Our field is so novel that only a few thousand informed "insiders"
are aware of the exciting potential.

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  1. Don Polec's World KITE ENERGY
  2. EHAWK Test 20100324
  3. Makani Power Autonomous Flight. June 18, 2010 - HD
  4. KiteGen 2006 Sardegna tests
  5. 20 Kilowatts of power!!   Laddermill test of 25 March 2010; peak power 20.2 kW
  6. Airborne Wind Turbine Technology Taking Flight
  7. Airplay Pirates Clip, kitesailing in Holland
  8. James May's Big Ideas on the Laddermill (BBC)
  9. Laddermill Landing
  10. Laddermill Fly-By
  11. Laddermill Project     Art of stack of kiteplanes
  12. laddermill_pumping_cgi.avi
  13. Laddermill with 50 m2 kite    Test of 20 May 2010; 50 m2 Peter Lynn Synery Kite.
  14. Laddermill Kite Power test 22-01-2010   January 22, 2010.
  15. http://www.3sat.de/page/?source=/nano/technik/146919/index.html
  16. TUDelft prototype flying KITE PLANE
  17. Jan Akkerman powered by the Laddermill
  18. WACAP 2010, presentation by Prof. Dr. Wubbo Ockels.   
  19. The Fascination of Kite Power
  20. Why Design Now?: M10 Kite-Power System
  21. Kite Power
  22. Rotokite, wind generator
  23. Test Flight Magenn Air Rotor (Alpha ) from Liftport Ener
  24. The Floating Balloon Wind Generator
  25. Beluga Sky Sail
  26. Kite test 2
  27. OrthoKiteBunch (kite electricity generator;éolienne cerf-volant)
  28. KiteGen Stem      Same content as   kitegen stem
  29. WPI Kite Team Virtual Model
  30. WPI Wind Power - Kite makes power for the first time
  31. WPI Kite Team Virtual Model: Instantaneous Power
  32. WPI Wind Power from Kites - Creating Power
  33. WPI Kite Team Virtual Model: A-Frame and Arm Motion
  34. WPI Wind Power from Kites - Mechanical Control
  35. WPI Kite Power Project Evolution
  36. WPI Kite Team Virtual Model: Power Mechanism
  37. WPI Kite Team Virtual Model: Lift / Drag Ratio
  38. WPI Wind Power Scale Model - Power Train
  39. WPI Kite Team Virtual Model: Tether Tension
  40. WPI Wind Power - Kite attached to fixed rocking arm
  41. WPI Kite Team Virtual Model: Kite Path
  42. kite wind generator

