer
Patent number: 3747248
Filing date: Apr 14, 1971
Issue date: 1973

Captive sailing device ... 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 123 From: Joe Faust Date: 8/3/2013
Subject: Wind swings
Have a playground human-seated swing. But then add wings to the seat or to the human occupant. Let the human operate the wings facing ambient wind. As he or she opens the wings or changes the angle of attack of the wings, then an altered motion occurs for the wing-human complex. 

Consider a very long pendulum hung from some high holder (building, tree, bridge, kite, balloon, aircraft, cable between mountains, etc. )  Have an object or a human with operate wings be the bob of the pendulum. Then, in the ambient wind, have changes in the wing set be operated by the human. Pilot changes in the motions of the bob.  

Swinging in the wind with various controls over the shape of the bob of a pendulum seems to be a sector of kiting.  Indded when a spider finds itself as the bob of web line, he or she will fly about in reaction with the ambient wind; the spider's body is the natural kite-systems' wing set and the line is the spider's kite line anchored to a tree or building, perhaps.   Or when a leaf part is dangling from a spider's silk we have the wind swing the leaf.... with the leaf as the kite system's wing set. 

The bob may be a rotary wing of VAWT or HAWT sort.  The bob may be a parachute-equipped system. 

What adventures are there at the end of a pendulum, especially a long line
Group: KiteApplications Message: 125 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 10/18/2013
Subject: Kite swimming (several sorts)
Group: KiteApplications Message: 124 From: Joe Faust Date: 8/3/2013
Subject: Re: Wind swings
Group: KiteApplications Message: 126 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 10/22/2013
Subject: Water from clouds over deserts by kite
Many sport and hobby soft kites already have simple sand/water drains in the trailing-edge. Another helpful feature is a reduced frontal intake area (often with flap valves). A good example of all these features in a popular trainer kite is the HQ Hydra line. Parafoils, with so many cells, and the presumption of fair-weather use, have not required this capability. This point is a TACO omission, so it will be added in future versions. The obvious conclusion is that such drains be a design-default in safety-critical parafoil AWES, and perhaps be mandated in FARs.
 An intuitive parafoil drain design is to vent across all cells at the TE, as well as provide multiple small drains from wingtip to wingtip. Even hollow rigid wings need careful rain and condensation drain design, but single-skin concepts like Mothratech avoid the whole issue. Its well known that modern kites fly with only slightly reduced performance in rain (KiteLab Ilwaco flies single-skin experiments in rain routinely and Enerkite has reported parafoil AWES rain operation).
 Lets not forget rain collection as a niche in our giant-kite design toolkit, with elaborate networks of gutters, drains, hoses, and tanks possible. Many hot deserts have considerable rainfall aloft that normally evaporates well above the surface, but in reach of kites. We also recall the ancient Polynesian kite magic of flying sponges into clouds to harvest fresh water
. ~Dave Santos
Group: KiteApplications Message: 130 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 11/10/2013
Subject: Isolating camera in KAP from tether-set vibrations
Isolating camera in KAP from tether-set vibrations?


Group: KiteApplications Message: 129 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 11/5/2013
Subject: Study asteroids and other hard to reach places
Haul up a rocket in a kite system. Point the rocket toward the ground. Set the rocket into rocket flight straight to the ground. The rocket becomes a penetrator. 

Final Report for NNX12AR02G
R. M. Winglee, C. Truitt 
Department of Earth and Space Sciences 
University of Washington 
Seattle WA 98195-1310 
R. Hoyt 
Tethers Unlimited Inc. 
11711 N. Creek Pkwy S., Suite D113, Bothell WA 98011-8804 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 128 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 11/1/2013
Subject: Kite construction used as a means to explore ultralight constructing
Kite construction used as a means to explore ultralight constructing!

