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Working items not yet spread into the timeline:
  1. Sketch by Swedenborg
  2. Lateen sails and rigging
  3. WIG
  4. HPA
  6. George Spratt
  7. Gertrude Rogallo and Francis Melvin Rogallo in years of 1945 forward... with due diligence in developing variant uses over his patent
  8. NASA
  9. Paresev
  10. Barry Palmer
  11. FlightSail
  12. Aerostructures
  13. Kiting
  14. Modeling
  15. Water-ski kiting
  16. Gyrocopter hang gliders
  17. Manus effect rotating wing hang gliders
  18. Gratitude


In process:

  • Terry Sweeney , Sweeney's Glider, classic video,
  • Carl Bates of age 14 years monoplane and following life,
  • Larry Dighera, his Otto meet video, his certificate for his 9 second flight,
  • Pete Plumb ...
  • Continue on Percy Pilcher, esp. his three (claimed) version of the Bat glider.
  • Cross Country Magazine. 
  • Bob Trampenau  Seedwings
  • Link the topics from Oz     Threads.
  • Honorary S-SA Otto Memberships:  John Morse, Brett Snellgrove, Ken de Russy, etc.
  • Flatland launching: 1. Morph at altitude from solar balloon + HP; 2.  solar kytoon site skyhook with night or cloud stay via stored energy heater.....have high heat-keep membrane; 2. compressed air with compression via HP and solar, real-time solar electric, real-time HP, low-mass nanotech; 4. Perma-tower Kytoon with launch and landing----use mass of one HG to elevator next HG.  5. See forum for our other results. October and Nov. 2007.
  • Serve cavexion and parallelogrammatic FTS with HARCs with light return.
  • The 15 triplane photos...see e-mail and Files in HGH.    Tony Prentice.
  • All towing manuals and sites. See folder.
  • Ted Stratton  Permission granted; give URL and name credit. IMG_3141
      Ted Stratton, photographer:   The Dunes at Sand City, California   10/22/2006
                                   Pilot is Wes Stratton; his mother is watching.

