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Advantages of a Nonaxial wind turbine
Operate at higher altitude
Not exposed to storms
Ground maintenance and safety
Less vibration (100x)
Low tech (metal or fabric)
Much less expensive gear box (100x)
Vast increase in the number of productive wind sites
Low visual impact
Short lead time installation
For a wind of 12 mph the glider speed is 100 mph with a L/D of 8.
For a 20 ft span, the lift is 4000 lb and thrust is about 400 lbs, giving an output of about 50 kW.
The combined length of the Kevlar cable is 1/2 mile and for a strength of 10,000 lbs, the weight of the cable would be approximately 300 lbs.
The many degrees of freedom opened by the design allow it to be built more economically.

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Mike Fallwell