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Francis M. Rogallo or Gertrude Sudgen Rogallo

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  • [ ] Link extant files that are spread far and wide
  • [ ]  .Link to significant posts in USHawks.org forum
  • [ ]  .Link to KitePatents and load each patent for discussions there
  • [ ]  .Link to http://www.rogallohanggliders.com
  • [ ]  .Articles by Francis
  • [ ]  Speech by Francis in 1989     Discussion?  Analysis?
  • [ ]  Article by Paul Gazis       
  • [ ]  .Controversies and perspectives
    • Untenable "global" invention claims by local tinkerers and the loving followers of local heros
    • Untenable claims
    • Untenable statements
  • [ ]  .Inadequate historical accuracy by FMR on some points. Voids. Missed attribution opportunity. His focus and tunnel vision on some matters.
  • [ ] Why did he not tell of his first flight in FlightSail to JD?  Discuss
  • [ ]  Inflation perspectives
  • [ ]  Mechanics exposed and taught via text, working models,
  • [ ]  Toy space
  • [ ] Manned glider space in gliding parachute glider, parasailing, hang gliding, paragliding
  • [ ] Manned stiffened Rogallo Wing glider space
  • [ ] UAV space
  • [ ] Kite Energy space
  • [ ] From early history through 1800s and through 1950 and beyond: the triangle control frame in aviation. How public domain is revisited time and time again.
  • Understanding the limp Rogallo Wing and then its stiffening ...
  • Preliminary Investigation of a Paraglider  TN D-443
  • [ ] ?? Investigation of a Paraglider   Joseph Holloway Palmer,    1961
  • [ ] ??    Paraglider: Land Landing for Gemini  by  Ed Hengeveld  ? 1998
  • [ ] Robert T. Taylor
  • [ ] Lowry  or Lowery ?????
  • Francis M. Rogallo and Gertrude S. Rogallo: Report (to Accompany H.R. 9566)
  • [ ]   Parachute History Collection  at Linda Hall Library
  • [ ] Summer Course : Aerodynamic Deceleration '69 : Abstracts : University of Minnesota, July 7-18, 1969
  • [ ] Free-flight investigation of the deployment of a parawing recovery device for a radio-controlled 1/5-scale dynamic model spacecraft     NASA TN D-2044
  •  Rogallo, F. M., and Lowery, J. G.: Flexible Reentry Gliders. Preprint
    No. 175C, Soc. of Automotive Eng., Apr. 1960.
  • [ ]  Rogallo, Francis M., Lowery, John G., Croom, Delwin R., and Taylor, Robert T.: Preliminary Investigation of a Paraglider. NASA TN D-M4-3, 1960.
  • [ ]  Rogallo, F. M., and Lowery, J. G.: Flexible Reentry Gliders. Preprint No. 175C, Soc. of Automotive Eng., Apr. 1960.
  • [ ]  Naeseth, Roger L.: An Exploratory Study of a Parawing as a High-Lift Device for Aircraft. NASA TN D-629, 1960.
  • [ ]  Burk, Sanger M., Jr.: Free-Flight Investigation of the Deployment, Dynamic Stability, and Control Characteristics of a l/12-Scale Dynamic Radio Controlled Model of a Large Booster and Parawing. NASA TN D-1932, 1963
  • [ ]  Hewes, Donald E: Free-Flight Investigation of Radio-Controlled Models With Parawings. NASA TN D-927, 1961.
  • [ ]  Zimmerman, C. H.: Preliminary Tests in the N.A.C.A. Free-Spinning Wind Tunnel.
    NACA Rep. 557, 1936.
  • Section characteristics, NACA 23012 airfoil.    1942.     Rogallo   and   Lowry.. Originally issued July 1942 as Advance restricted report
  • Paul G. Fournier and B. Ann Bell, Low subsonic pressure distribution on three rigid wings simulating paragliders with varied canopy curvature and leading-edge sweep. November 1961. NASA Technical Note D-983.
  • AD 295 143 An Annotate Bibliography on Paragliders by Clyde Briggs, January 1963   [or same at our site]
  • Edward C. Polhamus, Rodger L. Naeseth   TN D-972   Experimental and theoretical studies of the effects of camber and twist on the aerodynamic characteristics of parawings having normal aspect ratios of 3 and 6
    • "Inasmuch as the purpose of this investigation was to determine the aerodynamic effects associated with particular changes in canopy shape, rigid leading edges, keels, and spreader bars were used in order that a canopy shape under air load reasonably similar to that desired might more easily be maintained. In many practical applications, of course, it would be desirable to use the results obtained to design less rigid configurations that take greater advantage of the paraglider tension structure concept."
  • Johnson, Joseph L., Jr.: Low-Speed Wind-Tunnel Investigation To Determine the Flight Characteristics of a Model of a Parawing Utility Vehicle.  NASA TN D-1255, 1962.       Joseph L. Johnson    
  • Russell Hawkes.    See USHawks for discussion.
  • Rogallo, Francis M.: Paraglider Recovery Systems. Presented at IAS Meetingon Man's Progress in the Conquest of Space (St. Louis, Mo.),Apr. 30-May 1-2, 1962.





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