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Timely open international discussion on  Otto Meet 1971 Project at US Hawks   

Universal Otto Meet Virtual Landmark
- part 1

-* To paraphrase Lloyd Licher, a Charter Member and past president of the historic Southern California Hang Glider Association (SCHGA): “The success of early hang gliding sport of the 70’s was due in large part to the club’s
organized “self-regulation”…

Now we are approaching the 40th anniversary of that historical first modern hang glider meet of May23, 1971, on a grassy bluff in Newport Beach.   – Any sort of celebration to honor those attendees, participants, and spectators would somehow naturally be inclined to take place on May 21 and 22, 2011.   - It has been my hope to dedicate a tribute marker as near to the original site as possible.  – Our desire is to celebrate a 40th Anniversary “Picnic” in the public park which exists on the top of that launch site.

The 163rd Otto Lilienthal Birthday Party Celebration
40th Anniversary Universal Hang Glider Picnic
Historic Commemorative Landmark Dedication

The following areas may be located through Google Maps – on your PC-
As a reference for further informal visits by interested persons-.

The Buffalo Hills Park is located atop the residential community. It is a very beautiful tree-studded landscaped outdoor parkway that stretches the entire length of the hilltop.

*today May 10, 2010 – allows a year to move the combined effort of the Hang Glider community into a direction that will give honor to the events of that day.

There are those among us who have built their careers upon the modern sport of hang gliding; it should be the privilege and desire of these successful individuals to make a monetary contribution toward a well placed granite stone set with a bronze plaque giving proper address to the pivotal date in aviation history.

A modest commemorative plaque on the nearby park location, placed with the approval of the local residents, could later be allocated by the State of California as a state “official” registered historic land mark.

Newport Hills Drive west

November 22, 2008:  *My visit to the exact hill –to see for myself where this historic event took place on I made a detailed recon of the hillside and the best place for this landmark is on the public access landscaped parkway near Newport Hills Drive west – which on May23rd 1971 , was virtually the crest of the hilltop - I did recognize that the elevation of the original site must have been higher respecting that developers flattened much of the peak to terrace & level the location for home building- Moreover at one specific spot on Newport Hills Drive west, where vacant lot allows a direct bearing “west” out across the horizon a visual reference can actually be made of the Fashion Island Mall Towers . The perspective view of these two tall buildings appears to be in precisely the same orientation as in the home movie films of the 1971 Otto Meet-

Harbor View Nature Park *located at base of launch area- this is highly developed apartment complex with over grown trees and underbrush –without any visual reference it is at the very base of the hill (not a good site) this park is actually in a low area.

Buffalo Hills Park to the east , behind the original launch site is - Buffalo Hills Park - located in a public access nature park community landscaped area- this is my best choice for a dedicated plaque –
*needless to say 100% of the folks living here have not the first clue that they are living on a national historic aviation landmark locale. Perhaps they will be proud to take part in a picnic celebration and graciously allow onlookers to spend a day in their park!

Located near (with ample parking) on weekends ….

Newport Mesa Unified School District: Andersen Elementary‎
- more info »
1900 Port Seabourne Way, Newport Beach, CA‎ - (949) 515-6935‎

~~ Neil Larson