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When kite energy systems converting wind's kinetic energy are used in sports where the task varies, then great fun may be had.  Tasks in sport may involve traction, jumping, gliding, soaring, karting, sailing, light exercise, pilotage for tricks or figures, sky-element configuring, generating electricity, pumping water, lifting objects and dropping the objects, etc.  The wind's energy is converted to various other forms of energy to perform tasks that are then appreciated in competitions at various levels.

SportAWE, Sport Kite Energy, Kite energy in sports

Kite Soaring (safety note: this activity is in an infancy with extreme risk of injury and death )
Two-kite free-flight unmanned
Two-kite free-flight manned
Lift objects and dropping objects for sport
  • Lift sport sky diver for drops.
  • Lift sport paragliders for drops.
  • Lift sport hang gliders for drops, starts, aero-tow releasing,
  • Lift unmanned gliders that will be released for RC contests.
  • Lift water to be sprayed over a sporting event.
Sport kite sailing
Kite surfing sport
Kite hydrofoiling sport
Snow kiting sport
Kite carting sport, kite buggying, kite skating
Sporting events at kite festivals
  • Biggest kite
  • Most novel kite
  • Hot tricks
  • Most interesting arch display
  • Most interesting kite system put to do special works
  • Most interesting kitricity production system
ZeroWind kiting allowing thermals and high start
Calm Kiting Contest (CKC) (no thermals and high start)
Task, technique, and craft categories
  • Electronics allowed without initial stored energy
  • No electronics allowed
  • Delta
  • Non-delta
  • Absolute climb contest within each category


Kited-launch of hang gliders
SSKL    Safe self-kited launch of hang glider leaving no gear on ground, so same set of equipment could be used again at remote sites.
FF-Dual Kiting Unmanned with full passive control but with safety-stop system.

FF-Dual Kiting Unmanned with R/C

FF-Dual Kiting Manned    At least one human is in one of the two kites or is in a pod or harness set on mid tether.   The system is in free-flight using gusts, thermals, and strata differentials.

FF-Dual Kiting Double-Manned (at least one human in each of the two kites). The system is in free-flight using gusts, thermals, and strata differentials.