Kited Single-Skin Canopy Wings

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Contrast topic with rigid-framed single-skin wings, double-skinned wings,
October 2, 2019    Dave Santos

"Single skin kites are taking over the kite world" (first reported here)

The third-party expert SS "taking over" 2019 quote in the subject line echoes taking-over predictions long made here about SS power kites, which came to AWE via Dave Culp as a fully formed analytic prediction 20 yrs ago, but leads even further back to 50yr old NASA Power Wing SS aerospace rocket-science. SS takeover predictions extend forward in AWE, with early rigid wings and even parafoils to be relentlessly overtaken. Its the SS Revolution as first announced here.

New SS "taking over" quotes occur in the page text and video at 1:30, with the Shaman reviewed, Gin a top Swiss developer and wingmaker, doing both PG and PK; converging kite-based sports also long discussed here (esp. Ozone case)-