  • The unfair tactic of GH concerning OLM, news, permissions fulfill, double standard..,  OZreport  news, slams/discussions, and fair-use in analytical critical educational non-profit discussions in which GH seems to intend only getting benefits while trying to stay immune to fair-use. He gave up news rights by the handshake and arrangement with OLM. .....Nov. 15.   Not one other poster in one day saw; the only posters visiting had already had the OZreport and OLM. in full at a touch of a mouse.
  • Cable-leading edge flexwing history and patents and undones.
  • Eddie Paul timeline and current status and patents. Portawing Port-a-wing ?? Oscar Garcia.
  • Fill in the blank game:  Each city or state that had a first builder of a hang glider might be so named:   ______ built the first modern hang glider  in ____ (city) on ___________(year). This can form a page to collect the world's interest in local "inventors" or "birdmen."
  • Look at each universal claim and form a game.
  • Jack Lambie and Mark Lambie timeline.   Flying wing conferences. Hang Loose plans and timeline.   R.I.P. Jack Lambie. Neil Larson is preparing some Lambie matter. Jack's articles in aviation are extensive at many levels.
  • Fetch and link re: "flying wings where Jack Lambie would also be in attendance. " (1970 and then later conferences with photos).
  • French aviation history
  • German aviation history
  • British aviation history
  • Russian aviation history
  • Multipliers? Low-wind used through multipliers to launch hang glider. Explore.  Notice a 1945 patent that has some technology related to this.  What does Peter Birren think of that patent?
  • Tony Prentice: Fan Wing share, Stephan Nitsch 1999 correspondences, Tony's special wing,
  • While reading Tony Prentice's sharing, the idea of an wing's upper surface totally moving came to me for boundary layer control or enhancement of airflow; the upper side of a conveyor belt.   [ I am recalling seeing a patent of a vehicle with four wheels that described some kind of special fan situation; I am forgetting the date and must find such to compare and contrast with the fan wing technology.  And also, the idea mentioned to Tony about man-powering and solar powering an increase of rotation speed of a spanwise rotating hang glider wing comes into play here as the fan wing is observed.]
  • Lawrence Hargrave refused to patent things as he shared his findings as rapidly as he could. Now with the Internet, such a model can find a perfection.
  • Percy Pilcher (1867-1899)
    Philip Jarrett's book 'Another Icarus' , Percy Pilcher and the Quest for Flight
    by Philip Jarrett. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C. 1987
    ISBN 0-87474-556-X
  • How might significance be measured? Is hang glider progress being helped or slowed by the presence of sport competition? Is progress in hang glider designing helped or slowed by the duplicative commercial success of a particular design direction? The craft is distinct from human social participation; what is the significance of each of those two spheres? Did Moyes and Bennett slow the development of designing in hang gliders by way of drawing energy into a small niche of Rogallo design? What if no Rogallo-wing-using hang glider was allowed to be flown; then what might happen to the dream to fly?  What if a huge amount of energy was spent on rigid wing development?  Perspectives? What is important to one person may not be important to another. Success is a fuzzy concept; significance is a fuzzy concept. What might be a positive development to one person might be considered a detraction to another. Each perspective can tell its story.
  • Toys in each nation hold inventions that are given to adult designers. Explore the flying toys of each nation.  Particularly toy airplanes and gliders seem to speak to the designing of recreational manned hang gliders.
  • Explore compressed air launching, catapult pod-folded-wing launching, wind-power storing for launch purposes, etc.  Folder started for launching.
  •   Who in hang gliding is working with the sim program?
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X:  Who in hang gliding is using this sim?
  • When will homebuilt hang gliders be certified via flight expert simulators? Via standard photography, input of exact engineering specifications, input of data from sensors during some sled glide tests:: get an expert-enough program to flight simulate the homebuilt. Send the data to HGMA and get online certification good enough for FAI competition flying. Will plans-built hang gliders rise strongly again some day with increased safety because of smart and expert  programs workable at home?
  • Set up landing with extra altitude and extra speed ....always. When very near, dissipate the extras. Oppositely, there is no chance (save auxiliary power or graced thermals) to get back shorted altitude or speed.  Landing out decision spaces?
  • As hang gliders are free-flying kite systems, they are a proper subset of the general set of "kites" where the tether to the wing is anchored by the pilot and crust pilot carries. Thus, exploring kites provides an avenue to hang gliders. One may explore any kite system and wonder about tweaks that would bring forward something for hang gliding.
