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Graeme Henderson (GH)    aka: GH or G. R. Henderson

GH is the No. 1 fan and historian for John Dickenson (JD).  GH pushes an important untenable title for JD that would ordinarily be read as global mechanical inventor. Since JD had zero global mechanical invention on his ski kite-glider, then the untenable tends to fool the uncritical reader; and some orgs have been fooled by the GH push of such untenable.. GH is a mix: we get more info on one participant but must suffer BLASTING untenable headline.   GH effectively used many non-sequitor tactics in a loud and even threatening manner to "win" placement of a key untenable in some corners of the sport of hang gliding. Critically thinking persons will get past the unfortunate matter to find an interesting JD story; the matter is referred to as the "GH test" where a person is invited to find the various untenables in the passionate rash GH-influenced texts that now fly here and there.

For the positive historical work done by GH over the flex-wing hang glider (not for his infamous bully behavior and not for his push of an important untenable), the World Hang Gliding Association has included him in the combination award: 
Flex-Wing Hang Glider Gold Air Award     

It is hoped that the hang gliding community will advance to a point where the effects of the GH push of the important untenable will be rooted out of the orgs' texts where such still appears. And it is hoped that every contributor to hang gliding history will receive a giant amount of attention on the Internet.
Did someone in 1962 build and show a "Rogallo Hang Glider" to two significant large viewing audiences, both of which had international factions?

Answer: Yes. More than one person. But James Hobson suffices. Experimental Aircraft Association's magazine Sport Aviation had some non-USA readership.  Lawrence Welk Show ... national USA television popular show had some non-USA viewers. Editor of Sport Aviation wrote without a pause: "Rogallo Wing Hang Glider" in featuring Jim Hobson's foot-launch hang glider that had triangle control frame.

Have you studied John Worth yet? Deeply?   
PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:57 am    Post subject: Graeme Henderson (GH)    
The World Hang Gliding Association
is pleased to announce its awarding over Graeme Henderson (GH) 
the Flex-Wing Hang Glider Gold Air Award . 
His story joins 
an elite selection of people who contributed significantly to 
flexible wing hang glider technology forwarding. 

GH, as with most humans, if not nearly all, has been a mixed blessing to the 
flex-wing hang glider technology scene. His positive contribution has 
several parts to it: 

1. GH brought out for all a rich story on one water-ski kite-glider man. 
That GH supports some very important untenable statements does 
not keep him from shining with his positive deep work over one man. 
May such energy generally finally be effective in moving others to place on the table a rich 
story for each participant in the HG community; such is possible now 
with the advent of the Internet. 

Even though GH bullied untenables to help the generally good FAI fail thehang gliding community 
in some important texts, there is cause to celebrate GH's tenacity where 
the wheat and thorny weeds rolled together. The hang gliding community 
will have years of work ahead to correct for the untenables while having 
one of our community better known; assuming the hang gliding community 
will grow in its critical-thinking quotient, the WHGA holds to celebrating 
the gift of GH in the flexible-wing sector; the untenables will test the mettle 
of the hang gliding community; that test could bring positive maturity. 

2. Some effects of the GH phenomenon: 

     a. Movement to counter the GH untenables will continue to sharpen hangglider history text for all. 

     b. Orgs will be invited to become sharper as they approach historical statements. 

     c. The HG community is invited to get clearer about how to describe innovation. 

     d. The developers and appreciators are invited to distinguish the generative
          aspects of ornamental appearance design from the aspects of global mechanical invention. 

     e. The HG community is further along in its appreciation of just what global mechanical arts 
         reside in the open-source pool of art referred to as the Public Domain. Those who would 
         care to add to hang glider technology are perhaps now more apt to do robust homework 
         over the contents of the public domain before declaring themselves global mechanical inventor 
         on some matter. 

    f. Perhaps the visibility of debaters will improve future debating. The process and its record just 
       might let the next generation of hang gliding participants be better at open debate. 

    g. The HG community is challenged more than ever to bring balance to our texts by giving 
        equivalent energy to support the story of each participant. One of the gifts of the GH flow 
        informs us about the potential stories behind each person. When a full robust display is out for each, 
        then balance will be restored away from the severe tilt. 

3. Focus on GH will continue in a hang glider history (hgh) folder:http://www.energykitesystems.net/hgh/GHTest/GraemeHenderson/index.html
    Essays on the GH phenomenon are invited and will be hosted; there will be researchers with something to say on topic. 

4. The WHGA does not side with the GH untenables, does not side with the GH bully tactics, 
 but does side with the positive aspects of the GH flow. Indeed the full package as "human" mix is also celebrated, as the weeding will exercise our talents and make the community stronger, sharper, fuller, and finally more able to weather storms and do positive creative works. Ultimately, the community of those interested in hang gliding will be better for having GH in its fold. Thanks for being you, GH. Morph as you might. 

This topic thread in HangGliding.orgt invites continued exploration of the "GH" and its actual "GH Test". The above is only a brief outline of the GH sector. Explore involved issues; many issues involved are not yet even well stated; we are as infants on the growth road of hang glider history. 
We trust that GH will spend his new gold to bless himself and others. mosh_______ popcorn

Read more: http://www.hanggliding.org/viewtopic.php?t=30100#ixzz2hQWzbZVA

Let us know you and your interests.
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