Michael A. Markowski  
   Mike Markowski  credits Low & Slow for helping him "redirect" his life from his already sharp aeronautical engineering to aeronautics publisher. (Mike has always been considered by Self-Soar Association as the eastern-USA Otto wing of Otto memberships.
EAA Hall of Fame:
He was inducted on November 9, 2007, at Oshkosh.

Mike has some 8 books to his own authorship and 35 total published titles..some key reprints..  His Sky Sports company, his Man-Flight Systems, his periodical Skysurfer, and his leadership in TV and in Scientific American magazine resulted in a significant contribution to the 1970s boon in hang gliding. See his TV appearance and see if you can guess which guy is the true Mike Markowski; I picked him out as the three (two imposters and one real) walked out on stage.  Some copies of his early book ==>The Hang Glider's Bible


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