  • [Shared in group as a rough draft of a larger essay under way; see HGH, November 13, 2007]
    Local "invention" is at least true relative invention, even when in other localities the same innovation may have occurred at an absolute earlier time. The lack in the world of a true universal patent system goes some distance in respecting the localized benefit local inventions that may not be absolute universal global inventions. For all we know, everything on earth is already known well in some other planet in some other galaxy; a national patent office does not hold off granting patents for lack of seeing other galaxy matters. Similarly, local communities very often celebrate their local flying-machine "inventor" with great energy; the joy of having a local "inventor" can well bless a community; that community grows in strength and has a face to the world.  But when a local "inventor" jumps into the world community and rashly claims absolute universal invention on a matter that had clearly been invented and used prior to his or her local event, then an important challenge is presented that could be handled by reasonable people with effort.  A guard of "Maybe someone else had already invented the same matter." might serve to keep the peace as one enters a global arena.  Then, after full disclosure of the world's art set with its timeline and localizations, one might venture to claim global universal absolute invention rights on something.  Or, a pause of, "Our local guy or gal wowed us in our community; we are stepping out into the world community now and wonder politely if anyone else in human world history came up with what we found."  Then upon sufficient research, it might turn out that the local "inventor" was also a global inventor, or not.
        Another dimension to local "invention" relative to global matters is the degree of isolation from the toys and arts and objects from the world community. If the isolation is breeched by toys, models, images, school exercises, used technology, then such makes it even more important to discern even what will constitute local invention.
        That the Rogallo wing tacitly was present in Australia through Mike Burns, through technical literature, through public media, through toy kites, through TV, through radio, through aeromodelling, through at least one photograph, then we would respect JD only if we took a very long pause over all of his influences...even beyond his discern even his "local invention" quotient. This is only in focus because one local guy GH Kiwi has been dead set to claim many global invention things about JD's ski kite in a most impolite intrusion in the global community without having done a full research of the global community's art nor of the intrusions of world art into the fabric that surrounded the local JD as he grew and then made a manned kite. The lack of pause and politeness of the GH guy ...until a comprehensive look at the world's art and timeline as he tries to grab loudly and rashly pinnacle stations for JD.....has been a trying moment for some people who care about the integrity of the history of hang gliding and aviation in general. The impolite tactic has been to set JD on the king point of about 13  meta-dimensions of aviation and hang gliding; and then, in effect, brashly said: "Knock him off the paramount places, if you can, you Lying World!"    GH rashly called into question the souls, the morality, the worthiness, the honesty, etc. of many people as those people began to indicate how JD cannot reasonably validly hold the 13 meta-dimension king stations or chair. Those workers in the field had never met such a negative tactic in hang gliding circles; it took them by surprise as they at first welcome GH with the assumption that he was well meaning and probably had common decencies operating; but the surprise came as one by one people were publicly slammed as liars, cheats, no-accounts, unworthies, criminals, Hitlerian, worse than the worse, etc. GH admitted being proud of abusing polite working groups just to get his JD known. GH admitted that after working for over a year with the hang gliding groups, he had not learned even one thing that would alter any of his positions about his favorite guy JD. Not one thing from a host of sincere long-term veterans in hang gliding!  The challenge is that GH's position is broadcasted now with the Internet speed. He pushed so hard that his "wins" for the local nuances leaked into the FAI which was not careful enough to distinguish relative local invention from global world invention for a diploma at the world level must be seen as with many errors, hopefully to be amended some day by clear thinking and caring Aussies and FAI workers.
  • November 13, 2007: Preliminary Meditative Scenarios Invited""
    Up on HGH group and then deleted for further work; those members who receive e-mail or digest would get a copy, but the item would not stick; only those active will be possible current workers on the item.
    Is there a copy of the provisional patent application by JD that can be placed on the table for discussion? What exactly was he claiming in his application, if anything?  Until such application is on the table for critical analysis, perhaps we can play  a bit with various scenarios that might possibly apply.