  43. Airborne wind turbines t: 1:14          
  44. Prototype of Flying Electrical Generator
  45. Ambiente Italia - KiteGen - 20071214
  46. Kite Gen Energia dagli aquiloni Wind Generator
  47. KiteGen (kite wind generator)
  48. Joby Energy Airborne Wind Turbine Concept        t: 1:16  Duplicated vids under other names. Same: Kite turbine: Energy From Thin Air
  49. airborne wind turbine      1:22    (donut style)
  50. WindTurbine_TestFlight_2009-11-18.mov
  51. renewable energy : kite wind generator
  52. Alternative Wind Powered Generator
  53. [Guardian] Dutch scientists generate electricity with kites
  54. Saul Griffith on kites as the future of renewable energy
  55. Turbine windsocks
  56. Wind Power
  57. Magenn wind power electrical generator system.
  58. Minesto Tidal Energy       Related article:   http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2010-05/sea-kites-could-harness-tidal-energy-future-power-plants 
  59. Kite system with manual control for quickly loading laptops or mobile phones
  60. Kite System Development 2003 to 2007
  61. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKx6KT5KocI  Aero-kite  Consider tethering and power-off with flygen?
  62. Jim's SPAD SPAgallo    Consider tethering at power-off for power gain in wind ...
  63. Electricity : Kite (1989)    Bring in the electrical engineers and safety inspectors on AWECS.
  64. Kite test 2
  65. Makani Power - School Project Advertising
  66. Why Design Now?: M10 Kite-Power System  [[This duplicates under different title one of the above vids.]]
  67. Avro Vulcan XL319 Ram Air Turbine (RAT) drop   [[RATs are AWECS]]
  68. Selsam at Chico 2009:  Low Altitude Wind Generation Demonstration (no audio)
  69. Selsam:   Selsam Superturbine Sky Serpent - Popular Science - Ten Times the Turbine - Invention of the Year Awards
  70. Selsam:   Selsam Superturbine for Discovery Channel Palmdale-11-14-2008 RAW FOOTAGE
  71. Group of videos:  Selsam
  72. Dave Santos:   KiteMotor 5     Mpg format.    Related article: http://www.energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/kitebasedelectricity.html
  73. Dave Santos:   KiteChip
  74. Beijing KITEGEN
  75. Kiteplane Windtunnel Test
  76. Google's Green Energy Czar on High-Altitude Wind
  77. Kitepower 2009       "Kite Control Unit" prototype (KCU1) A short video showing the testing of our "Kite Control Unit" prototype (KCU1) in august 2009 at Birrfeld, Switzerland. This was the culmination of an 8 month bachelor's thesis project at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz - FHNW). The project was led by Corey Houle, who also did the mechanical design. The electrical design and implementation was done by Markus Huwyler and Rafael Anderes. The project is currently being continued under the name "SwissKitePower", in co-operation with Automatic Controls Laboratory at ETH Zurich and the Center For Synergetic Structures at EMPA. The project's industrial and financing partner is Alstom Switzerland (AG). For more information please contact coreyhoule@gmail.com
  78. Festo - CyberKite    With the CyberKite, Festo is meeting this challenge as part of the Bionic Learning Network and is developing a kite system with a cybernetic control unit.
  79. Festo AirJelly
  80. Festo AirPenguin
  81. Festo Air_ray
  82. A collection of Festo videos
  83. Superquark 28.07.2010: panoramica su Kitegen
  84. Tests du projet Kitemill
  85. AWECS with human control for quickly loading battery
  86. Magenn kite Electricity Generator
  87. Magenn Rotor Kite
  88. Air Rotor System
  89. Demo animation of Magenn's revolutionary wind power system.
  90. Kite Gen istruzioni per l'uso a cura dell'inventore Massimo Ippolito I
  91. Kite Gen istruzioni per l'uso a cura dell'inventore Massimo Ippolito II
  92. KitVes      [Ed: just one "e"] No video found yet; please report.
  93. Manual Flygen:1' playing = 1' laptop or 30' talking   See also above at "59." From OrthoKiteBunch (OKB) .
  94. Dave Santos'  Tripod tether     mpg
  95. Doug Selsam Inventor of Superturbine(R)
  96. New Wind Power - The Wind Belt Invention    [Ed.: Device can be set aloft in tethered aircraft.]
  97. Skybow Rotary Arch Kite spins @ 5000 RPM's in light winds.
  98. Three Skybow Kites.
  99. A Pair of New Rotary Skybow Electro-Pro Kites / 75M/250'.
  100. SkySails "Fly high, Sail green" -ecoideasnet
  101. Tecnologia SkySails
  102. Skysails - Crossing the atlantic
  103. 93: MS Beluga SkySails, Baja Performance 278, Fuel Saving Tips
  104. 1. Fahrt der MS Beluga SkySails mit innovativem Windantriebs
  105. SkySails bring windpower to container ships!!
    Maybe same?  SkySails bring windpower to container ships.mp4
  106. Skysails First flight
  107. airborne wind turbine                              t:2:46
  108. Airborne Wind Generator Design
  109. Rob Creighton Windlift Renewable energy            Progress site:  WindLift 
  110. HeliWInd 3
  111. SpiralAirfoil.com Solution for AirBourneWindEnergy Group
  112. Flying Balloon Power Generator video 1
  113. Flying Balloon Power Generator video 2
  114. Flying Balloon Power Generator video 3
  115. Balloon wind energy
  116. HeliTube       [Tethered water turbine]
  117. OKB hydraulique          Regards work by Pierre Benhaïem
  118. bunch   Regards work by Pierre Benhaïem
  119. aller retour   Regards work by Pierre Benhaïem
  120. http://www.energykitesystems.net/OrthoKiteBunch/videos/Eoliare 4.wmv
  121. ttp://www.energykitesystems.net/OrthoKiteBunch/videos/Eolicare 1.wmv
  122. http://www.energykitesystems.net/OrthoKiteBunch/videos/Eolicare 2.wmv
  123. http://www.energykitesystems.net/OrthoKiteBunch/videos/Eolicare 3.wmv
  124. http://www.energykitesystems.net/OrthoKiteBunch/videos/Eolicarerotationhelice0001.wmv    The apparent odd bent turbine blade is an oddity of the video timing when actual straight blades were used.
  125. http://www.energykitesystems.net/OrthoKiteBunch/videos/multimetre.wmv
  126. Kite Simulation Toolbox
  127. Flexible model of a surfkite
  128. Kite Thermography
  129. Simulation of a surf kite
  130. Aerial view of the laddermill
  131. Laddermill CGI
  132. Sky WindPower's Flying Electric Generators
  133. Is the Sky the Limit for Wind Power?
  134. Rotokite presented at Sequoia         Preamble: Text     |    Presentation
  135. Sky Serpent Flying Superturbine Prototype Demo - March 2008
  136. Autopilot flying flexible kite figures 8  
  137. Windlift Flight Testing   August 18, 2010  2:00 PM, Engelhard, NC. Estimated wind speed: 8-12 mph.  Peak power observed during generate stroke: 3 kW.
  138. Windlift flight testing 2    Video from the second flight test of the Windlift Model 8 system. Testing was performed October 6, 2010 at Engelhard, North Carolina.
  139. kite512 .wmv
  140. Kite Ship
  141. World Record Kite    Tag:  2004, KiteShip, Dave Culp, traction,

