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27989 Re: Line Gallop and Strum (review and ST shaft context)

A kite cable-drive has its own set of tricky challenges added in. That's not much power from 7 small rotors, if saving the world is needed. a twelve foot rotor would be about the same power.

Oh well, lets see if someone actually builds an ST for that altitude range.

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You said:  “An ST driveshaft is thick and long, so gallop forces are predicted for turbulent gusty conditions”

Consider a drive train with 7 turbines 5 ft in diameter.  The total length of shafts between these turbines is only about 30 ft long.  This length is only about 3% of a 1000 ft tether since the rest of the tether is the cable drive.  At a 45 deg tether angle the lifter kite will be at a height of 707 ft.