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Peter R. Payne            (d. Dec. 10, 1997) 
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  • Dec. 7, 2010, DaveS: "Payne never had time to develop his AWE & when the Oil Crisis passed then that generation stopped work on AWECS. A couple of years ago Charles McCutchen informed me of Peter's passing."
  • [ ]  Explore whether or not Peter R. Payne covered what Wind Belt is claiming.  http://www.humdingerwind.com/
  • Compare and contrast WindBelt or Wind Belt with Flexor Energy Aeroflexor and the Aeolian wind mill instructions of Peter R. Payne.
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Payne, "Supercritical Planing Hulls", Ocean Engineering, (vol. II, No. 2, pp. 143-159, 1984).
Payne, "The Dynamic Force on a Two-Dimensional Planing Plate of Arbitrary Cumber", Ocean Engineering, (vol 9, No. 1, pp 47-64, (1982))
Payne, "The Wavestrider Family of Planing Boats" (technical disclosure).
Peter R. Payne, Stevensville, Md.

E-mail sent Dec. 7, 2010, to Graeme Payne.

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