By Dave Santos on August 11,2019

28034Amyx's "free lunch" engineering employment offer

As usual, high-tech job listings reveal more about a venture than the marketing PR-

Google minion-meals may be less fresh, but available 24/7
Ampyx- "daily freshly-made free lunch"

Already tempting, but that's not all- 
"Excellent opportunities for growth via our personal development plan"
Wish I had one of those :)

The Meat-

These are examples of the teams that we have: the Flight Algorithms Team, the Electronics Team, the Aircraft Design Team, the Software Team, the Flight Operations Team, etc. This vacancy is within our Mechatronics team, a group of 6  experienced Mechatronics Engineers developing heavy duty, high capacity, ground based machines for aircraft launch & land operations. 
As a member of the Mechatronics team, you will be working on:

  • Detailed design and design for manufacturing of (large) mechanisms for our ground based machines, launch and land apparatus and our aircraft;

  • Support in manufacturing, integration and testing of these (large) mechanisms;

Examples of mechanisms that fall within the scope of your role: AUV catapult, arresting system, winching system, etc. "
That's several lifetimes of free lunches ;^)