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Some first facts
  • Aircraft Serial Number 101
  • Burbank office of FAA is where the registration number N9765C was first issued.
  • Facsimile of Registration certificate has date of issue: February 12, 1962 cg.   The certificate wa signed by rubber stamp with Robert E. Forbes, Chief, Aircraft & Airman Records Branch
  • Paresev Model/Series PARESEV-1
  • Registrant: National Aeronautics & Space Admin, P.O. Box 273, Edwards, CA 93523
  • Other owners: Flight Research Center
  • Engine model: None
  • On Form of Budget Bureau No. 04-RO-185,  on its back side for "other reasons" for cancellation:  "This vehicle was given to the Smithsonian Institution who in turn have loaned it to the Experimental Aircraft Museum in Wisconsin." Signed form: Oct. 26, 1971 by Director of Flight Operations, NASA FRC: SP Butchart. [Stanley P. Butchart]
    Eventual situs: "NASA:  Given to Smithsonian Institute"  Official approving the ultimate cancellation of the Registration Number was "N Hood at 8:00 AM  U 13 Jan 1972
  • Deregistered clerk processing date: Jan. 13, 1972.
  • On AC Form 2150-4 (8-71) FAA AC72-1885 in replay to "AC-7" to AC-250 with subject: "Civil Aircraft N-9765C; Withdrawal of pending aircraft deregistration action" Date: 2Nov1971   The apparent holder of the Certificate of Aircraft Registration has now submitted AC Form 8050-73 as compliance with FAR  47.44(a)"  under authority of counsel Alen H. Barr, by Mary Thigpan (spelling?)  [ ]
  • Hallion writes about the start of the hang glider under Paul Bickel. Cost of construction and materials: $4,280.   "the manned glider"
  • IMP grows as a cousin to Paresev 1-C inflatable?
Open research:

[ ] Dates and handling by EAA in Wisconsin via a loan in c1971  ???

[ ]  Paresev hang glider pilots: 8

There are yet errors and incompletions in the wiki:
ARP came across a recent released video that has some interesting Paresev images:

ARP reports:

Some footage of the Parasev [sic, Paresev; both spellings are in literature] has come to light which is of interest. It shows the first version using a direct link control bar to the Rogallo wing before change to a conventional joy stick arrangement. Car towing is used at first and then air towing.
Relevant section starts at around 41min 50secs:- http://sploid.gizmodo.com/experimental-flights-filmed-50-plus-years-ago-still-loo-1593071535/+caseychan

Editorial note: John Worth had direct link triangle control bar on Rogallo wing hang glider before Paresev. Also in 1908 the direct link triangle control bar was on a legally protected hang glider by W. Simon.  Pseudo inventors would later try to claim invention of direct-link control bar.