      Here is a trial  Scenario One: " I, (put in your own name as you try to get into JD's shoes or skis), in the spring of 1963 and in the fall of 1963, of MyCity, MyNation,  realize that others have built hang gliders for a hundred years--if not more, that others have already used the Rogallo wing in very many stiffened-and-framed formats for hang gliders and aircraft vehicles of several sorts, that others have used weight-shift control of the pilot's mass relative to the attitudes of the Paresev-1B-like stiffened Rogallo wing, that others have used the Spratt-gifted control-wing technology with a triangle control airframe (or U or W or V, cabled or strutted or mixed) part and format over land and water (I even used the Spratt control-wing technology with my gyrocopter!), that others have already foot-launched and foot-landed a Rogallo-wing stiffened for sport use, that others have used the Rogallo-wing stiffened and flown over pontoons for water landing, that others have made modern Rogallo-winged stiffened wings for sport purposes, that others had already slope soared with such hang gliders, that others' hang gliders using a similar wing as I am making did use battens and shaped Dacron scalloped trailing edged sail before I will be using such, etc., but with all of that prior art, I have something--ornamental design only, not mechanical innovation--that I claim to be globally innovative as I will describe now with a diagram: [precise cable lengths, precisely situated Spratt control bar, precisely situated seat coming down from a Spratt hang point from the wing above, precisely situated tow-point structure] for a claim of ornamental design (as I realize that all the mechanical functions and processes have been priorly invented by others before me). Such precise dimensions provide a precise appearance that I ornamentally claim as new and worthy of protection; I realize if someone substantially alters the appearance to gain a new appearance, then I will have no claim over their new appearances. Indeed new appearances  probably will be using the same prior mechanical arts that make kites and hang gliders useful craft just as I have used those prior arts invented by former people around the world.   [When Moyes or Bennett would change the appearance of their own designs while using inventions in place prior to my kite-glider, then they would posit new and different appearances and perhaps some new mechanical innovations as well. Since I chose not to go to term with an application for an ornamental design in my country, it must be considered fair that Bill Bennett applied for a U. S. ornamental design patent that did get issued to him; and I take notice that Bill Bennett did not apply for a mechanical process patent as he probably realized by then, as I do now, that all of the mechanical processes involved in our made objects were already invented by others; and so I do not use the term "steal" as my  "friend" did against Bill Bennett for the getting of a U.S. Patent for the ornamental design that had the pontoon lines and the tow-ring mount line; I do not even remember precisely whether my lines were as I see in Bill Bennett's design patent.]   In any case, I will ask the FAI and HGFA to amend the diploma so that global mechanical innovation is not nuanced, and that other errors in the diploma are corrected.  I accept that I am a local innovator--I was first in my neighborhood--and am proud of that! I now realize more factually that others had furthered hang gliders in many ways before my doings, that Barry Palmer had 7 to 8 hang gliders that explored four systems of control including the fundamental mechanics involved in my doings, that the Paresev 1B wing can be seen as the template forerunner of what I finally came up with after over a year of tweaking my kite's wing, that various flying wing technologies and hang gliders and NASA high aspect ratio models and studied devices reach into making modern wings beyond the Standard Rogallo that I ended up making an instance of (as did Palmer). I realize now after reflection and study that I should not have permitted my associate to over-claim me in several ways; for this I am sorry and will change course."  THE ABOVE IS A ROUGH DRAFT THAT is meant only for meditation by any anyone trying to get into JD's shoes or skis in order to face the challenges of big meta-claims made by GH for JD's case.           Send in other scenarios or tweaks to the above. Eventually, some clear robust expression may well fit where all parties in hang glider history are merited in balance; and then will GH take off the Net inapplicable meta-claims that do detract from the prior merits of so many people?

