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Smart tethers
  • What might a smart tether report or do?
  • The minimum tether seems to do some things that might be emphasized for particular purposes. Tethers tense and relax, stretch and shrink, twist and untwist, reflect light and absorb some light, produces some heat, produces some age effects, etc.
  • Unconventional tasks of a smart tether might be an ability to report its own integrity to monitors, report its temperature at stations, respond to angle of attack needs when streamlined, cause an extraordinary visibility for a tether sector upon approach by a bird or bat or aircraft, etc.  Send in your needs, ideas, and experiences.
  • A working smart tether might know how to peristaltically pump fluids up or down the tether in its interior.
  • Conductive tether might get smart to respond to over-current.
  • Smart tethers might have video-display surfaces.