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Pacific Sky Power

December 2011  Present (10 months) Seatle, Washington

Pacific Sky Power was founded in 2011 to develop and produce sky turbine systems.
The company is based in Seattle, Washington and is presently planning the future for this new technology.

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April 8, 2013

Hi Joe, my project just launched on Kickstarter! Maybe next time it will be a kite :)   http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1354200512/pacific-sky-power

Dan Tracy
Pacific Sky Power

Now based in Seattle, Washington, Nov. 2011. 

Sept. 2012: There seems to be a change of ownership of the domain name; we do not reach our AWES member; email is bouncing.  LinkedIn shows

  1. Chief of Research & Development at Pacific Sky Power LLC

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Pacific Power Sails   (PPS)           "power-sail"

(former initial name: Kite For Sail; the emphasis is now on energy production form AWECS with power-sails)

Dan Tracy, Ian Fisher, Wes Wendler  [ ]

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PowerSail, power sail, power-sail

Hawaii Innovation Award
Presented to
Pacific Power Sails
November 2008

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 November 22, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving. I'm in Seattle now and have started a new kite project. Living in Hawaii was great but it wasn't the best for business. A government agency is currently conducting evaluations of my smaller Sky 40 system so hopefully I'll get some orders next year.
Best Regards,
Dan Tracy