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A new note posted in 2012 October:     gnuLAB3 dreaming on: discuss and discover: HERE  

BHL JAP building

Published on Oct 30, 2012 by 

"Making-of" Video, of BHL JAP Singleskin Prototype.Detailed information about this project on Laboratori D´envol. http://www.laboratoridenvol.com/
This video is not an instruction, it just shows some steps of a possible building process.
Enjoy and feel free to leave a feedback.


Barretina HyperLite


See also: HERE.


LIFT e-zine has stopped publishing
as of February 17, 2012.
We direct you to our present and past issues.
Lift archive index There will not be any further issues of LIFT.  
It has been a great run. We invite you to build USHawks.org and OZ Report.    For health, our time must get off the computer and into the craft room and flight field.   We wish you and yours the best of lift.

Hang gliding is entering the "dark ages" of information.

   - The Oz Forum is no longer readable without logging
     in, and it is inaccessible to anyone Davis has banned.
     Davis has removed posts and entire topics to suit him.

   - Hanggliding.org is intentionally blacklisting competing
     sites and it is currently programmed to automatically
     change links from "ushawks.org" to "loserville.org".
     Jack (sg) prohibits any discussion (or even mention)
     of alternatives like the US Hawks, and he has changed
     posts on his forum to cover his misdeeds.

   - USHPA now has "secret sites" that only selected
     members can view or post. USHPA provides no forum
     where members can openly question their Directors,
     and USHPA won't publish how our own elected Directors
     are voting on the Board.

Those of us who are building the US Hawks Hang Gliding
Association are doing so because we need an honest
organization that supports hang gliding and is open to its
members. We cannot save the sport of hang gliding through
dictatorships (like hanggliding.org or Oz Report) or through
a closed and unaccountable organization (like USHPA).

Please join us and help spread the word.

Bob Kuczewski
http://ushawks.org                          June 28, 2012
  • Out with a whisper: Barrentina HyperLite by Pere Casellas of Laboritoridenvol

  • For updates and following Barrentina HyperLite (BHL) see HERE.

Mobility: http://www.freewheelchairmission.org/site/c.fgLFIXOJKtF/b.4976103/k.73CE/Ingredients_for_Mobility.htm 
On the last day of FY 2011, Free Wheelchair Mission marked
its ten year anniversary, closing out a year that included our
500,000th wheelchair distributed, and a decade that has
united thousands of people to make a powerful difference
for hundreds of thousands more. This year alone, Free
Wheelchair Mission shipped out 81,615 wheelchairs, and
welcomed Togo and Mauritania to the fold, bringing to 79
our total countries served. To date, Free Wheelchair Mission
has touched 554,470 people with the transforming gift
of mobility, changing lives, one wheelchair at a time.

[ (One HG system) == 100 Chairs net $6394.00 (long-term mobility for one-hundred under-served disabled persons ]


I am putting together a 40 year reunion of HG in Oregon and want to spread the word. I am a hunt and peck typist and clunky with the internet. I want to learn more about the social sites but am usually confounded. The linked-in site only allowed a few choices and "owner" was the best.

Thanks for keeping the dream alive!

David Raybourn #957 1972    Living the dream since 1969 ( bamboo/plastic, Icarus II)
May 11-13    Pacific City, OR
40 Years of Oregon Hang Gliding Antique Glider Fly-In
A gathering at Cape Kiwanda State Park and Sandlake Grange Hall.
Fri. Grange Hall Open, Free- Fly.
Sat. 9:30am-5:30pm Antique Glider Flying on the dunes at "Mother Kiwanda". Judging for best Monoplane, Biplane, Standard. Spot Landing, Dollar Grab.
Sat. 6:30pm-9:30pm Pilot Convention at Sandlake Grange Hall (1/4 mile south of Sandlake Store). Multi-media Presentation and Display by Ken DeRussy.   Awards, Posters/T-Shirts, $30 at the door.
Sun. Grange Hall Open, Free-Fly
Enjoy the spectacular Tillamook County coastal sites during the prime season. Low tides for big LZ's and beachcombing. Onshore winds and longer daylight for flying.
All Foot-Launch Glider Pilots Welcome!  We are all connected...  Come see how your sport began.
Contact: David Raybourn, 425 233-9429 airbourn55@yahoo.com

