History of low or high altitude AWE meetings, seminars, conferences with any AWE scale in focus (cross-group meetings, open seminars, workgroups, and conferences of two or more people looking at mining the potential of winds by airborne devices for grinding, travel, pumping, electrical generation, etc.  Note: Mining by AWE to get mechanical tug of boats, etc. is equal to mining the winds for pumping, grinding, making electricity, etc. )     

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Q1. In late 1970s were there any meetings of AWE players?  In the 1970s many inventors were producing experiments and patents.  Proposals were made to companies, investors, and government. Facts of such meetings are invited.

Q2. Will the 2010 Drachen Foundation planning be affected by the HAWP 2010 ????

Q3. What conferencing occurred and will occur in Europe, Russia, China, Australia, Japan, etc.?

Q4. Did Etzler hold a conference before or after his cornerstone essay? 
We might extend the application of [wind] power to the heights of the clouds,
by means of kites
.  ~utopian technologist John Etzler, 1833

Q5. David H. Shepard conferenced with others and also with government on HAWP  AWE.  Full record of his conferencing would be neat. There is a video of his presenting at a dinner. But what about the text with the U.S. government?

Q6. Will there be scaled conferences?   That is, will tug commercialAWE have a dedicated conference?   Will traction powerkiting sportAWE have dedicated conferences; they probably have already had some major conferences.   Will toyAWE have their dedicated conference?  Will there be a dedicated Low-altitude AWE conference? 

Q7. Will utilityAWE join the dominant wind power community (now saturated with hard-towered turbine habit)  in a happy way?

Q8.  Virtual-space conferences are valid structures. What has occurred and what will occur?  How formal might these become? Do chat and e-mail tag suffice for this genre of conferencing?

Q9. Did NASA get involved in tethered wind power in the 1970s or 1980s?

Q10. What AWECS meetings were held in the 1970s and 1980s where a substantial amount of AWE patenting was occurring?


Q## ?.

Aspects of a meeting:
announcements, date, intentions, venue, attendees, presentations, papers, results,  references, demonstrations, ....     Significance?

  1. Meeting-conference at AeroVironment was an early important meeting.
  2. Drachen Foundation on traction meeting. Details are invited.
  3. Possibly the first conference?     Europe with Ippolito or Ockels and others 
    Date:    Place:   Attendees:     Links to paper or reports:  ([ ] call for facts)

    First International Workshop on
    Modelling and Optimization of Power Generating Kites
    (KITE-OPT 07)

    Leuven, January 30, 2007
    9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    Optimization in Engineering Center (OPTEC), K.U.Leuven,
    Room 00.62, ESAT-Building,
    Kasteelpark Arenberg 10, BE-3001 Leuven-Heverlee,


  4. Delft 2008  
     ([ ] call for facts)

  5. University of Texas seminar 2008 . Notices, invitations, facts on presentations, attendees?
     ([ ] call for facts)    Report1
  6. USA conference with David Lang,  Dr. Paul MacCready, Joe Hadzicki, and Scott Skinner, conferenced in 2006 at the important site of AeroVironment in Southern California.  . ...Drachen Foundation      ([ ] call for facts)
    Date:        Place:      Attendees:     Links to paper or reports:
  7. Major symposium 2009.  Full report requested.   J. Breukels, M.Sc. is preparing full report. Start: http://www.energykitesystems.net/notices/2009dec.html#KDS7dec2009
  8. HAWP 2009 at California State University at Chico, CA. , November 5-6,  2009  
     www.HAWPConference.com            Speakers slide sets.
  9. March 5, 2010. 8 a.m. PST ...USA national AWE phone conference:
     E-mail collaboration and then phone conference re: HR 3165 amendments. Decided: "airborne wind energy technology"
  10. Dave Santos meeting with CMNA in Texas.   CMNA         M1189   March 2010.

  12. In  planning, another conference by Drachen Foundation.... for 2010  
    Date:     Place:   Attendees:       Links to paper or reports:

  13. ??      HAWP 2010       AWEConference 2010
  14. ??:     AWE 2011   Belgium in 2011  in Maysee forum for announcements.       
    ToyAWE 2011        AWEIA 2011       HAWP 2011       KiteEnergy 2011    
  15. ??:    AWE 2012           MicroAWE 2012
  16. ??:    AWE 2013           NomadicAWE 2013
  17. ??:    AWE 2014
  18. ??:    AWE 2015
  19. ??:    AWE 2016
  20. ??:    AWE 2018
  21. ??:    AWE 2019
  22. ??:    AWE 2020