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Project Sea Tree
Dennis W. Stevens

Non-AWE patent: Method and apparatus for surface analysis by Dennis Wakefield Stevens
  • AWECS with moving roots is in public domain. Rail cars, cabled carts with generators, Jong Chul Kim, David Lang, all the powerkiting sports, KitVes, SkySails, kiteboat, etc. are all with moving-root kite systems.   Crosswinding with long traction pulling axled generators or hydro turbines, etc.  See also the carousel of KiteGen.       JoeF  ,  July 21, 2011.  
  • moving-anchor AWECS, moving kite anchor, moving root of kite system, Moving-Root Kite (MRK) System by Dennis Stevens in Project Sea Tree,  etc. Wings involved are scalable with use of any type of kite or kytoon wing from toy to utility-scale super wings. Anchors of tethered wings may be anything that provides resistance resulting in a maintenance of tether-set tension enabling the kiting. Distinguish powered anchors from anchors that move because of the kiting system; anchors may be most simple and stay fixed or may stay moving with simple drag downwind; or anchors may themselves veer crosswind as in tacking or railed karting or paravaning or tacking.
    • David Lang included moving kite anchor in year 2004 survey of methods; see buggy and sail with power being collected in both directions.
    • See all of notes and patent surrounding Jong Chul Kim
    • See all KitVes notes and development
    • See all of Dave Santos notes and developments regarding axled generators in pulled train cars, carts, ships, etc.
    • Examine speed-sailing tactics      Image1   
    • See Wayne German's Vertical Blinds or sets of wings that are tethered and fly cross-wind.
    • Generator on shoe-skates: tethered wing crosswinds and pulls person on shoe skates; the generator charges personal batteries.
    • See Project Sea Tree that focuses on rigid large wings and high speed crosswinding for pulling land or sea items for generating power.
    • Cabled carts, railed carts, hydrofoils, paravanes, etc. form the moving anchors or moving roots to tethered wings. Generators or pumps are driven either directly at axle or directly using turbine in air or water, or driven by use of driving lines to fixed-stationed generators while moving anchors operate.
    • See the two-kite free-flight technologies.   See Dale C. Kramer patent application on the two-kite free-flight system.  Such branch of kiting haS movement of the terminal wings, either wing may be considered the anchor or root to the other wing.
    • See Moving Root note here:

    Distinguishing Project Sea Tree from the potentials known in such as cross-winding railed karts or cross-wind set cables (that drive pump or generator) or all the moving-paravane-anchor or moving-root methods (keels, hulls, kiteboards, hydrofoils, etc.) may be the challenge.
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