A (Very) Good Sunday

 HG history marker
is "go" for installation!
There would be no story here if Joe, Jack, and Richard hadn't had an idea 41 years ago - thanks guys.
Frank Colver, February 3, 2012

[[To those who doubt the importance of cooperation:
consider a wagon that loses a wheel:  Neil Larson for years did some wheeling,
but the wagon needed other wheels to roll to completion. Consider having just a left wing. The Otto Marker wing has had enough fullness of cooperation to bring on success. Congratulations to the full team. Thank you, Frank, for your tall gifts and perseverance. Thank you Bob and Margie for your insightful inputs.  Ed. ]]

...grows during month from your sent lifts

February 2012

Finds, selections, and notes entered by Tony Prentice
  • Schikarus und Delta
  • HS3 test Movie1 Full        See anti-whack skis.
  • The date shown on this photo is 1974 which seems to be a bit late for that type:-] 1974 Press Photo Maiden Flight of Hang-Glide
    [[EBay is showing a copy of an original photo. Though the date for the subject is 1974, the mechanicals involved in the hang glider surely date earlier; the image is not about invention, but about someone's bamboo hang glider project. ED]]
  • Avielle et Pou flappeur, Annonay 05 08 2011  [over-30 minutes video]
  • Flying People in New York City                  [This might start a new craze!  Ed.]
  • SOL One Goes Fly    
    [One wing chord-station forms one left riser line set and one right riser line set.  Users refer to the arrangement as "One-line," however distinguish between the absolute one-tether airframed paragliders that frequent the personal flight scene. There is also another space of one-tether paragliders beyond the two ordinary; consider gliding single-tether kite where pilot is far low on long tether in a flying pod while pilot RC controls the gliding wing above.   ED.]
  • An interesting development for the future of PGs:  The discussion about the FAI definition of paraglider
    •  [[ Of course, FAI and PMA are not the only game in town. Consider the WPGA with paraglider simply defined as a gliding kite system, airframed types and canopy types and all between with range of one line to many.  The FAI and manufacturers games tend to support a narrow view; raw mechanics permit continued wide-view creativity. The discussion linked did not conceive of the absolute one-string sort, nor of multiple wings in various arrangements.  ED. ]]  [[The Ozone BBHPP - Part 1]]
  • Flight International, 1 August 1963, article that records some of the 1961, 1962, and 1963, hang glider work by Ryan. Some accumulation of notes may occur at:  http://www.energykitesystems.net/Ryan/FlexBee/index.html
  • This clip:-Kite Skating 1930  Balloon Jumping & Kite Skating - The New Sports of 1930 & 1964 shows a harness being used with weight shift on the trapeze bar of the kite. If the main cross support of the kite was located below the fabric it would allow the material to form a low aspect ratio Rogallo type wing. All that is then left to do is to move the harness suspension point up to the keel.  [[Such would be the cable-LE Porta-Wing nearly. ]]
Finds, selections, and notes entered by Pere Casellas  
Finds, selections, and notes entered by Joe Faust
Finds, selections, and notes entered by Neil Larson
Finds, selections, and notes entered by World ParaGliding Association  (WPGA)
Finds, selections, and notes entered by World Hang Gliding Association (WHGA)
Finds, selections, and notes entered by Energy-Kite Farms Association (EKFA)
  • We anticipate that hang glider and ultralight pilots will have a play in caring for tasks in kite farms.
    • Photography
    • Repair
  •  The Future is NOW - FLYING SWARM TECHNOLOGY!! - Nano Quadrotors!   The controls and logic involved will affect hang gliding, kiting, gliding, AWES, and more.  Energy-kite farms will be affect by such control-flight directions.   Thanks for the lead that SpiralAirfoil gave on this video.
There are good reasons why Murray cited Whitehead (who filed in 1905, issued in 1908).