  142. KiteBot Ignite Presentation
  143. KiteBot steering animation: http://kitebot.org/     See: KiteBot
  144. Drive/Recoil Planetary: http://kitebot.org/
  145. Windlift Flight Testing    Initial flight testing of the Windlift Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) at Engelhard, NC on August 18, 2010. The wind speed was approximately 8-12 MPH and the peak power observed during generate was 3 kW.
  146. wsikfwing.mpg     by Dave Santos
  147. Skysails technology
  148. kitepower 2010 (first flight)
  149. KiteNav Project -                    kitenav.com
  150. Laddermill test flight, January 22nd 2010
  151. Laddermill overview June 2010
  152. Kiteplane test 9th November 2010
  153. Sustain Rock, the World Premiere of the Laddermill
  154. Launching a kite using a helium blimp
  155. KiteLab Test November 2007               TUDelft
  156. Kiteplane in ASSET KiteLab
  157. Simulation of kiteplane flexibility
  158. Aerodynamic modelling of the KitePlane
  159. Dynamic cable simulation
  160. Inflatable beam simulation
  161. Surf Kite Flexibility
  162. Simulation of a surf kite
  163. Spider Web Simulation     [[Ed: Getting ready for AWECS arrays, meshes, complexes?]]
  164. Unsteady CFD simulation of a typical tube kite airfoil
  165. Unsteady CFD simulation of a typical tube kite airfoil 2
  166. Unsteady CFD simulation of a typical tube kite airfoil 3
  167. Unsteady CFD simulation of a typical tube kite airfoil 4
  168. Flight test of an inflatable kiteplane (controlled)
  169. Flapping wing model
  170. Wind tunnel test on a kite plane
  171. Simulation of a surfkite steering.
  172. Laddermill simulation   A simulation of reeling in and out of a laddermill system.
  173. kiteplane towtest July 27th 2010
  174. Onboard camera during Kiteplane flight at Valkenburg Airport      Aug 12, 2010
  175. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdHDMINwNh0  Laddermill by Jeroen Breukels
  176. Laddermill: Drachen statt Atomkraft | Wubbo Ockels, ASSET TU Delft |3sat nano
  177. VTS 01 1
  178. Sky WindPower FEG simulation
  179. Sky WindPower prototype
  180. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/MVI_0532.AVI
  181. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/MVI_0532_dvd.mpg
  182. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/TailedWingMill.AVI
  183. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/charger1.avi
  184. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/deltarch.mpeg
  185. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/eddyloop.mpg
  186. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/gondola_turbines.AVI
  187. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/hisweep.mpg
  188. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/kiss128.avi
  189. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/kitechip.mpg
  190. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/kitmot5b.mpg
  191. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/nemo.mpg
  192. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/seiko2.AVI
  193. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/spiraldc.mpg
  194. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/tripodtether.mpg
  195. http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/wsikfwing.mpg
  196. http://energykitesystems.net/KiteLab/firekite01.mpg
  197. http://energykitesystems.net/KiteLab/hydrospintail.mpg
  198. http://energykitesystems.net/KiteLab/2009febDaveSantos.avi
  199. http://windturbineonmounts.monsite-orange.fr/index.html
  200. This is IT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXWgAyZB090
  201. Wind turbine of type Darrieus on two buildings or two mounts
  202. Makani Power test September 17, 2010      [duplicates are occurring]
  203. To Makani from South I-880
  204. Autonomous flight of wing 3 (glider). August 24, 2009
  205. http://www.makanipower.com/concept/fundamentals/ 
  206. Makani Power autonomous power generation flight   Re: Wing 4.
  207. Kite For Sail's 1st Inter-Island Voyage    tag: Pacific Power Sails   See:
  208. Kite Sails to Cut Fuel Consumption          tag: Pacific Power Sails
  209. The Ultimate Safety Kite   tag: Pacific Power Sails
  210. Kite Ship[스팟TV]
  211. Kite For Sail      Tag: Dan Tracy
  212. Kite Sailing with the KiteCat         [This is a nod to traction kite sailing AWECS]
  213. Hang gliding at its best, Valle 2009  [This is a nod to hang gliding AWECS See more of this category of craft converting wind to practical uses.]
  214. Tensairity-Actuator.mpg 21-Dec-2007      Tag:  Rolf H. Luchsinger
