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June 2011 

World Hang Gliding Association
World ParaGliding Association
builds during the month by reader inputs to

(Non-airframed string-controlled canopy free-flight piloted kites are invited to explore the PDMC.)

Notes are welcome during the month from all;
give some lift to an aspect of hang gliding =>


  • Will side flying struts win in popularity over the flying cables?  ...recalling Richard Miller's note at the beginning of the renaissance.
  • e-FLPHG off flats: Keep power unit. Alternative: Release power unit for it to be RC returned to club launch zone. Recharge e-power unit using windpower or solar power or club-member muscle power or a combination of all three. Will e-HG launch replace trucking to launches? Will green e-HG launch be nicer to the total environment? Discuss.
? Sylmar Flight Park LZ talk opportunities coming ...
? Frank Colver makes double progress on the worldwide hang gliding Otto Meet marker project: 1. Good contact with council person of the district encircling the site.  2. He purchased the last stone bench in the cemetery that holds the flying site; he is ordering engraving to tell of the 1971 turning-point meet.   Super, Frank!

Hi All, so much to report!

I know we decided to open this up publicly by communicating via the Hawks web forum, but I felt that I would put this news out to the "committee" first.

We will have a history statement on the actual hillside that the flying took place. Today I purchased plots in Pacific View memorial park that include a granite bench which will have the HG history statement engraved in it and even a graphic or two of a hang glider (checking to see what might be available from stock designs). The bench is right next to a road, about half way up the hill, and looks like approximately where Richard Miller flew over. It is right in the area where we stopped when we went there from San Miguel Park, Monday the 23rd. We were very fortunate to get this because it is the only bench available on the entire hillside, all others are taken and they will not add any more. A man had it on hold for a long time and decided he could not afford it, so he released it.

Here is the inscription I have ordered. Any other suggestions need to get to me quickly, but I will be the "decider". Words can also be placed on the sides and I wondered about adding the list of attendees? The hang glider graphic will go on the vertical supporting pedestal, possibly front and back.




Ski part versus wheels:   Discuss. Consider the amount of face of parts that meets the soils. Consider the angle of incidence that parts meet the soils. Gouge factor dependent on soil condition, rate of slap down, etc.? Penetration? Keeping the part on top of the soil? Soil types? Stumble at launch? FLPHG: stumble at launch.  Inadvertent or deliberate downwind landings?
  • Study frames 34 sec and 35 sec.  Discuss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-KvuHYfedw
    • Field helicity and no frame.
    • "Ivan knew the risk of flying in the middle of the day."
    • Watch and respect the weather.
    • Sources of windfield helicities
    • "crossing a asphalt taxiway may have started a small thermal.."
    • Flying into one's own turbulence?

Corrections and additions are invited:
Hang Glider Flight at Torrey Pines
History and Records 

Some hang glider/paraglider history at Torrey Pines
Adopted from notes by Don Betts and Gary Fogel

Bill Bennett becomes the first pilot to launch a hang glider from the top of the cliffs at Torrey Pines, to a landing on Black’s Beach.

Bob Wills becomes the first hang glider pilot to launch from the top of the cliffs at Torrey Pines and land successfully back on the top of the ridge.
July 2, 1972

Taras Kiceniuk, Jr. soared his own design “Icarus” bi-plane rigid wing hang glider at Torrey Pines for 1 hour 11 minutes, breaking the existing world record for hang glider endurance of 1 hour 4 minutes set by Dave Kilbourne at Mission Ridge, California in 1971.

Taras Kiceniuk, Jr. breaks his own world record for hang glider endurance with a flight of 2 hours, 26 minutes at Torrey Pines.

Bob Wills establishes a new world record for hang glider endurance with a flight of 3 hours, 3 minutes at Torrey Pines.

Mike Mitchell establishes a new world record for hang glider endurance with a flight of 3 hours, 45 minutes at Torrey Pines.

Ultralight Flyers Organization (UFO) formed and holds the first meeting at the home of Bob Fronius. Later, the UFO changed its name to the San Diego Hang Gliding Association, Inc., which later became the San Diego Hang Gliding/Paraglider Association, Inc.

The UFO gets a permit from the City of San Diego to regulate hang gliding at Torrey Pines.

The UFO loses insurance policy and relinquishes Torrey Pines permit to the City of San Diego
May 28, 1978

Hang gliding resumes at Torrey Pines under permit granted to the newly formed Torrey Pines Hang Gliding Association (TPHGA incorporated Jan. 25, 1989).
April 21, 1980

Bill Lemen sets the existing endurance soaring record for hang gliding at Torrey Pines with a flight of 12 hours, 12 minutes using an Electra Flyer “Olympus” hang glider.

The correct spelling of Bill's name is LEMEN, and the model of the  Olympus hang glider that he used was the Olympus 160.
I have attached a picture of Bill that was taken shortly after his flight and some pictures from Torrey Pines circa 1980 if you're interested.
see MORE and the images:   http://www.ushawks.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2051

Flight Realities, a hang glider concession owned by Steve Hawxhurst receives the first permit by the City to operate a concession at Torrey Pines in exchange for providing an on site flight director.