Spar-construction options
  • Inflatable spars
  • Tensairity spars
  • I-beam spars
  • H-beam spars
  • Angle spars
  • Special-extrusion spars
  • Truss spars
  • Embedded rods in foam spars
  • Telescoping spars
  • Velcro-connect-involved spars
  • Hybrid spars that combine spar types
  • Square-section extrusion spars
  • Triangular-section spars
  • Rectangular non-square spars
  • Tapered spars
  • Overlap segments with various connecting means
  • Shelled balsa wood
  • Tensegrity tower
  • Outrigger saturation
  • Triangles staying center beam
  • Squares staying center beam


Power-assisted interests
Selections among NMErider's gifts:


Phased step-tow launching
  • Who will apply significance to the 1895 fugitive paragliding parakites that were in free-flight reported by Woglom in his classic book Parakites? Look how semi-fugitive kite goes glider in cycles for step towing with power phases followed by use of the potential energy; we are using such matter in flatland step-towing launching of manned hang gliders. Two main methods: 1. Fixed-position winch. 2. Moving-position winch.
  • Bi-directional step towing http://www.floridaparagliding.com/winch.htm
Working yet:
Page background image by Seedwings

Peter F. Girard, filed in 1962

Filed in 1961, three collaborating inventors

Thomas C. Searle referenced Stephen C. Murray who referenced Whitehead.

Partial piloting, lift propelling and propelling system      Joseph E. Martin   referenced Murray who referenced Whitehead:

Tigner referenced Murray who referenced Whitehead

Adapter mechanism for quick fold-up of hang glider frames
James C. Tigner

Ronald A. Heckman also referenced Murray who referenced Whitehead.

Patent number
: 989786
Filing date: Feb 15, 1910
Issue date: Apr 18, 1911

Want some exercise while staying up a bit longer?   Jose also referenced Murray who referenced Whitehead.

For the 7C file [ ] or 6C
Bennett referenced in the ornamental design patent:

[ ] What was involved in the references?

R. T. Cella recognizing hanging from keel line, using skis, towing by boat, gliding, kiting, hang seat. Filed in 1960.  He too referenced Whitehead.    And so, Bill Bennett recognized Cella functions, methods, etc., and also Whitehead of 1905 filing. 

Girard filed in 1962 on a control alternative

Scott    William D. Scott  filed January 11. 1912. 

J.J. Greenough
Patent number
: US 220473
Filing date: Sep 16, 1879
Issue date: Oct 14, 1879

Shape of Moon City hang gliders?  Help design what may be used in Moon City.
Help bring to practice the invented hang gliding high-hat flare method.
You may help bring to practice the invention
 of the "Hang glider high-hat flare method" 
The X structure (known in early aviation) will be used by some experimenters; the lower queenposts are the control frame downtubes with lower tips holding tensional basebar with ends cable-stayed as in the hang gliders of some first decade of 1900s hang gliders; the upper part of the X are two uptube kingposts tip spanned by an aerodynamic high hat for use in flight controls, especially for the high-hat flare operation. Prove in third- or fourth-scale models thoroughly. 

Addiction transference and hang gliding?   Does this affect any of us?

Charles Richard   (some misspelling: Charles Richards) as designer of Paresev kite hang glider flown in February of 1962.  What have we? Help expand on his biography?   A letter on Feb. 2, 2012, has been sent to NASA on the matter.  Paraglider research vehicle.  "Two who actively favored such an approach [practice fling the parawing in a paraglider format] were center research pilots Neil Armstrong and Milt Thompson. they approached Paul Bikle

"The Paresev (Paraglider Research Vehicle) was used to gain in-flight experience with four different membranes (wings) and was not used to develop the more complicated inflatable deployment system. The Paresev was designed by Charles Richard, of the Flight Research Center's Vehicle and System Dynamics Branch, with the rest of the team being: engineers Richard Klein, Gary Layton, John Orahood, and Joe Wilson; Frank Fedor and LeRoy Barto from the Maintenance and Manufacturing Branch; Project Manager Victor Horton, with Gary Layton becoming Project Manager later on in the Program. Mr. Paul Bikle, Director of the Center, gave instructions that were short and to the point: build a single-seat Paraglider and do it quick and cheap."

February 12, 1962: maiden flight of the kite-hang-glider.    

One photo captions Paresev 1B, but the photo shows a vehicle placard at its nose with "1A"  and an FAA registration number of N9765C    [ ]Verify, as a confusion exists. No. Piper aircraft has that number.

 George G. Spratt     [Distinguish father George A. Spratt  from son.]
[Kite hang gliders use similar method.
Father and son deeply explore the method that was already evident in late 1800s.]