  215. Bau.mpg  05-Oct-2007   Assembling tensairity bridge.  Tag:  Rolf H. Luchsinger
  216. Fahrt.mpg  05-Oct-2007    Tensarity demonstration with car loaded on two tensarity beams.    Tag:  Rolf H. Luchsinger
  217. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2wwWLFGneY   Tag: KiteGen 13 Dec. 2010.
  218. Sensori di deformazione del Kitegen Stem
  219. Cavi della vela del Kitegen Stem
  220. KiteGen - Fiaspa - Ucraina - Kiev - Energia eolica
  221. Il kitegen a Rai 3 settembre 2010
  222. Kite Gen, l'energia dell'acquilone
  223. Kite Gen (Aquilone Generatore)
  224. SKP_report_TSR.mp4
  225. GeMiTo - Eccellenze - Kite Gen
  226. GeMiTo - Eccellenze - Kite Gen (2)
  227. On page is an animated image for pumping operation.  Click the image there. KitePower.
  228. Eight videos for the presentations at the Kite Symposium 2009 at TU Delft
  229. http://vimeo.com/jeroenbreukels
  230. Windlift Testing 3   Testing of the Windlift Model 8 system performed on December 23, 2010 in Engelhard, North Carolina. The average windspeed during the test was 10 m/s (at 10 m height).
  231. twind.flv    
  232. Twind.avi
  233. The Laddermill Explained       (this might be an edit of one of the above vids)
  234. TEDxAmsterdam 2010 - Bas Lansdorp - 11/30/10                 (tyPJ) 
  235. CFD analysis of a single-membrane airfoil
  236. Windtunnel Tests on kites
  237. Side-by-side simulation of flexible surf kites
  238. Kite simulation
  239. http://energykitesystems.net/KiteLab/wingtail01.avi          or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNRRAbUaHSc
  240. http://energykitesystems.net/KiteLab/wingtail02.avi          or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbYaMAkoCHc
  241. http://energykitesystems.net/KiteLab/wingtail03.avi        or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OncUE2QmiE
  242. Ways to Save the Planet - Infinite Winds   
  243. AWECS from Chinese Dragon kite 
  244. (toward the automatic control issues) Boston Dynamics Big Dog (new video March 2008)
  245. IPP: Capturing Wind Energy Through Airborne Platforms
    IPP :: Innovative Partnerships Program         Vid: Dec. 15, 2010
  246. Windlift testing - 12 sq. m. wing      [tag: WindLift ]   
  247. Tethered Magnus
  248. Allister Furey (Red Kite Energy)     [New company name: Pavana Dynamics]
  249. Dragon Mesh
  250. Windlift                (an early business presentation) Date:____  Place: ____
  251. Two videos on page of SkySails
  252. On page is a video:       http://www.butta.org/?p=3019
  253. Laddermill 2011: start of a new year of airborne wind energy development   
  254. Presentation by Dr. Breukels on multi-body kite simulations
  255. http://www.energybird.org/film.swf
  256. IPP: Thin-Filmed Membrane Structures
  257. IPP: Structural Integrity Sensors
  258. IPP: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters
  259. IPP: Two Micron Laser
  260. Animation on page   at German Airborne Wind Turbine
  261. Rotokite wind generator (with english audio)   (sic English)     Explanation.     More.
  262. Kite Energy May Soon Take Off                Discuss: M3109
  263. FlygenKite:1' playing = 1' laptop or 30' talking   
  264. mvflyingwind    Two secondary school girls conclude: HAWP is way to go. Paper.
  265. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JrT8bKQB0A   Gyro Hang Glider Tow
  266. Source Maui 2011 Power-sail Demos                 [  Dan Tracy ]
  267. Power-sail Electric 
  268. A sail in the sky
  269. Khaled-Experiment Part 1
  270. Khaled-Experiment Part 2
  271. Rowan EHAWK Controller Test
  272. ToyAWECS from KiteLab, Ilwaco; Dave Santos
  273. Long blade kite turbine
  274. Shunting WingMill from KiteLab, Ilwaco by Dave Santos.  A copy is also processed at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy6FESqLVZI      Original file is about 4 Mb, but the YouTube processed copy serves faster.
  275. More on the toyAWECS:  B    toyawecsb             [ Related ]
  276. 2011 0308 w7 accels 2views     (tag: Makani)
  277. [spot of April 2011 reserved for future release of a special collaborative flight session.]
  278. http://www.de4elementer.dk/vind.html  holds video that holds some AWECS.
  279. Personal Power-sail   
  280. Makani Power Autonomous Flight, June 18, 2010
  281. Makani Power, tethered hover and crosswind flight, Sept 17, 2010
  282. http://www.hybrid-synergy.eu/showthread.php?tid=20873     tag: KiteGen
  283. Kite Gen
  284. Kite Energy!        (tag: traction demo)
