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“Neil’s Vid’
of the Week”

Very heartwarming home movie-
The simple dream of child flight-
Captured in 3 minutes-
I have watched it over & over

Hang Loose Hang Glider Home Movie
Homebuilt Hang Loose hang glider. Built 1975. Cost $25 in 1975.
Made from yellow pine, Styrofoam, poly plastic, bailing wire and bottle caps.
Sep 28, 2008


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  • AERIAL of hang glider over rocky coastline
    Vintage Wills Wing -
    BOB WILLS – over Hawaii
  • Millennium rigid wing hang glider
    Flying wing – Costal Dune foot launch- camera in cockpit – Possible Helmet CAM
    Recent 06 -07 – 07 – 4 minutes – excellent quality w/ music background---
  • Hang Gliding Cliff Launch - 2007
    Foot Launched – soaring autumn in New York -Finger Lakes-
    4 minutes –
    music by Boston – More than a Feeling –
    Another good short film-
  • Hang Gliding Beginnings 1968-1975
    With original hang glider song soundtrack must listen to lyrics this is GOOD!
    4 minutes Home movies !
    Collingwood Ontario, BOB GRANT /
    aka Skydog Sports Photos, Videos and Stories
  • SWIFT Video
    Original SWIFT – promotional video 10 minutes-
    Circa 1993 --- includes construction over view & factory testing
    Rigid foot launched flying wing- no long in production. However advanced versions in production in new company: See current versions at Aeriane:

  • Voo Livre Brasil
    6 minutes – “Feels like you are there”- In Flight Video-
    Cliff foot launch then beach condo landing – with drone chute-
    Brasilia – Rio – 01- 22- 07
  • If Kids can Hang Glide so Can You
    MINI-mentary – 11 & 13 year old students training–
    Gentle 10 foot slope –TRAINING HILL-
    Northern Oregon Coast “just like old Playa del Rey”…2006
  • Destiny
    MINI-mentary by Ryan Voight
    5 minutes- award winning short film-
    A young boy’s dream of Hang Gliding BECOMES REALITY

Gyro Hang Glider
Study snapshots from above video: gyrohg1gyrohg2, gyrohg3, gyrohg4, gyrohg5, gyrohg6, gyrohg7, gyrohg8, gyrohg9, gyrohgHello,gyrohg10, gyrohg11, gyrohg12,
1 minute
Vintage Gyro Hang Glider NO  MOTOR! – 37 sec.- marker *see tow car

[Suggested: otto-giro HG to recall Otto Lilienthal,
to capture the phrase of Gee I rotate! for the "g i ro"]

 The Individual Airship - France  AeroFeather for indoor flying Crestline Soaring Society Hang Gliding
Barry Hill Palmer, inspired by the wing of the Fleep, made over 7 or 8 versions of his hang gliders, not all shown in the video. He may been the first to foot launch a Rogallo winged hang glider in the modern era. He would be a seed for modern hang gliding. Hang Gliding, 1960's style  In one of his versions he reached a return to a use of the pilot hung behind the triangle control bar; but he deliberately chose to strut stay the triangle queen-posting truss. Very old hang glider showing the mechanicals demonstrated for the world by Charles Richards team which was 1961 towed Rogallo wing  kite-glider hang glider along with the triangle control frame introduced cable-stayed in at least 1908 in the Breslau territory. Kingposted Rogallos (using tactics introduced in hang glidng in the 1800s. 1970s examples in video. Flying is not a dream any more. Flying a hang glider taking off from mountain Tavor, Israel. Pilot photographer Editing: Nimrod Sapir
Archaeopteryx                2 minutes
Extreme advanced conventional wing with POD-
Foot launched –recent 07-18-07-
Aterratges a Maià de Montcal  how to land a hang glider
11 minutes – good quality Recent –o1-07
Cascade Range South Of Tacoma
Keechelus Lake aka Rampart Ridge
Composite Hang Glider   How NOT to Land a Hang Glider
Hang Gliding in the Sierras (Owens Valley)
w Kari Castle

3 minutes – compressed video – edited –
California’s premier altitude Foot launched location- Owens Valley-
Excess of 40 mile distance from foot launch
Excellent video-
Hang Gliding foot launch
4 minutes
Foot launch-ULTRALIGHT TOWED- level ground-
Recent – OCT 17-2008 United Kingdom – unknown location-
Demonstration of well performed foot-tow – to altitude …
Hang Gliding - Idaho King Mountain
O8-10 -07 – short hand held camera
– at 15,000 feet – with actual air/wind sounds
30 seconds – feel the rush!

Hang Gliding Ghost Riders Aerial Adventure

Hang Gliding.    Tandem dolly towing. Flight of the Gossamer Condor
Human powered self launched flight from level ground
on a sustained flight over 1 mile course.
RIP Dr. Paul B. MacCready
4.5 minutes August 23 1977
Reasons for the mechanic to have no shirt:
1. So there is no shirt to be sucked into the jet.
2. So there is no shirt to catch on fire.

Foot-launched Jet powered Hang Glider.

From: Larry Dighera
May 23, 1971 Otto Birthday Party deriving from the Barry Hill Palmer, Miller, Lambie, NASA, Faust, Self-Soar Association strand. Notice Miller Conduit Condor that edges today high-aspect ratio HGs.
Otto Lilienthal Hang Glider Meet, May 23, 1971
Does anyone have a photo of anyone foot-launching a hang glider in Australia from 1963 to 1967. No, as it is suspected that such did not happen. Open to receive your notes, if you have any evidence of such.. Editor@UpperWindpower.com  Thanks.
Hang Gliding Cloud 9 Michigan   Some items to study. Reinhard Mey - Lilienthals Traum

le vol du Zeppy 2/2  This does is operated mostly at neutral buoyancy and is thus not with any major role of gliding up or gliding down. Its shape is not for the gliding.    However, in 1944, Domina Jalbert's patent had flexible wings on a buoyant keel that would give good gliding up or gliding down, depending on the buoyancy set.  Water gliders are especially using the principle of changing from positive to negative buoyancy for gliding up or down. Major commercial gliding airships are being proposed. There will be a niche association of recreational users of alternating-buoyancy hang gliders.

Former picks of Historian Neil Larson:
  •  Why do people hang glide? MINI documentary “MINI-mentary”  2.75 minutes- Highest quality – Production value- Synchronized 2 camera shoot – picture in picture-  Bill Bilsky / Harry Sudwischer "Suds" / Andrea Cron– pilots