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Noah Sapir


  • Musician.  Fat Cat (jazz seven nights a week) bought by Noah Sapir.   http://www.fatcatmusic.org   billiards, ping pong, table tennis,
  • Friend of the Smalls scene.      Small ?  Small's scene?  http://www.smallsrecords.com/wp/
  • After years of observing the goings-on at Smalls, the entrepreneurial chess master Noah Sapir bought into Fat Cat
  • http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/27/fashion/27pingpong.html?pagewanted=all        Age 32 in 2008.  About 36 in 2012, approx.
  • Southampton, New York.
  • entrepreneurial chess master
  • mp3 music available
  • July 8, 2011:   There are a handful of small airborne energy products available, with many more in the pipeline. The only reason that large-scale product is not available is prematurity. Critical path analysis suggests you may need only wait two or three years more for the earliest utility scale offerings (human-in-the-loop, low-complexity). There are numerous investment opportunities, some sixty or so commercial minded players exist. This is a high-risk investment field, but the potential rewards are vast.

    You can make a direct investment in a start-up or invest in a more diversified way in pioneering funds like WOW (Italy), WOW America, Daidalos Fund, etc.. WOW America in particular is about to launch in NYC and Silicon Valley to invest in a very broad collection of leading AWE teams, and some highly favored angel equity is still available. Contact Noah Sapir (Cc: ed), the acting CEO, directly with your interest,

    dave santos
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