  285. Kite turbine long run!   (Here the rotary blades are kites; hub is the mooring, the working end of the radial tethers are canopy wings)  by Robert Wensman on Apr 28, 2010
  286. http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/12798     (tag: Windlift)
  287. Skybow-PRO Kite 75M/250' Tested in Winds 18-20 MPH / @~8500 RPM's.
  288. The PowerPlane by Ampyx Power: Low cost Airborne Wind Energy    
  289. Airborne Wind Energy: Selsam Flying Superturbine Wind Turbine Driveshaft Tethers a Kite. Demo.
  290. Flying Superturbine(R) Explained by Doug Selsam
  291. FlygenKite,kite wind turbine manually controled
  292. Joby Energy from Bonny Doon CA to South Point HI
  293. "Kite-based Reciprocating Wind Generator" by Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa"
  294. laddermill animation draft
  295. 20 second Laddermill overview
  296. Laddermill animation final
  297. Kite turbine
  298. Airborne Wind Turbine Energy Harvesting UAV Systems
  299. Powering Remote Villages with Portable Airborne Wind Technology
  300. SkySails "Fly high, Sail green" -Panasonic ecoideasnet       
    [We have collected AWE video; the date at this point of collection is 16 July 2011. Thanks for sending the titles and URL for the first 300 videos! ]
  301. CGI animation of the Laddermill
  302. 60 minute Flight
  303. R&D record
  304. Sky Serpent Doug Selsam - LA California   
    Visit with Paolo Musumeci, an international AWE share session.
  305. M3988     A preview to a longer for-sale video is described.
  306. FlygenKite,kite wind turbine for lighting  
  307. LEPINE 2011 : L'invention mystère de Pierre Benhaïem
  308. Kite and Wind presents Premier Windgarden Spinners
  309. ScienceFlash Skype Hydrokite
  310. TEDxSydney - Saul Griffith - Living in the Future  ["We" ... plugs Makani; shows Wing 7]
  311. High Performance Power-sail
  312. Personal Power Sail
  313. Personal Power-sail Instructional Video
  314. Visita al KiteGen® Research di Sommariva Perno (CN)
  315. Torri Eoliche Vs. Kitegen
  316. Supercondensatori del Kitegen Stem
  317. KiteGen - 13/12/2010 - Sommariva Perno (CN)
  318. KiteNav
  319. seaglider first flight  
  320. L'aile d'eau
  321. At KQED Quest: Airborne Wind Energy   Sept, 2011.  [mainly Makani power-assisted kiteplane; Wing 7 status; 2015 product hope for 1 MB;  slight survey missed about 95% of method options, but had quick words that left things open.  ~JoeF]
  322. Airborne Wind Energy: Selsam Flying Superturbine Wind Turbine Driveshaft Tethers a Kite. Demo.
  323. Selsam Kite Superturbine(R) Sky Serpent(TM) with 21 rotors
  324. XXLite single surface kite for paraglider use:  Ozone XXLite: Lightweight R&D  Will this kite also be used in pumping or electricity production? 
  325. Container Based Renewable Energy     video 
  326. Cocky Eek in the Air
  327. Historical Rocket Kite Launch     Rocket-launch kite did not deploy.
  328. Flying Superturbine (R) Wind Turbine Suspended by Kite - Doug Selsam
  329. Vortex Assisted Hydroflexor           by      Flexor Energy Company
  330. Stable Sled-kite without any stabilizer              AWE4432
  331. http://www.scivee.tv/node/34826  High-altitude Wind Energy Generation, Lorenzo Fagiano
  332. http://www.scivee.tv/node/17997
    Flying Electric Generator Prototype in Flight, Len Shepherd
  333. Sled+Magnus+Alternating motion generator          Muzhichkov   
  334. Makani Power, Autonomous Power Generation, July 8, 2011
  335. Google's Green Energy Czar on High-Altitude Wind
  336. FlygenKite:Airborne Wind Turbine
  337. Balloon Turbine for Battery charging
  338. FEGs Flying electric generators
  339. "Artificial Moon" Soft-Rotor Phone-Charger AWECS
  340. 'Robot' kite flyer
  341. TEDxFlanders - Reinhart Paelinck - Kite Wind Energy Researcher
  342. Albatross - a high-altitude offshore wind energy system
  343. Windlift Energy Conversion
  344. Windlift Kite-Based Power Generation Technology at NIWeek 2011
  345. The Makani Airborne Wind Turbine
  346. 17102011078            roddyread     Rod Read
  347. kite rotor test 1                    Rod Read
  348. deployable layers.flv       Rod Read
  349. SwissKitePower Flight Testing - October 2011
  350. SKP_report_TSR.mp4             See also above #148.
  351. http://www.youtube.com/user/WPIkites       Count: 15 videos   http://www.youtube.com/user/WPIkites#g/u   
  352. Kite control pod v3 test flight, manual control
  353. Airborne Wind Energy - KQED QUEST
  354. Flying Windturbines.wmv         Welsh hilltop    Posted Aug 31, 2011. 
    Winflex Wind Energy   Tensairity - Airlight Ltd.
