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File is young. Many writers will be listed soon.  Send us your best found AWE articles.
Who wrote them?  This is not for authors of technical AWE papers or books; for such see next to their names in file INDIVIDUALS.   And see PAPERS001.html
This file is for writers who are generally not directly associated with the technical AWE.

  1. Michael Graham Richard      |  Art001   $10 million, $5 million, then Google buys Makani Power. |
  2. Ben Ruhe    | MainCollectionOfArticles  |
  3. Drachen Foundation   " Below are archived articles from both the Journal and Discourse."
  4. Kites in the Classroom, a bibliography   
  5. Jeff Montgomery, "Tidal power plant proposed for inlet 28 tandem pairs of turbines would be put in waterway" Origninally published on September 10, 2003.