[Kite hang gliders use similar method.
Father and son deeply explore the method that was already evident in late 1800s.]

More George G. Spratt pivot-wing:    
[Kite hang gliders use similar method.]

Dorsette A. Davison bi-conical flexible-wing  filed in 1911

Feb. 2012: Dave Santos notes:

A wing in its normal lift state is a Quantum Thermodynamic Device. The Quantum of heat is the Phonon (heat is really sound). Phonons are true Bosons, formal Quasiparticles. The under and upper sides of a wing in flow are macroscopic Phonon-Holes hosting standing Phonons determined by the wing profile, AoA, and Flow-Field Energy (inertial velocity). Top wing and bottom wing Phonons are Anti-Particle pairs. A wing itself is but an embedded Condensed-Matter Phonon-Field optimized to separate a surrounding Flow-Field into standing opposed-charge phonons. Lift is just a Static Phonon Charge Interaction with the wing Phonon Field. Ignore molecular and Sold-State Brownian Phonons, as they obey BES (Bose-Einstein Statistics), as do aggregations of similar wings in flying in ordered formations. Drag is essentially a loss of Phonon Coherence.

Pretty cool, huh? If only MadTom won't hold out, we will settle this lift issue once and for all ;*

He Rides A Kite.   The table of contents had a slightly different title for the short article of page 98. The ToC had "He Rides a Whirlybird Kite."  Igor Bensen was one kite pilot who employed the well-known methods and structures of triangle control frame with pilot hung tensionally from wing behind the control A-frame.    1954c   (note: at least by 1910, pendular weight-shift control by hung pilot behind A-frame cable-stayed was extant in hang gliding).  FAA registered: N3785C  Popular Science, page 98, July 1954.   Kite up and glide down.  Note by Devon Francis; maybe the photos by _?__    Bensen gyrocopter and gyrogliders and gyrokites. Various models and many publication points.  And patents.  Plans for various models.  
Hi Tommy,                                                            6Feb2012
To me, paragliding is a stunt that is best performed by an expert.
Competitions with paragliders are not so different than competitions by bull
riders, Indy Car or NASCAR drivers. These are all dangerous pursuits and
they provide the public with entertainment and the participants with a big
adrenaline fix. People have a right to participate and I don't like seeing
too many rules in these competitions. I want to see the biggest, baddest
bulls, the fastest and most powerful race cars, and the fastest paragliders.
When someone gets killed, it's not really anyone else's responsibility and
it shows the public why it's not a good idea for just anybody to ride a
bull, drive a racecar or fly a pseudo-aircraft.

The people who bear the responsibility are the participants. A lot of bull
riders started wearing helmets. NASCAR drivers accepted the Hans Device.
Indy drivers didn't do much of anything. And paraglider racers keep falling
out of the sky like they do every year. It tells us something. You don't see
people riding bulls to work. You don't see NASCARs on city streets. You
don't see Indy cars at the grocery store.

But you do see paragliders everywhere. People are trying to sell them to
your kids. Parents are burying their kids every summer. It needs to be
understood that, until paragliders stop falling out of the sky, paragliding
is a stunt. Paragliding competitions help demonstrate this. I wish they'd
televise them.

Rick Master                     [[Ed:  CometClones]]

Did Rogallo invent the triangle control frame for hang gliders? 
No, the triangle control frame or A-frame for hang gliders was invented mechanically for foot launch hang gliders in at least the early year of 1908 in Breslau in a hang glider in an organized gliding-club setting; further use was in many places including the Spratt before the 1950s; and a firm use was in a kite-glider for homebuilders by Igor Bensen...well published in the first half of 1950s; Mike Burns SkiPlane used the A-frame in 1962.  The first decade of 1900s had a first issue of FLIGHT; in that issue was a featuring of the triangle A-frame for aviation.  The Pilcher hang glider had a firm A-frame. There was no triangle bar Rogallo at Otto Meet of May 23, 1971. The first triangle bar Rogallo at a So. California meet was Kilbourne's at the Montgomery meet in August of 1971 (ref: Matt Colver).]]


 Landing HG:  http://ozreport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26379 
 "All begin with coming in faster than trim.
Period." ~Jim Rooney

Jim, a robust article by you is invited to LIFT about landing hang gliders.