  355. Electricity Generating Kite - Kite Wind Power
  356. Fuel-Less Flight; Gravity Powered Flight
  357. makanipower.com/flights/      Several different test flight videos.
  358. For Wind Energy\'s Future, Researchers Look High in the Sky
  359. 534HIW Animation 960px.wmv    Highest Wind Energy Glider™    
  360. Kite Altitude World Record Attempts 2011
  361. Autonomous Transition to Hover      [ ]     Are claims historically accurate?
  362. infinite winds 
  363. INFINITE WINDS     [[a different video from above]]
  364. Airborne Wind Turbine. First vibrations      
  365. Sled 1,5m2
  366. Volkite-NPWC
  367. skybow kite
  368. Skybow-Basic Kite 60M/200' / @~8500 RPM's, Tested in Winds 18-20 MPH
  369. Will any AWES tap lee-shear?  See: Spencer's World Record 468mph Kinetic100DP flight video!!!
  370. Wind Power from Kites
  371. AWT Base station Stradivarius
  372. AWT Base station Stradivarius Part 2
  373. Field test of EHAWK at Sept. 27, 2011
  374. Ehawk Final Video.wmv
  375. Ehawk1.MTS
  376. Ehawk2.MTS
  377. Ehawk3.MTS
  378. Ehawk 4.MTS
  379. KiteGen - Operation "Viagra" 13/12/2010 - Sommariva Perno (CN)
  380. Wind Turbines Take Flight to Generate Electricity  [How they still get it wrong: "it is not a kite"  while it is a kite! Corwin spoke "part kite" to partly redeem!]     AWES5554
  381. NASA LaRC | Airborne Wind Energy Harvesting       Discuss at AWES5577
  382. KiteGen  http://kitegen.com/video/2012_Feb_prove_rev01.qt   
    Sommariva Perno, February 2012. kite: standard 20 sqm, lines: 300 m x 3,5 mm, wind speed at ground: 1,5 m/s
    KiteGen Stem- Taking-Off, Flying and Landing in Safety- February 2012
    ?   http://www.energykitesystems.net/0/Discuss/kiteblades.html    
    http://www.gedayc.com/en/       David Sarria Jimenez
  384. Kite-based wind turbine    by Rod Read        Daisy.    Towered form with kites as blades.  Echo of sailed windmills.   daisy.flv
  385. Dr. Rolf Luchsinger, Center for Synergetic Structures    AWES5747
  386. All Flight Modes of the Makani AWT       AWES5759  (not end-to-end, but segmented)
    Channel For Makani Power
  387. how roddys kites work.avi.FLV      Rod Read
  388. Valley tied kite generator system model       Rod Read
  389. kite control bar2.flv     Rod Read
  390. line mounted control servo winders.flv      Rod Read.    Discuss.
  391. KiteLab Group All-COTS AWES           AWES5775
  392. WindBridle Project 
  393. AWE Project: WindBridle
  394. Airborne Wind Turbine. Front view
  395. Homemade tarp sled kite 9' X 12'
  396. Walking a 9' kite down in 25mph winds (a)
  397. 10' Delta kite with 2 spinning windsocks and a 25' tail
  398. Sled 1,5m2 Front side
  399. Kite Power -Panasonic ecoideasnet
  400. UNLVEngineering-High Altitude Wind Turbine.mp4                 
    Dan Byrd & Casey Griffith.     Advisor: Dr. Darrel Pepper
  401. The Laddermill Project
  402. Kitepower 2012     (re: November 2011 progress)      kitepower.eu
    Same, but without audio: KitePower 2012 (no audio)
  403. DSM SkySails
  404. Skysails: Cargo Ships Powered by the Wind
  405. Lifter Kite Remote Control   by Rod Read
  406. daisy with lifter2.flv   by Rod Read
  407. compeller animation.flv  by Rod Read
  408. Paragliders are Gliding Kites Part001
  409. Airborne Wind Turbine Flight Demonstrations       by Makani Power on Wing 7 in 2011
  410. Twin Stability
  411. Oscillating Wing By KiteLab Group Energy Generation From Chaotic Wind
  412. Vshunt_demo.AVI  by KiteLab, Ilwaco, WA
  413. Vshunt landing by KiteLab, Ilwaco, WA      vertical shunting kite systemes
  414. Tarp Flying   by KiteLab, Ilwaco, WA
  415. Tarp Flying from a Gang-Line   by KiteLab, Ilwaco, WA, 2012
  416. FlipWing AWECS by KiteLab, Ilwaco, WAiso
  417. isotropic.avi
  418. Latest Kibokit Kite Boat Prototype kitesailing fast on Schlei and Kieler Woche
  419. The OMEGASAILS-kite for powerboats
  420. Compasso   at KiteGen
  421. Related to #420:   KiteGen Stem: The Manipulator - May 2012
  422. IMG_0033.MOV    more on the compasso
  423. IMG_0089.MOV      more on the compasso
  424. AWE Turbine Narthex 05.05.2012 tests      A. Muzhichkov
  425. Drum Tangle    During step towing of the kite's wing, a drum tangle occurred. Aloft pilot noticed and quickly released the tether. 
  426. Wind Turbine Evolution              by ERC Highwind   Their video channel HERE.
  427. KiteGen Stem First Flight Test - February 2012
  428. KiteGen Stem - Open Day May 2012 - Semi Automatic Take Off    |     NoteHere.
  429. FlygenKite,kite energy visual demonstrator
