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Q1 Safety during pre-certification development of an experimental paramontante or parahang?

A1forQ1: Free flight implies risks, some known and some unknown. At every step, pause to appraise the full spectrum of risks. Manage the risks methodically. Use team oversight and the buddy system. Obtain formation from experts. Know the physics involved in an experiment. Well test large scale models before human free-flight testing. The construction and test of uncertified experimental wings requires deep knowledge of what is being made. 



Q4  What will be the response to the stall, surge-pitch-forward situation?

A1forQ4May 29, 2009.    My feeling is: With the right foil section and control-link system, the surge may be limited. But it will be essential to test the structure to see what happens with the wing at 70 degrees with the pilot over it. This can occur in traditional paragliders and must be explored in the Paramontante as well.   Brett                                   [Ed: [ ] Seeking diagram]





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- Inestabilidad espiral? Habría que estudiar con detalle este asunto, quizás la vela paramontántica (Paramontante III resuelva el asunto dando torsiones específicas a los perfiles) Instability spiral?  Should be studied in detail the subject, perhaps
sailing Paramontante. (III Paramontante will resolve the issue by twisting specific profiles)
- Salidas de térmicas fuertes?
Cualquier térmica fuerte puede dar problemas.
Imagino un abatimiento muy fuerte.


- Out of strong thermals?
A strong thermal can provide problems.
I imagine a very strong depression.
- No aprovación de DHV como parapente. De acuerdo, ésto no es un parapente
(aunque lo parezca).
Certification from DHV will be an action item after further development and testing. Paramontante is not yet ready for production.

In the sense that "paraglider" is used today, then Paramontante is not a paraglider, however much first appearances suggest the same class name. Unlike NASA's first use of the word "paraglider" for boned parawings, today "paraglider" is most popularly reserved for fully-limp parafoils. Paramontante is a special type of  hang glider. Paragliders are also mechanically a subtype of hang glider, but such orderly relationship is usually suppressed as paragliders call for special training and operating. Similarly, Paramontante is enough different from paraglider and other known hang gliders, that special training will be needed.  A "parahang" ?   JpF

- No participa en competencias de parapentes. De acuerdo. - Paramontante is not yet in production and certainly not yet in competitions. It is forecasted that future versions of Paramontante will be used a competition class by themselves.  JpF
- Silencio, indiferencia...en los foros o a personas a las que se ha comentado por mail - As yet, because of the freshness of news, discussion on Paramontante is just beginning to occur in forums and e-mail.  This matter will grow in correlation with developments and flight reports. Matters are just being born from a gestation of 8 years plus. When it is realized that a new class is being nurtured, then discussion will also grow.  JpF
- Posibilidad de golpe del manubrio con el piloto... Note1:  The possibilities of bumping the pilot by the triangle control  are being explored. In 2000, Juan had an inverted T handlebar at the bottom of the mast. Recently an inverted U bar  and then an inverted Y and then the Casellas triangle at the bottom of the mast are being explored as to interactions with the pilot  Learnings are occurring.  JpF

Note2:  May 31, 2009:   Pere Casellas:  Yes, the "manubrio" is an inverted bicycle handlebar that is used in Paramontante II. The initial idea was to use a simple inverted T as in Paramontante I, but Juan then convinced me that it was more appropriate to use a "manubrio de bicicleta playera" with the aim of further reducing the total length of the mast. The result is smart and plays its role very well!

This handlebar takes the appearance of an inverted "Y", and we think that could be continued in a natural way, in a triangle of control system..

There is the possibility of an inadvertent blow to the pilot by the mast-handlebar system. To prevent this, requires practice and specific training in Paramontante. Paramontante TCS version was designed precisely with the main objective of reducing this possibility

- Peso adicional >>> unos 3 ó 4 kg Paramontante has parts over paraglider, but those parts will allow fewer and shorter lines and some less wing area. As the flexible bones and mast have functions distinct from heavily-boned gliders, the Paramontante at-wing upper T parts, the mast, and Casellas triangle may be low-massed. An estimate now stands that 3 or 4 kg will be the class cost level over what might appear to be a paraglider in first blush. .
- No se puede guardar todo en la misma bolsa del parapente... >>> pero no hace falta el bolsón del ala delta (casi bastaría con la bolsa de los sables del ala delta) - You can save all in the same bag of paragliding ... >>> But you do not have the bag of the delta wing (near enough to the bag of the delta wing battens)
- Manejo de la estructura en el suelo. >>> requiere un aprendizaje especial paramontante - Management of the structure on the ground requires a special learning for hang gliders in the anticipated paramontante class.
- Lanzamiento de paracaídas de emergencia sin que entorpezca la estructura .- Launch of emergency parachutes that hinders the structure.

The dynamics of an opened emergency parachute while still coupled with the Paramontante will be explored carefully. The common dictum of staying with one's hang glider while being arrested under an emergency parachute will be carefully examined for paramontante gliders. Emergency procedures will be special to the new class.


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