1. Engineering students 
2. Science students
3. Hobby crafts persons

Test the structures under the stress of winds. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 127 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 10/31/2013
Subject: Generate interest or attention by using kite systems
Do you want to generate attention for some place, cause, activity, event, etc.? Let kite systems work for your need.    Or is this called advertising by kites?  Eye-catching, ear-catching, eye-and-ear-catching kite systems?  The colors, motions, and sounds of kite systems in various combinations may effect attention or get a message out. Kite systems that move things might get the attention of people, animals, governments, students, etc. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 131 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 11/14/2013
Subject: Cleaning ponds, lakes, reservoirs
How might kite systems be employed to help clean the water in ponds, lakes, reservoirs? 

Consider kite energy for pumping water through a filtration system. 
Consider kite energy for lifting water and then dropping the water to put oxygen into the water. 
Consider kite energy to pump water into soaking ponds where the soaking ponds drain to the water table that feeds the pond being cleaned. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 132 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 11/15/2013
Subject: Clothes
Wear the kite cover as a piece of clothing. 

Consider zippered or Velcro set of two kite covers to make a wearable shirt, say two sled kite covers. 

Consider similarly for pants with the legs as tails. Two kite covers to form a pants to be worn.   

Consider wearing two or three or four or five layers of similar shirts and pants. Say four sets: 8 shirt kites and 8 pants kites. Total 16 kites. Have sticks and bridles tightly packed separated.   At site, assemble and fly group or train or singles. 

Note that larger covers could simply be belted in close during travel.   This all might be a way to be too warm, unless the weather is cold. But what will one be wearing if one flies all the kite covers?    Keep one final layer for keeping warm.     

Send photos. 

Note: Busable kite hang glider: wear wraps of sail. Have stackable beams or airbeams with coilable splits.   
Group: KiteApplications Message: 133 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 11/16/2013
Subject: Re: Fishing kites
Group: KiteApplications Message: 134 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 12/15/2013
Subject: Fetching systems?
Objects that are difficult to fetch might be grabbed by a grabbing system held by kite system. Perhaps a real-time camera could be used to guide the lowering of a set of fetching fingers. Then operate the fetching finger to close to grab the object. Then lift the object up off the hard-to-reach place. Then control the kite system to let the fetched object be brought to ground station.     Designs for such fetching systems are invited.    At times a cutting tool might be important to release lines and tangle. Recall all those shoes tossed onto high telephone and power lines; what safe way will there be to used kite systems to fetch those shoes. 

    Here is a tri-copter with three motors doing a fetch operation. Noise, batteries, challenging accuracy, dealing withe the wind: 

World's 1st epic FPV quadcopter rescue

The notes indicated they tried a kite, but without giving details. 
We are after advanced kite-fetching systems.   Ideas? Examples.  We know of advance kytoon logging system. But what about other smaller-scaled tasks of fetching by kite system?
    Fetch things, animals, people. Rescue systems using kites? Grabbers. Cameras. Control authority. Multiple-winged kite systems setting up aloft grids from which to operate?   Lift human and let human fingers do the fetching?   Magnetic grab when iron is on the object?      Care not to tangle the fetching hardware with structures and objects. 

~ JpF
Group: KiteApplications Message: 135 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 1/13/2014
Subject: replenish deep O2 and shallow nutrient systems
"replenish deep O2 and shallow nutrient systems, pumping for irrigation, line driven valley transport, architecture.... etc etc"     ~ Rod Read

Group: KiteApplications Message: 136 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 1/15/2014
Subject: Insect control by kite systems?
How many ways could kite systems be used to control insects or harvest insects for food?

? :  [ ] Control swooping-fetch nets?
? :  [ ] Placement of attractant cages?
? :  [ ] Loft nets that protect crops or people?
? :  [ ] Spray discouraging odors or when safe other competing bugs or chemicals?
? :  [ ] 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 137 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 2/6/2014
Subject: Ever-Raining Kite System, an ever-giving AWES

Ever-Raining Kite System, an ever-giving AWES
Have the kite system bring up water or other materials in a continuous or continual fashion using energy mined by the kite system from the wind. Drop the water or other materials in a continuous or continual fashion at various altitudes along the tether set and even at the wing set. Materials or chemicals taken up for raining down could be seeds, water, fertilizer, messages, food, animals, microbes, gliders, drones, personnel, sand, confetti, wings, kite systems, blankets, parachutes, fire retardant, gifts, tools, etc.