  430. Daisy-Pleasefundus-full.wmv        Rod Read
  431. Single kite simulation with white noise disturbances
  432. Carousel setup
  433. Dual kite
  434. Windmill to Kite Intro
  435. proposed underwater kite ring setup     Rod Read
  436. sea cone floating kite powered wind generator   Rod Read
  437. VisVentis maiden flight
  438. TU Delft Kite Power on Wattnu
  439. Kite Power in "Die grosse Show der Naturwunder"
  440. One wire electricity transfer for needs of Airborne Wind Turbines    A. Muzhichkov
  441. undersea kite generator tethering single unit        Rod Read
  442. Kitepower - Demonstration June 2012
  443. DIY Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) Transmission ~.5kW prototype
  444. FlygenKite wind energy module for kite    
  445. Intelligent Kite Robots and Kinect
  446. 2012/08/corwin-hardham-at-the-national-clean-energy-summit/
  447. Mothra 1 has its maiden flight in July 2012                [Mothra Song (1966)]
  448. Mothra1 Flight Modes - Launch and Land Sequence
  449. Powerful Mega-kite MOTHRA1 shakes off wet sand like a phoenix rising
  450. Sea and airborne wind energy generation cone semi sub kites     Rod Read
  451. WheelWind     Pierre Benhaïem
  452. Airborne Seaborne Wind Energy System (ASWES)        [Discuss: AWES6948, f]
  453. NASA Airborne Wind Energy         (2011)
  454. First Completely Autonomous Quadrotor FEG Flight
  455. Skywind Power - Animation of Full Scale FEG Flight
  456. Sky Windpower - Power Generation Flight - Angle 1 
     |  On HTML page with caption. Sky Windpower  with three other video   Dec. 2011.
  457. approximation of kite test field layout             [Discuss: AWES7024]
  458. Mothra1 Rises at WSIKF First Cut      Filmed August 26, 2012
  459. 79 - "Kite-based Reciprocating Wind Generator" Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South
  460. Kite Obelisk Project @ Cal-Tech EDU
  461. Stephan Wrage : kite propulsion for cargo vessels
  462. Kite solution on horizon for windpower | (VIDEO) Kite, wind turbine’s future   Feb 2011
  463. mothratugging  by Rod Read
  464. Valley suspended wind power generator   by Rod Read.  
  465. omnidirectional cross wind tensioned lift kite array  by Rod Read
  466. Altaeros Energies - Airborne Wind Turbine Prototype 2012
  467. Valley suspended wind power generator    by Rod Read.   See Research.
  468. kite arch with swivelling ram air train     by Rod Read
  469. Toyota RAV4 EV Charge-to-Charge Tour Day 6: Makani Power
  470. NCES 5.0: Corwin Hardham of Makani Power  "almost like a kite" [Ed: actually a kite!] While at the National Clean Energy Summit 5.0
  471. First Part of a Sea Turbine Tidal Power Device Design     by Rod Read, Oct. 3, 2012.
  472. AWE Production Preview #1    by Util.    
  473. KiteGen - Ritratto di un'idea - 1
  474. KiteGen - Portrait of an idea 2
  475. Model Rotor Kite 3
  476. Assembley   by Rod Read, Oct. 9, 2012
  477. Ready to test  by Rod Read, Oct. 17, 2012.
  478. Airborne kite ring experiment 3    Oct 26, 2012 by Rod Read
  479. Kites: A Different Kind of Wind Power by David Olinger, Feb 11, 2010.
  480. Rotating kite   [Mentioned in AWES7779]
  481. EnerKite Trailer Husum WindEnergy 2012 HD    by EnerKite in Sept. 2012
  482. EnerKite EK30 Flights with Autopilot  by EnerKite
  483. EnerKite - Virgin Flight of the 30kW Demonstrator
  484. EnerKite für Kids
  485. Leichtbau-Drachen als Stromproduzenten       Dr. Rolf Luchsinger, Center for Synergistic Structures, 2009
  486. 66 Träume: Energiedrachen     Alexander Bormann      and EnerKite
  487. KiteGen, sfruttare i venti di alta quota
  488. Kite wind turbine
  489. mothra kite bunch  by Rod Read, November 8, 2012
  490. mega mothra kite bunch   by Rod Read, November 2012.   Five stack? "Collective heave!"
  491. mega mothra bunch 2  by Rod Read, Nov. 2012.
  492. sweeping sea mothra with 2 generator barges  by Rod Read, Nov. 14,  2012.
  493. windswept sea mothra    by Rod Read, Nov. 14,  2012.
  494. Mothra Bag Puller  by Rod Read   Nov. 17, 2012.      Discuss
  495. sea mothra single tether  by Rod Read, Nov. 20, 2012.   {Floating spreader}
  496. tidal cableway sail curtain generator by Rod Read, Nov. 23, 2012.
  497. wind tracking kite arch on large diameter rail by Rod Read, Nov. 26, 2012.  Discuss.
  498. arched kites stacked on upwind side of rail   by Rod Read, Nov. 26, 2012.    Discuss
  499. mesh of bouyant and dense generator bees  by Rod Read, Nov. 30, 2012.   
  500. Finally, kites have grown up: Roland Schmehl at TEDxDelft     Nov. 14, 2012.  Discuss