The first paragliders take flight at the Torrey Pines Gliderport.

2007:  Four types of aircraft flown in one day by one pilot at TPG: Pilot: Bob Kuczewski:: HG, PG, SP, and RC::  took place on April 21st, 2007. 
Source: John Heiney   See article.   

2010: Torrey Hawks, populous association supports a series of successful Second Sundays to advance the enjoyment of hang gliding at TPG. Out-of-state and international pilots are invited to freely join Torrey Hawks to advance one's preamble welcome to the very-historical ocean-cliff soaring site.

RX2 (from RelaX2)

Floating crossbar
ParaCommander ascending parachute
International free opportunity:  ...helpful when you visit Torrey Pines; warm your travel reception by first becoming a member to the club that has hang gliding at Torrey Pines as its focus: ... join Torrey Hawks hang gliding .... contact them (and ask for a copy of the newsletter): 

Here is part of a preamble e-mail to its 238 members:

This month's newsletter contains the following items:

- Membership Status: We now have 238 members in the Hawks.
- 40th Anniversary Celebration of First Hang Gliding Meet (1971).
- Torrey Pines Demo Days / Vintage Fly-In - Lots of Hawks attended.
- Second Sundays at Torrey - Come Fly with us on June 12th, 2011.
- Alan Chuculate Inducted as Honorary Torrey Hawk #244.
- Lyne Perry remembered as a friend to fairness in San Diego.
- Torrey Pines Advisory Board - Still not meeting since last year.
- Torrey Pines Soaring Council - Still no Sincere USHPA Support.
- Pilot Profile: Dan Buell Solo, and Amy Tandem ... at Torrey!! : )

Thanks again for your membership!!
Please call or write any time.

Bob Kuczewski
Club Secretary and Founder - Torrey Hawks Hang Gliding Club

  Esteban Morillo y David Basantes practicando HG en el Gavilan.wmv
How are you appraising the Hxc, Hxa, Hxb that attracted Richard Miller's attention In Low & Slow, …"

Alita or Piernifero or L'Alita "little wing" or "" the Ho Xb Piernifero II ('Piernifero' means 'animal that has legs'). ""

""The advanced hang glider the HXa "Alita", to be foot launched, was built and successfully tested during the first years of his term in office."" ..quote on Nurflugel

PS: Future: Sealed nano-porous matrix with He or H saturation for "solid" version of Hxa ?

Kite-Man or KiteMan or kiteman    with trapeze (triangle control frame of hang glider (TCF) downtubes of 1908 Breslau (at least) are replaced with down tethers)   1960  
About an hour north of Houston, Texas:

Lake Conroe             features Lakeshore Hang Gliding

Platform launch (PL) from the specially fitted Malibu tow boat.
Gregg Ludwig 281-788-6754
USHGA Tandem Instructor/PL Administrator
authorized dealer WillsWing and High Energy Sports

Regarding FLLG:

A neat way to fulfill your hang gliding flight dream ...

Re: National hang gliding association    by JoeF » Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:42 am

Perhaps soon have an open non-org "Waiver" document. Have it be very formal, neat appearing, bordered as a certificate and room for several witness signatures. A pilot signs; witnesses sign. Presto, one has a Waiver to show property owners. "I sign away all powers to sue anyone, any corporation, any institution, any estate, any government, ...) because of my hang gliding actions. I will make good any damage I might do to others and their properties (no instance in my life yet has resulted in injuring others or others' properties, as I practice my hang gliding with the utmost care to takeoff and land so injury or damages do not occur to others or their properties.) Any and all injuries that I inflict on myself because of my hang gliding are fully and only my responsibility. Occasionally an out landing to an unplanned spot occurs; I will gently exit from the unplanned area while exercising high respect for plants, animals, gating, fencing, etc. When in doubt about something, I will consult with the area's manager and respect the manager's requirements regarding my extraction; I will offer to pay involved extraction costs in a fitting manner." Etc. A lawyer could dance here to help. Witnesses could have titles next to their names or not. Have the document notarized; carry the original when negotiating; have high-quality copies to leave with property owners; give copy of driver's license showing signature; give URL of WHGA and US Hawks. Tell the world that one has given up the ability to hold property owners liable for one's injuries upon temporary use of a property. And state that one is fully willing to cover any damages to people or property that might occur because of one's hang gliding activity.
Then plan flights conservatively and avoid damaging anyone or anyone's property.
Use the waiver to negotiate with some property owners for temporary use of their properties. Have copies of state papers that also echo release of property owners from liabilities when not commercially operating their property for recreational use. Perhaps forget "organized" assemblies of hang gliders while simply flying with high communications with fellow pilots for niche pleasures (hundreds of ways without organized meets). Perhaps get very distributed where there are not "sites" and not "LZs" while evolving into responsible "most anywhere" capability while respecting airspace rules and traffic. Coming eHG takeoffs will be opening millions of launch points. A universal formal waiver (available is the use of the imprint of WHGA, if one wishes such on his or her waiver document.