By Dave Santos on August 10, 2019

28031  Nature Letter warns of increased global wind turbulence

As expected decades of data analyzed at UReading, UK, shows that Warming is indeed energizing the atmosphere. The viral news starts by focusing on risk to air travel.

Lee Miller's MPI worry that AWE could deplete atmospheric kinetic energy is moot; AWE is needed to damp excess energy, by the drag of extraction. The silver-lining is that DS based on wind-shear is enhanced. There will be extra power for AWES, but the systems will have to be more resilient to shear.

Very hairy Nature link provided by The Guardian, hope it works-
"DS"  ::  dynamic soaring
AWE :: airborne wind energy
AWES :: airborne wind energy system
MPI ::  ?
See:  Climatic Impacts of Wind Power by Lee M. Miller and David W. Keith in 2018.