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Hermann Oberth
and his presentation for "Kite Power Station"
Hermann Julius Oberth

 "The Kite Power Station" (a wind-driven power station at high altitudes}

The wind-driven power station at high altitudes, which is not built on towers or poles but is carried by balloons up to 12,000 meters, could alleviate the earth's energy shortage considerably. Cheap electricity could be used to desalt sea water and propel traffic on the highways by means of electrically-powered tow cables, thus eliminating some environmental problems and saving oil.

  • Here is a small mystery, a legendary rocket scientist thinking about AWE in 1973.

    Hermann Oberth
    From Wikipedia Oberth page (no reference):
    • The 1973 petroleum crisis inspired Oberth to look into alternative energy sources, including a plan for a wind power station that could utilize the jet stream.


      Comment from KiteGen site-

Robert Smith says:
March 15, 2011 at 11:02 pm
Huh. Was just reading a 1987 translation of Hermann Oberth’s “Primer” and he mentioned his 1970s presentation called “Kite Power Station” (alas, finding an English translation of this particular book is so far impossible). In the Primer’s appendix there are both sketches and also a photograph of a model of The Kite Power Station from the Oberth Museum. If Old Hermann could write of rockets, space medicine, multistage lifts and satellites in the 1920s and be laughed at by all experts right up until his student Von Braun invited him to view the Apollo launches… then maybe Oberth’s idea that KiteGen is calling ‘radically new’ will also be more than a quirky idea.
Hope so. Best wishes from the United States.


Title: Primer for Those Who Would Govern
Author: Hermann Oberth
Publisher: West-Art, 1987
ISBN0914301063, 9780914301066
Length: 320 pages
Subjects: Business & Economics / Leadership
World politics

  • [ ]  Find the book
  • [ ]  Search his life
  • [ ]  Edit the wiki when solid reference is found for the AWE
  • [ ]  See how "kite" comes in. Compare the "balloon" notes.  Make distinctions once images are seen and studied.
  • [ ]  What does the museum hold toward the AWES?  Timeline of notes?
    • Sent inquiry to museum images and text concerning Oberth's kite power station.
    • Put Oberth on founders' list
    • Added Oberth item in timeline at wiki of High altitude wind power
                                                                              March 4, 2014

Thank you for preserving and sharing the life of Hermann Oberth.
The growing Era K3, the age golden age of using kite systems
for tasks and production of energy is unfolding. One of our heroes
is Hermann Oberth.

We are very interested having the world know the factual timeline of any notes of Hermann Oberth
that were on airborne wind energy matters.

When Era K3 blossoms fully, Hermann Oberth will stand tall in the history.
And I am guessing that the museum will obtain support from a mature Era K3
in various ways.

With such light, I urge the museum to sift all holdings for any notes toward airborne wind energy
and form a timeline for such matter. Did he fly kites at what age? What and when? Did he have
any notes to himself about upper wind energy at what early dates? Do you know what copies
of what related patents he had read and when? All will be treasures in Era K3.

Best to you and your works.
We have been linking your museum for some time and will continue to do so.

Please let me know what images on related matter that I may directly include in
our website; we would give full link and notice to the museum.

Best to you and yours,