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Spider silk
  • Goats modified to give milk that holds something that approaches spider silk, but yet far from the superior natural spider silk.   Spider Silk As Strong As Kevlar!
  • University of Notre Dame and Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Create Artificial Spider Silk Breakthrough  "The genetic engineering breakthrough was announced today (Sept. 29, 2010) by Dr. Fraser, Dr. Lewis and Kraig Biocraft CEO Kim Thompson at a press conference on the Notre Dame campus."
  • What are the ways some AWECS at some scale  might one day use artificial spider silk effectively? 
  • Braiding for aircraft-landing arrestor cable is one target for future artificial spider silk.
  • Natural spider silk cloth made. Very labor intensive.
  • Cables for parachutes and paragliders?
  • UV?  Moisture? Abrasion? Longevity in atmosphere? Density? Working elogation?
  • How will spider silk cable compare to forecasted CNT cables?
  • wiki/Spider_silk
  • Spiders themselves have made possible several kinds of kiting using their silks.
    • "ballooning spiders" are actually employing the silk as both moving mooring and tether to kite their bodies; the wind drags and wafts the silk forming a resistive tether with undulations that effects lift and drag to carry the terminating spider that has itself lift and drag during the flight.  
    • Spider silk that catches food items fundamentally becomes a mesh of tether holding the food to waft in the wind; kiting effects can be observed in the woods about this matter.
    • Some spiders in building webs let their bodies hang and kite to remote points where next attachments are made.
    • It is frequent that leaf parts get caught in spider silk in nature; the leaf parts become the sailing lifting-dragging body at the end of a spider-silk tether which tether is moored to bushes and trees and houses.
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