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to be advanced by those in kite energy circles
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We will link pages here that seem to concern the kite energy circle. Please suggest pages of Wikipedia that might need to be created.    Go ahead and edit the wiki pages to advance kite energy; also add photos.

Also, please send your significant change notes to News@EnergyKiteSystems.net 

Let us also know the links to videos and graphics that can be associated with your changes.


Here are the wiki pages that have reached our attention up to the moment for all of us to edit. Post facts and references--there is room for everyone's creativity.  Create new pages as needed.

Let us know here when you change the world by editing a wiki with some kite energy matter.              
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Air Kites

Water kites




  • Wing
  • Aerodynamics
  • Lever
  • Nanotechnology
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Electricity storage 


  • PID controller
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  • Tensile structure
  • Linear structures

  • Three-dimensional structures

  • Surface-stressed structures

    • Prestressed membranes
    • Pneumatically stressed membranes


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Companies that have a wiki

  • AeroVironment
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