  • 1950s' inflated delta article shared by Tony Prentice. Research and expand.
  • Brett Snellgrove's second article...
  • The interfaces between man-powered flight (WIG and non-wig) and hang gliders?
  • The interfaces between wings in ground-effect (WIG)  and hang gliders?
  • The interfaces between powered aircraft and hang gliders?
  • Alternative rescue systems beyond rescue parachutes? Explosively launched bladders? Rockets? Re-morphing extant wing material? Other?
  • Air beams of very high pressurized hydrogen end up having a gross density of what? Of high pressure helium?  Of high pressure air?  What is the state of the art of airbeam materials? What are the theoretical possibilities of nanomanufactured skins?
  • Enterprise Wings (Australia)
  • Advanced aerogels via nanomanufacturing. Aim for no-gas lighter-than-air solid-seeming materials; these structures would hold empty cavities that simply would not let gases into the cavities except perhaps hydrogen at random from ambient air; but even that could be stopped by appropriate skinning.
  • Application list. List every known application and purpose of a HG or PG.  Provide a form for entering such. Tasks accomplishable? Reason for a flight? To ____.  For ______. In order to ______.  To recreate. To compete. To test innovative construction. To test airfoil designing. To apply talents of design, engineering, mathematics. To have a platform for socializing. To get exercise of body for health. To challenge my mind. To overcome fears. To get applause and attention from my friends. To advance aviation. To advance science. To get rest from work. To fly to beautiful vistas. To have a platform for meditation. To win acclaim. To have a system to help others have something great. To earn a living as a stunt pilot. To earn a living flying for print photo ads. To earn a living flying for instructional videos. To fly as an actor for dramatic movies. To flike. To aerotrek.  To fly in a way to be first in something. To do something you have never done before. To take aerial photographs. To drop seeds over your land. To train birds to migrate. To be in the air with your pet bird.   Etc.  ...hundreds... Make a form for others to use to input reasons for hang gliding and paragliding.
  • When materials and launch motors posit success and safety without much mass, then towing will pass. Everywhere will be launchable.
  • Toy gliders instruct the minds of children and adults; the toy space is part of the story of hang gliding. Aeromodelling advances the toy space and serves to advance minds and hardware used in hang gliders and hang gliding. The toys of each nation in each decade feeds the eventual outcome of what people do.  Consider Space Glider of 1969 in USA and its delta shape and impact on kids and adults....Patent number: US Patent 3619937
    Filing date: Dec 10, 1969.   The users practice being the pilot and gliding in a delta wing craft.
  • Local "invention" is often very exciting; the local people celebrate their inventors or damn them. It hardly matters whether or not the "invention" was actually priorly present in other times and places, the local energy is important, interesting, and part of the story of hang gliding. When a local matter tries to claim universal or absolute invention, then a new game is started that can be handled by historians, law, authors, etc.   See the local news sphere around hang glider "inventors" as they do their thing of amazing the local people.
  • Each nation's dealers and manufacturers?  Certification process maturation history. What about non-certified gliders? Relations with national governments? What about the homebuilder one-of?
  • Is the new FAI class one allowing any homebuilt to compete or not?  Can one get a homebuilt certified and how much will that cost?
  • Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association
  • Each nation's aviation history.
  • HGMA   database for certified up to date is that database? ""The HGMA is the Hang Glider Manufacturers Association - an international association of hang glider manufacturers that administers a set of airworthiness testing standards for hang gliders.""
  • Paraglider Manufacturers Association  PMA "The PMA will be represented by executive director Hans Peter Berg."
  • The FAI list of PG mfgrs seems to be European only.
  • Who has done commercial manufacturing of hang gliders. Why  did each company start and start?
  • Every book on hang gliding.
  • "thermic glide"  One use only. Nov. 10, 2007, by FAI on one page.
  • China kite history...?
  • All videos on hang gliding and PG. Sort. Rate?
  • O'Brien kite ... Was the early delta towkite O'Brien related to the contemporary O'Brien wakeboards, etc.?
  • EHPU  Member links:
       FBVL        LAA        DHPU        FFVL        DHV                    FIVL        Dutch Associations     

