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April 2011 Lift    
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"Landing" HGs on water surfaces
(oceans, seas, ponds, swimming pools, aqueducts, reservoirs, rivers, creeks, etc. )
or on surfaces that are in the water bodies

Motivations: New sector of hang gliding, cross-ocean hang gliding XOHG, __________, more "landing" places,

  • HG is prepared for such water-surface landings
  • HG is not prepared for such water-surface landings.
  • Sealed parts
  • Flotation, pontoons, explosive floats, CO2 cartridges,
  • Morphing of HG upon landing (to be a boat, to become a camping platform etc. ?)
  • Safety
  • Waves.   Amplitude of waves.
  • Is the raft, barge, boat, ship prepared for HG landings?
  • Aerogel
  • Hollow microspheres
  • Glass microsphere
  • Sealed spars
  • Wetsuit
  • Survival tactics
  • Communications
  • Purpose of flights
  • Near shore or far offshore
  • Local or cross-sea travel
  • Foams
  • Practice
  • Launching after water-surface landing
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