We continue this video-list effort on another page: Here

Lifters (videos of selected lifters)

  1. HighWindHawaii's Channel     
    See also: Pacific Power Sails

    [[Ed: Without confirmation, I see two turbines on the kite; I do not have any notes concerning what those turbines are doing, if any more than spinning. Notes are welcome.]]
  2. Festo related:
    1. Festo AirJelly
    2. Festo Air_ray
    3. Festo - AirPenguin

And more

Non-kite cousin videos

Kite train or stack videos (some stills) of single anchor (resistive component) (or narrow-spread multi-line).     See: M4031

Kite arches of two-or-more-anchors (resistive component system)

Train of kite arches (here unit kite arches are trained)

  • v
  • v

Kite meshes

  • v
  • v

Kite 3-D Matrices, high-bifurcation trees, multi-layer curtain complexes, fractal webs, spider-web mimics, sky saturations, ...

Free-flight kites (gliding parachutes, paragliders, tether-involved hang gliders (hang pilot mass as resistive component),      These systems' anchors or resistive component systems are moving through the air rather than anchored to moving ground-based objects or soil or powered aircraft-based.

  • v
  • v
  • v
  • v
Bi-media bi-kite (e.g. air and paravane)
  • SeaGlider or Sea Glider
  • SkySails
  • Hydro Kite   studied at TU Delft
  • Kiteboarding
  • Snowkiting
  • Runaway air kite dragging tether in water which wet line is a paravane of low or high design
  • Kiteboating
  • KiteYachting
  • Air-kite with water-turbine
    • v
    • v

Dynamic air-only bi-kite tethered systems in free-flight


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