  • CC3.0 NC BY SA  ~ JoeF   6Feb2014 


Group: KiteApplications Message: 138 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 2/8/2014
Subject: Kite-held projector of images
Hold an image projector aloft by use of a kite system. 

Project the image onto buildings, ground surfaces, or other aircraft even perhaps other kite systems. 
The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies featured large-scale image projection form overhead devices. 
In that family of projection, niche needs might be served by kite systems. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 139 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 2/8/2014
Subject: Kites to hold large sheet that holds solar-energy conversions device
Have a kite system of multiple wings (one or more) with multiple tethers (one or more) that hold a large sheet of solar-energy conversion devices on the sheet or integrated with the sheet itself.   Fly the sheet above the clouds perhaps to get good solar radiation on the sheet. Send the gained electricity to the ground.  Or when the ground space is congested, the sheet could be kite-system lifted over the constraints to collect and convert solar energy.  Having kite systems fly solar-energy conversion devices is not a new idea and has been discussed some in the AWES forum. Some patent applications have kite systems feature such method in various ways, some have the very surface of the wings in the kite system be thin-film solar-energy-converting capable.

A similar strategy using "airplanes" is rehearse in the patent: 
by Mitubishi Electric Corporation: 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 140 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 2/8/2014
Subject: Rod Read has some ideas!
Group: KiteApplications Message: 141 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 2/13/2014
Subject: Deep well elevator, storage, generator, refrigerator, warmer
Want to store things down a deep well? Let the stored mass drop down while perhaps generating electricity to charge a battery. Store the things down the deep well. When wanted use a kite system to pull the fetch line to bring your stored things up. A small kite's pulled line could be set to drive gears.  Also, the let-back-down could be arranged to wind the kite back in.  There could be angle-of-attack controls on the kite to lower the efforts for retrieving the kite. 
     Depending on ground-level temperatures and temperature down the well: refrigerator or warmer ... by placing things down the well. What is the temperature down 50 m or 10 m ?  
      A deep well could be used to have an oscillating kite raise masses and then lower them; mine some of that displacement on both strokes for charging batteries. 
CC BY NC SA by kPower, Inc.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 142 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 2/15/2014
Subject: Folder in
Group: KiteApplications Message: 143 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 2/21/2014
Subject: Power aerial robust electronics systems
Steven J. Elder

Publication number US20110186687 A1
Publication type Application
Application number US 12/696,389
Publication date Aug 4, 2011
Filing date Jan 29, 2010
Priority date Jan 29, 2010
Inventors Steven J. Elder
Original Assignee Raytheon Company
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Group: KiteApplications Message: 144 From: gearboxhl Date: 2/28/2014
Subject: Target Kite
Group: KiteApplications Message: 146 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 2/28/2014
Subject: Massive perfume
Deliver massive approved perfume to achieve certain purpose.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 145 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 2/28/2014
Subject: Conveyor loop
Continuous or continual 
... Sail items up the line and drop the items. Or have loop driven by upper winds and have the loop carry up items. 
Items: sand, water, people, toys, fire retardant, seeds, skydivers, etc.   Let your imagination run.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 147 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 3/13/2014
Subject: Marionettes. Puppets.
Marionettes.  Puppets.
The wings of a kite system are so arranged and controlled to effect a Marionette show. 

The "controlled from above" for defining marionettes might get changed to simply face "controlled by strings" situation ... from above or from below.   

