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Three-Media Kite Systems    
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  • Soil, water, and air is one sort of "three-media kite system" for doing various works in Era K3. The lower wing set "flies" through its dominant media to do works. The tether set "flies" through its dominant media to do its works. And the upper wing set has elements flying in its dominant media, perhaps air, to do its works.  Other choices of media for the three distinct media may be chosen.   The tether-separated "wing" sets so operate that the kiting principle is sustained for the lower wing set and the upper wing set just as in tethered FFAWE, but in more than one media, here featuring challenges and opportunities when three media are involved.
    • Notice that good works may be done in the wing-set realms (upper or lower) or in the tether-set realm. For example, a tether might be directly cutting or lighting or signaling or communicating or holding things, etc.
    • Recall that the resistive set (conventional anchor systems included) may be of varied design depending on purpose of a particular kite system; e.g. an anchor wing might by a hydrofoil while the whole kite system moves relative to some fixed reference point, say some earth-surface point.
  • Note that conventional AWES use two media; the ground station is using soil or ship or the like for the resistive "wing" set and air for the upper wing set's media.  However, analysis of "ship" and the like, one sees the hull with paravaning involvement, and so water as media for "flight" of the hull (and perhaps fin and foil vanes).
    However, notice that in conventional tethered FFAWE: only one media is used, say air.   Or just water for paravane FFAWE.
  • Recall that wing sets, tether sets, reactive-wing sets may consist of many units within an integrated single kite system. And then kite farming may extend actions and service..
  • Works?  Clearing, cleaning, guarding, cutting, energy production, fetching, mining, fishing, and more.

River, air, land: Have paravane flying in the river. Have the tether set share river water and air. Have soil kite "flying" in soils proximate to the river. Two choices here:
== 1. Have just soil wing on the land and just tether in the air-water share while paravane in river flow.  
== 2. Or have both a soil-wing set involved as well as a branched air-wing set involved while still having the tether set in the air-water media to the river-flow-reacting wing set in the water.
Ice, water, air:   Here some options:
  1. v
  2. v
One may explore "four" media for one kite system. Or more than four media. Such extensions are meant to be included in this teaching.  E.g. a tether set of a kite system may find through status within soil, air, water, oil, soup, gravel, plasma, glass, ice, steam, lava, liquid nitrogen, trash, plants, etc. Similarly for the action space of wings at either end of tethers. A kite system with branchings allows action within different spaces at the same time.

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