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Quantum Materials and AWE?
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???? What do we say?  [ ]
March 12, 2020, post by Dave Santos

"our kite lattice boundary conditions are often defined in terms of a lifter-layer above and surface-layer below, and we are now adding "perimeter-layer" as a boundary class."
"wings are point-like structure in a larger far-field, to comprise a far larger unit-mass in a network of units. Kiteline interconnections and the aero pressure field are elastic. We invert your model in gravity field to match our particular application dynamics, under effective "negative mass" assumption. Wind excites waves in a suitable kite lattice to be tapped at the anchor connections on the surface. Theoretic giant acoustical-mechanical waves in a regular polymer-air spring-mass lattice identify as analogue QM (John Bush, MIT). These waves are seen in any toy kite train or arch of similar units suitably spaced."    March 9, 2020, Dave Santos

"Regarding phonon-based quantum computing as we have imagined, tin-can-telephone units in string networks are another close analogue model. Kites are a sort of super low-frequency long-wavelength version. Its exciting that the same dynamics can happen at molecular scale, for THz optical-phonon operating frequencies."