By Dave Santos on August 9, 2019

28029  "Tethers in Space" Conferences (AWE Connections)

Remembering AWE pioneer and Space Tether pioneer, Dave Lang (DaveL here), the ST field is blowing up, and AWE researcher, Gonzalo Sanchez-Arriago, is right in the middle. RolandS even reused the AWEC book-of-abstracts template for the recent ST conference in Madrid. AWE and space tethers are closely co-evolving technologies-

"... a great opportunity for sharing the last advances in tether technology and bring together again space tether community, including researchers, space agencies and industry. The technical sessions, presentation and networking will create the suitable environment for open discussions on space tethers and their applications to space debris de-orbiting, space propulsion, science, power generation, artificial gravity, and space elevator, among others. "

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