Yet, maybe dancing wings on strings are controlling people and machine below where the "anchor set" are the puppets!  
   In any case, advanced puppeteer arts using wings of kite systems will continue to be refined and perhaps in new directions beyond entertainment and recreation.  Since a kite system is a set of wings, a set of tethers, and a set things forming the anchor set (which may also be wings and other things), then the possibilities for marionette and puppet displays and special niche applications abound. 
~ JoeF 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 148 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 3/13/2014
Subject: Re: Marionettes. Puppets.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 149 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 3/13/2014
Subject: Re: Marionettes. Puppets.
Personify the natural wind. And have that personification control human puppets (human kite patrons). The wind impacts the kited wings and the kited wings impact the human kiting patrons.  The show goes on and on ... 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 150 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 3/13/2014
Subject: Re: Marionettes. Puppets. Charles McCutchen, Peter R. Payne
"Control can be applied by servomotors aboard the aircraft or in a marionette fashion via lines from the ground."   Quote from classic AWES patent filed in 1975 by Charles McCutchen, Peter R. Payne

Group: KiteApplications Message: 151 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 3/19/2014
Subject: Kite Freewheeling
Group: KiteApplications Message: 152 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 3/28/2014
Subject: Magnet as anchor to kite system
Find special niche applications of a kite system that has magnets dominant in the anchor assembly. 
Consider having a kite system drag its magnet anchor across lands, across debris in water, across large production fields, across beach sands, etc. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 153 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 3/28/2014
Subject: Drying wet line.
Have some rope, cord, string, line, etc. that is wet and you want to dry the line without set the wet line on soil or objects or even wrap it to dry?  Then consider flying the line out with a kited wing and let the line dry in the fresh breeze and sun.    Caution: Do not fly high wet line without knowing well the potential difference in the layers to be flown. And be sure the line is grounded without being held by humans. Have remote control of the reeling operation.  We do not want anyone to become a conduit of atmospheric electricity or lightning. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 154 From: Joe Faust Date: 3/30/2014
Subject: Re: Drying wet line.
For safety, consider NOT having the wet line as the flying line, but rather just tense the line near ground between two kite systems's lines; have the two kite systems be oppositely veering, one left and one right. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 155 From: gearboxhl Date: 3/30/2014
Subject: Re: Magnet as anchor to kite system
That kind of system could maybe be an easy, safe and cheap way to clean landmines fields.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 156 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/3/2014
Subject: Sensitive labor over a farm or the like
Move a human or fetching machine around a plant farm. Let the hung human or machine pluck weeds or valuables or ripe fruits, etc. from a space that would otherwise be injured by foot traffic. 

Expand this method for placing items when ground trekking is not wanted. 

[Similar has been the priorly suggested mine triggering; from kite system, let cycles of drop of multiple-spiked form hit methodically grounds that are suspect of holding explosive mines. By computer control, an area or path may be spike tamped thoroughly by use of kited drops of triggering forms.]
Group: KiteApplications Message: 157 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/3/2014
Subject: Soil kiting to save human lives?
When building a home in a slide area, consider soil kiting: 
Drill to deep bedrock or deeper than slide material; set deep firm anchor; have up tether be tough tether; form home in such manner that it will become a soil-flying wing; bridle the home underneath with the tether that goes to the deep anchor.  When the slide occurs, if design is done well, there may be a chance to fly the home in such manner that the home stays on top of the slide material.  Have the tether "give" or pay out line under strong tension, as the slide material will probably tend to place the house at a higher altitude. THESE ARE ROUGH NOTES; CHECK WITH YOU SOIL ENGINEERS

Group: KiteApplications Message: 158 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/4/2014
Subject: Fence
There are very many ways to form ground-region or aerial fences using kite systems. Want a fence for one of thousands of purposes? Explore how kite systems might serve. 
Here is a start of a simple stable downwind fence arrangement: 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 159 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/4/2014
Subject: Tent
Use kite systems to form tents based on the ground or based in the sky. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 160 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/4/2014
Subject: Pull Drift Trikes by Kite
Kited Drift Triking
       This is kitebuggying with drift trikes. 
Slide or drift away. Instead of gravity drift triking, 
use kite systems to give motion to the drift trikes. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 161 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/9/2014
Subject: Sky Projection Screen
Have kite system host a large projection screen. Project onto the screen images or movies. 

