Working hang gliders   File started March 27, 2009

List of practical applications of hang gliders. Send your ideas to Send idea for this list now, click HERE?

  • Bring health and joy to one's life as a flying human.
  • Nurture friendship among pilots and flight crew.
  • Re-home raptors that experienced a injury and grounded convalesce.
  • Instruct disoriented birds to follow natural migration routes.
  • Give flight times to injured birds.
  • Give flight experience to many factions of people who otherwise thought they would never fly.
  • Test flight instruments.
  • Aerial photography.
  • Train oneself in soaring-by-senses free flight.
  • Drive self-soar invention.
  • Make a living by giving discovery flights.
  • Provide a habit that encourages physical fitness.
  • Pilot flies HG in tow in a manner that tugs an electricity-producing ground-based generator. This has not yet been done, but is feasible. Fly and hour and produce electricity during that hour. Release and for for free flight hang gliding.
  • Fly on the wing's undersurface a message that communicates something important to those on the ground.
  • Help advance microlift science and arts.
  • Build data for new hang glider sites; record the data via the Internet for all people.
  • Enliven one's life via competition with oneself or others.
  • Test new materials for low-mass construction of wings and attending parts.
  • ???????

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