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WOW America
AWE is worthy of the attention of the world's best engineers.
"apporto di mano d'opera"     "sweat equity"
Distributing WOW America Investment


  • President of Wind Operations Worldwide S.p.A. (or WOW S.p.A.) SpA mean Inc.: Paolo Musumeci
  • Several confidentiality agreements spawned in 2011 at Belgium conference.
  • Wind Operations Worldwide S.p.A. (or WOW S.p.A.) SpA mean Inc. WOW S.p.A. found NOKE Srl that is the commercial and subholding co. and also found WOW America Inc. to finance and invest in all AWE.
    With our subsidiary companies, WOW Inc. (USA) and NOKE Srl (Italy), we have agreements with companies working on this new class of machines designed to produce electrical energy from high altitude winds."   http://noke.it/
  • WOW W3 Investment Ltd.   also founded.
  • What is NOKE Srl and who is its president?   Paolo M.   Not Only Karma Energy
       "Noke Srl (a wholly owned subsidiary of WOW SpA)"


  • change log for wowfund.us
  • change log for WOW S.p.a.
  • C.P. at conference presentation: "Being a holding, we don't produce goods or services: our only purpose
    is owning shares of other companies."
  • The holding corporation has purchased shares in KiteGen and has some confidential agreements with some other AWE companies. The mission is toward "renewables" and so AWE need not be its only target.   JoeF
  • Mid-2011: issue:: diversification beyond KGR or not?    M3983
April 24, 2014
Dear John and friends,

This is to inform you that WOW SpA is now ready to establish and fund that no-profit organization related to Airborne Wind Energy, a project our General Assembly and the Board of Directors had agreed upon ... 

Our idea is to establish (or eventually fund an already existing) no profit [sic, non-profit] organization providing airborne wind energy it's taken care of (@least) @european level and that by membership we as well as all other stakeholders are entitled to have a saying in it.

By that announcement we will be honoured to share and discuss the various opportunities and ideas we have conceived with you and with everyone else all you the receivers may care to share this letter with.

Those interested in joining forces with us on this subject please write back to yes.noprofitfounding@windoperationsworldwide.com-- on a method that works for us: we have conceived an organization we will be obliged to join, if existed. 
we love share this with most person as possible, so please forward it everywhere.
Dott. Paolo Musumeci <paolo@wow.pe+39 335-730.45.26
Presidente del CdA della WOW SpA - http://wow.pe/
Amministratore Delegato della NOKE Srl - http://noke.it/