Advanced pixelized displays could be lofted. Images could be digitally driven to display on the screens.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 162 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/9/2014
Subject: Ferry people, good, cars, etc. from one side of river to the other s
Ferry people, good, cars, etc. from one side of river to the other side of river by use of kite systems. 
Group: KiteApplications Message: 163 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/10/2014
Subject: Inflated wing aircraft US 4261534 A
Inflated wing aircraft
Publication number US4261534 A
Publication type Grant
Application number US 05/951,080
Publication date Apr 14, 1981
Filing date Oct 13, 1978
Priority date Oct 13, 1978
Inventors Auro Roselli
Original Assignee Auro Roselli
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Group: KiteApplications Message: 164 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/10/2014
Subject: Location signaling device
Location signaling device
Publication number US8534217 B2
Publication type Grant
Application number US 13/721,966
Publication date Sep 17, 2013
Filing date Dec 20, 2012
Priority date Jan 26, 2004
Also published as CA2595649A15 More 
Inventors Hans Sjoblom
Group: KiteApplications Message: 165 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/10/2014
Subject: Kite systems to suspend large fog brooms for the purpose of condensa
Kite systems to suspend large fog brooms for the purpose of condensation of water vapor.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 166 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/18/2014
Subject: Project images onto surface of kited wings
Aerial Advertising device

Group: KiteApplications Message: 167 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/23/2014
Subject: Saw things by use of kite systems

Drive rigid or rope or wire saws by kite power directly or indirectly. 

The indirect use of kitricity is easy to follow. 

But the direct mechanical operation of various saws by active kite systems is full of challenges and opportunity. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 168 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/23/2014
Subject: Drive conveyor belts by kite systems

Short or long, big or small conveyor belts may be driven by use of kite systems. 

Move materials, ores, people, goods, products, sand, ...

Group: KiteApplications Message: 169 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/25/2014
Subject: Kite Systems and Insect Control

Insects unwanted?   How to use kite systems in an insect battle? 

Ideas are invited. 


Use kite system to hold tent net to keep insects out of a space. 


Group: KiteApplications Message: 170 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/25/2014


[[We note about the patent: water kites or paravanes play a part in managing oil on water.]]

Group: KiteApplications Message: 171 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/25/2014
Subject: Systems and methods for off-shore energy production and CO2 sequestr

Systems and methods for off-shore energy production and CO2 sequestration 


Clip from the text of the application for patent: 

[0605] Instead of very large but passive equipment, tethered vessels may employ the current to sweep the equipment back and forth like a fighting kite employs aerodynamics or a water skier employs hydrodynamics to sweep back and forth. The vessel employs a "wing keel" to "fly" sideways in the current. This sweep may be vertical as well as horizontal. That is, the vessel may have wings for carrying loads up and down over the depth of the current. 


Group: KiteApplications Message: 172 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/25/2014
Subject: Sample volcano gases and lava

Sample volcano gases and lava using kite systems. 

Fly  the system so the tether is above the sampling place; have drop line that holds instruments or other sampling devices; lower the instruments to the altitude desired. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 173 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/25/2014
Subject: Vacuum surfaces

Use controlled kite systems to move a vacuum cleaner or suction tool about a surface in order to suck in dust, grain, chemicals, ores, harvested fruit, etc. ... 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 174 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 4/28/2014
Subject: Dam and Deflect Wind and Weather by Kite Systems

Dam and Deflect Wind and Weather by Kite Systems

Group: KiteApplications Message: 175 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 5/9/2014
Subject: Skywriting by Kite System

Skywrite using kite system

Group: KiteApplications Message: 176 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 5/9/2014
Subject: Use kite systems as a 3-D printer

Use kite systems as a 3-D printer. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 177 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 5/13/2014
Subject: Growing living things up in the lofted spaces of kite systems

Growing living things up in the lofted spaces of kite systems

Grow vegetables and fruits and raise animals up in the wings of kite systems or in capsules and platforms lofted by kite systems. 

       CC 4.0 BY NC SA   kPower, Inc.

Group: KiteApplications Message: 178 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 5/16/2014
Subject: FFAWE in Ground Effect Flight

Harry Valentine seems to have qualified for FFAWE Club:

Ground-effect FFAWE suggestion by Harry Valentine, 16 May 2014

Group: KiteApplications Message: 179 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 5/20/2014
Subject: Task: Lift lines into the sky

Use kite systems to lift lines into the sky. 

