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  • What is the future for the kite-energy industry with respect to tail systems of kite systems?

  • What is the future for the task-completion-by-kite industries with respect to tail systems of kite systems?

  • Links on kite-system tails

  • Videos that have kite-tail matters of significance

  • Tail Control Lines

  • Folder: TailedTurbines
  • Folder: TailPower
  • tail
    • tail furling
    • tail lift         and also  tail drag (drogue force)    
    • tail orientation effect
    • tail plane    The tail plane serves three purposes: equilibrium, stability and control.
    • tail vane
    • tails
      • short, long, fuzzy
      • piezoelectric tails
      • bladed-turbine tails
      • spinner tails
      • illuminated
      • organize long tails. Storage of long tails.
      • interferences
      • turbulence and tails
      • loop tails
      • tube tails
      • cups for tail segments
      • drogues
      • Consider: Severe lifter kite and severe generating tail
      • tail of feathers
      • tails of found trash      trash tails
      • mass points on tails
      • advertising on tails
      • long tails.      A string may be a tail. Consider uses of very long string tails. Choice of strings.
      • Tape for tails.
      • Safety and tails.

    • tailed turbine      A KES that pointedly features strong lifting wings that are tailed by rotor turbines. These may be flygen or groundgen arrangements.  The tailed turbine is part of the stability logic of the system. Lift hard and mine the wind strongly with a tailed turbine.   The tailed turbine could consist of one rotor or many rotors.
    • tail turbine
    • tail designs
    • working tails
    • tail power
    • strongly-flying tails
    • close-coupled tails
    • kites for tails of kites.  Consider controls over the direction of the flying of a flying tail of a kite's wing
    • Blinking 240 Bulbs LED Kite Tail By PassionKites.com
  • Lifting tails
  • Negative lifting tails
  • Bulbous bag tails
  • Line from main tether to tailing devices
  • Low-mass tails
  • Air mass and its inertial play in various tail designs
  • Challenge of the direction of the force of a tail device on the main wing(s)
  • Sharing a tail with several wings
  • Gang tails
  • Passive adjustment of tails
  • Active adjustment of tails
  • Remote control of tails
  • Delayed action in a tail for specific niche purpose
  • Have tail be a specified kite.
  • Tail laundry
  • Bulbous bag is very low massed item; it holds the ambient-pressure mass of air for inertial damping; it is driven well downwind fairly directly; it exerts a force that may be directed by an auxiliary line.  Observations: ______________________   
  • Start a tail wet with water. In the flying the drying will occur and mass and dynamics will change during the course of the drying. Tail a wet piece of clothing just for the sake of drying the clothing.
  • When and where are tails unwelcome?
  • There costs associated with kite-system tails. Design, test, build, organize, handle, operate, control, store, inspect, repair, ...
  • Unexpected behavior of some kite-system tails.
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bead-bearing swiveling in tail assembly of rotating blades.
 Hook on tail. Product shown at FishCreekSpinners.com
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