    NLF        FPVL        SFFA        SSFF        SHV - FSVL        BHPA

  • DHV  "In Germany it is only permitted to fly from specially certified sites." See.
  • IPPI card holders: Please check the guest rules of each country.  International Pilot Proficiency Information. The IPPI card was introduced in 1992.
    "Since then, national associations and pilots throughout the world have benefited from its internationally recognised standards." FAI/CIVL
  • Nature conservation. Habits. Communication. Actions.
  • That many orgs' blurbs on what is a "Rogallo wing" fails to respect the actual invention. This bypasses the opportunity to explore the Rogallo wing's broad potentialities where the underlying wing can be stiffened in many different ways with confidence.
  • "This automatic twist device, known as the Safety Pitch System" re: Twister by Bautek. Video:=>Hang Gliding Monte Grappa Bassano, Bautek Twister
  • v
  • Some concepts and issues:
    • How the social context is probably paramount over hardware. The BEING THERE with enthusiasm forms movements. The enthusiasm of Bill Bennett and of Bill Moyes  with his son Steve can be seen a huge factor for accelerations in sport competing. His way of using a standard Rogallo kite-hang glider under tow in shows and exhibits added impulse to part of the context of world hang gliding. Add that enthusiasm and way to the flow of enthusiastic multi-faceted activity of the Southern California flock (imbued with synergies from Palmer influences, Rogallo-NASA influences, MacCready, etc., with its impacts on markets and a boon we got.
    • Distinguish wing from fuselage solutions.
    • Distinguish wing from additions to wing.
    • "Dr" Francis Rogallo (A.B., Stanford University, 1932; M.S. in aeronautical engineering (one of the first in the nation on such major) in 1935, and honorary doctorates from many institutions and people in the hang gliding community, thus "Dr." is applied in those communities that so accept him).
    • Distinguish ornamental design patent from process/utility/machine function patents.
    • Appreciation due diligence to effect appreciation of claims
    • Appreciation of consultations that lead to material practical explication of claims
    • Recognizing generosity, even to a fault
    • Appreciating that "Rogallo wing" refers to Gertrude as well as Francis
    •  "modern" fuzziness
    • For those "skilled in the arts" (attending aircraft building), thousands of ready solutions are available that cannot thus be reinvented fit particular uses of wings.
    • How much has the Espenlaub-Spratt-Water-Ski triangular and U and W control bars affected hang glider progress? How Barry Palmer did amont his 7 to 8 hang gliders include the triangle control frame, once at his back and then in his front for controlling the attitude of the hang glider wing...
    • What are safer and better and different alternatives? Alternatives to the Espenlaub-Spratt-Water-Ski Triangle [AtoESWST] for hang gliders?  Consider  the One-Up (tm) for an innovative way to pilot a hang glider.
    • Exactly what were all of the variants of the Aerostructures 1962 kite in 1962 and first part of 1963?
    • Access to prior art without having to laterally refer to  secondary and tertiary explorations is professionally an orderly way of moving ahead for manufacturing and legal respects. A mechanical and ornamental design interloper does not get the rights of priors. However, the activity of intermediaries do format the activity load of historical events; credit can be given for Dickenson doings, sharing, and being there with a Rogallo wing of Paresev 1B priority (both in appearance and machine process)  atop a water-ski-trapeze; his being there to introduce the Bills was socially important.  Without being there for others we get nothing; the hardware is secondary to being there flying something.
    • Take a powered early monoplane having wheels at the two ends of the base of a triangular landing gear; drop the engine, hang the pilot below the wing and use the Spratt control wing control system, and presto: hang gliding.
    • Instruments for hang home, crew, and in-flight.
    • Clothing
    • Harnessing
    • The costs of hang gliding and paragliding....
    • The green factor of one's hang gliding system?
    • Styles, modes, niche activity...
    • It is as yet under-appreciated about Barry Palmer FOUR control methods materialized: simple parallel bars with pendulum control wing manner, combine parallel bar with rear triangular bar as limiter during exploration of lift moments with pendulum weight shifting of hips and leg masses, frontal U and triangle control frame with the base bar as central at chest as he found center of lift, and then he tried the hanging seat.  Spratt is present; Rogallo is present, NASA is present, the bag of available solutions is present; this guy raced ahead. He waited for nobody; he went head to trike the Rogallo wing stiffened just so for his successes with several versions of trikes.
    • Christopher Starbuck    March 2007 photo    ...since 1973... 
    • Yes, Dave Massie,                                                Nov. 4, 2007.
      Your photos and any captions can become a strong spot in

      The Jalbert parafoil will continue to find new avenues of application and applied innovation in hang gliding and paragliding (and elsewhere, in fact).
      My e-mail address for receiving your jpeg inputs and text:

      Lift to you and yours,
      Joe Faust
    • v
    • Whoppy-Fly (tm). .  Dave's photos. Coverage.
    • Smart Jalbert wings?
    • Smart on-off AoA controls for Jalbert winged paragliders..
    • Progress on the One-Up (tm)  and for the Opti-Up (tm).
    • Birds and hang gliding...many interfaces...
    • MagnusM1.jpg       Magnus1B.jpg