Tether Lifters

    There are many categories of tether lifters. 

Group: KiteApplications Message: 180 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 5/28/2014
Subject: Airborne Entertainment

Kite systems are useful as a foundation for airborne entertainment. 

Festivals, show-and-tell, art showing, competition, fireworks delivery system, personal recreation, motion in the sky, educational demonstration, advertising of other entertainments, ...

Group: KiteApplications Message: 181 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 5/28/2014
Subject: Release tensions

Kite systems may be used to release community emotional tensions. 


The Great Kite Fight

Group: KiteApplications Message: 182 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/29/2014
Subject: Kite tether as part of borescope
Have the kite tether be the path for borescopic operations.

Open discussion of similar arrangements is invited.
Group: KiteApplications Message: 183 From: Joe Faust Date: 7/29/2014
Subject: Onboard lofted segments of kite systems: 3-D printer
Onboard lofted segments of kite systems: 3-D printer.
Make parts aloft for practical uses in kite systems.
When living aloft in kite-system aerotecture, make parts with the 3-D
printer to supply hobby, science, manufacturing, utility, commerce,
Group: KiteApplications Message: 184 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 8/29/2014
Subject: KAP at onshore breeze over surf region activity

Have onshore breeze. Have surf-region events. 

Place offshore seabed anchor with sea-surface buoy. 

Use buoy as anchor part of kite system. From the kite kite system operate cameras and or video cams for precision photography of the surf-region activity.  Have various means to control the position of the system's wings and camera positions.  Consider real-time transmissions to receivers, managers, judges. Consider surfers or other participants receiving views of the wave sets and surf-region scene from the aerial view. 

~ JoeF

Group: KiteApplications Message: 185 From: joe_f_90032 Date: 8/30/2014
Subject: Marginal kite applications

Invited are "marginal applications" of kite systems. 

Sometimes a marginal application will seed a whole new industry. 

Recently ds suggested that "holding up one's pants" by use of a lifting kite system might be considered a marginal kite application; but see the potential of holding up pants for drying after laundry, holding up the pants of a yacht that is being painted to prevent paint pollution of the sea or lake, holding up pants around an art project that is not to be unveiled until showing day, etc.     Pants that hold water or fish for transfer, and much more.    Form a specialized topic when you believe that there could be significant following discussion or research and development notes.    

 ~Joe F

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Subject: Discuss the suggested applications of image
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Subject: Display real local time in the sky for all to see.

Have a kite system display for crowd the real local clock time. 

There have been clock-face kited wings, but with mimic static time showing. 

Let's get real and effective by having the clock flown show the practical realtime time!

Projects are invited. 

~ JoeF

Here is a static clock face that does not show actual time of day: 

Clock Kite + Helix Spinner Tail

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Subject: Kite system drags magnet assembly

Following technology is licensed CC 4.x BY NC SA by Joe Faust into kPower AWES IP Pool:

Kite system drags various magnet assemblies to accomplish various works. 

Pick-and-place. Salvage yard material lift and set. Magnets could be permanent magnet or electromagnetic with release controls. Electromagnet could be electrified by the kite system directly or by stored-energy made by the kite system or from external source. 

Also: Drag magnets in sand or soil to pick up attractive pieces, dirt, lost goods, etc

In niche event, a kite system held magnet curtain could collect attractive particles out the air as part of an industrial process or as part of a cleaning-air operation. 

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Subject: Technical Kite Group Meeting at World Kite Museum (US Pacific NW reg

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Subject: A web page

The Virtual Kite Zoo - Uses of Kites

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Subject: Kite system holding baskets to receive tossed objects

Kite system holding baskets to receive tossed objects

Have a basket or the like held by a kite system. 

Toss items into the basket. This could be a game. 

Or the activity could have other purposes. Toss harvested fruit into a kite-system-held basket; then once the basket is full, the kite system could be controlled to dump the collected items to gathering centers. 

Many other activities may use the basic arrangement of baskets held by kite systems. 


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Subject: Kite Applications .. more
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