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Water collecting from the skies by use of kite systems

  • Freezing out the water
  • Condensation onto surfaces, nets, etc.
  • Collecting rain, snow, hail
  • Kite systems used to encourage rain to occur
  • Using kite systems to disperse particulates to encourage rain
  • How do kite systems affect the atmosphere?  How might precipitation records be affected by kite systems?
  • Effects of large-scale collecting of water from the wind by huge AWES
  • Reasons to collect water from the air  via kite systems
    • Take the water gained. Use solar radiation and/or wind energy via electricity to split the water to gain oxygen and hydrogen. Use the hydrogen to burn to power aloft devices.
    • Have water aloft for drinking.
    • Have water aloft for manufacturing purposes aloft.
    • Have water aloft for control systems that use wet-evaporate control systems.
  • AWES6118  and following posts in that thread.
  • DaveS: "The grandest instance of Water from Wind was Polynesians on Great Proas able to fly kites into clouds with sea-sponges attached, and after a time bring the kite down to squeeze out the condensate. They thought it was quite mystical, insisting that songs and other rituals explained success, while we marvel at the incredibly optimized Stone Age technology.
           It should be possible to water a garden or put out a small wildfire from a passing cloud with the new kites. A servo kite could steer into a small high desert cloud with a mist net harvester. Water could run down inside the tether braid (a tube much like traditional fire hose) without the high pressure problem of pumping upward."
  • DaveS earlier noted that collecting water aloft adds mass aloft; that mass could be used to drop and drive a generator-shaft. 
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