  • Article: "EXCLUSIVE: I Flew the Flex-Wing"  title at top edge of November 1961 Popular Mechanics magazine. " I flew the Pterodactyl flex-wing" [Rare non-fiction $79+]
  •   Others are selling copies for much less.
  • Tom Purcell is open for interviews. FlightSail. Flight Dynamics. Thomas H. Purcell Jr.  gTP1 
  • Perhaps first hang glider flight by a woman? First open to letting "glider" be the uncommon "positive glide ratio" space that inlets real parachutes as technically with resultant gliding above zero during sectors of its descent.
  •  BLIPMAPô = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP
    [The Boundary Layer (BL) is the region mixed by thermal eddies]
    Created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, Meteorologist 
    [Editorial: Flatland self-launching will advance partly from mastery of boundary-layer utilization.]
  • Gratitude
  • Volmer Jensen ...full life   EnterData  +   VJ-11 seat? [ ]
  • Bob Lovejoy  ...full life    EnterData
  •  SKIMBAT is a "flying rig", resembling a small hang glider. In fact, because of the flying properties of the sail, the concept and design parameters of the wingsurfer can be described as a hybrid comprising a traditional windsurfer sail and a hang glider
  • Letting the wind give power for tow even when the wind is less than needed for kiting. Use multiplier.
  • Skybow

    [Skybow Kite] The skybow is a case of taking a principle to the extreme. It consists of nothing more than a length of ribbon up to 1000 ft long, tethered to the ground at each end. Swivels at each end, and at points along its length, allow it to rotate (faster in the middle) and so generate lift by the Magnus effect, causing it to arch into the sky. As it spins, it makes a weird whining sound. The inventors, Jim Mallos and Tony Frame put together a fascinating web page, which includes a recording of its sound.

  •   PG? Magnus Effect PG?
  • Magenn Kite Rotor Generator

    MARS-to-ground.gifThe Best-Breezes blog entry of January 7, 2006 about the Magenn MARS (Magenn Air Rotor System)






    U.S. Pat. Nos. (Send them in to help complete the list

    Canadian patents

    Australian patents:

    UK patents:

    Japan patents:

    Russian  patents:

    Other nations' patents:

      "Box 1  FF 13
    Airplane Sandplanning Newest Sport. "Sandplanning" on an aquaplannology the beach with an airplane as the towing medium is the newest outdoor sport at Coronado Beach, California, which is believed to be the pioneer in this form of sport. It was invented by Frank Sheltz, aviator, and shows Sheltz and his plane furnishing thrills for Miss Pat McConnell, seen on the sandplane behind the ship, 1926."

    Box 1  FF 12
    "This photograph shows Capt. J. E. Kemph with model of "orniplane" which he invented. "Captain Man Invents Motorless Plane." A flapping motorless airplane has been invented as well as perfected by Capt. James E. Kemph (above) a member of the army reserve corps. According to Capt. Kemph, the "orniplane" was designed principally for aerial sport. The motorless plane, which he said weighs 150 pounds and would cost less than a popular priced car, is operated by the pilot pulling and pushing a lever. The above photo shows the inventor with his model, September 10, 1925"


    The 2007 domain may not ever be connected to this site's interest; there is no content besides title at   Report, please, when further content is up.

    What does Otto's biplane hang glider and the Wright Glider have in common? Otto has his head above the lower wing; that is true of the pilot the Wright Glider.  There is a wing above the pilot from which the pilot is tensionally hung, even if the tension is through bracing wires and rigid struts. These are hybrid hang gliders.


    Workspace for Domina Jalbert times: (open project for someone or All)
    • gDJ1 
    • March 1964, test flown Jalbert parafoils
    • New societies accepted.