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April 2011 Lift    
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Carl Boenish


Has there been any attempt to persuade Mrs. Boenish (Jean)
To reissue  Playground in the Sky (PitS) on DVD;  perhaps we could use these clips on LIFT for a side discussion on PitS and open the importance of how this film is a true testament to Carl and early HG- Jean lives in California yet.  She holds the rights to PitS – but the only distribution I have ever been able to find is a small group in the Internet in Germany (? [ ] ) doing some skydive videos for sale – only on PAL format.

Now may be a last call to allow LIFT to have some impact on bringing this wonderful documentary to the public – it ties in with the Otto 40th celebration push as Carl was at Newport!
Also – the 16 mm format may have to be enhanced or cleaned by Hollywood experts – there may be a network connection through Eddie Paul – as Eddie is “in” Hollywood-

These are thoughts –
But I have always been puzzled, because PitS was as essentially important to HG in 77’ when Carl made it, as Big Blue Sky (BBS) is:  together they give wings to HG-
Perhaps Bill Liscomb could entertain the measure of knowledge needed to persuade his distributor for BBS, to adopt PitS as a follow up – prequel – to BBS-?

Last time I called Jean was in about--I had not the knowledge that Carl had recently been killed in a “jump,” so it shocked me and upset Jean to speak to me about it then--1988—. I worked at a Video (VHS) rental store here.  She mailed me a copy of PitS on VHS, from the Boenish Archives -and I think she said it was the last one?  That copy was lost,  as I rented it at the store and it was scuttled.

Time is a healer; perhaps now Jean has had time to adjust and maybe she will lead in sharing Carl’s precious art with the world.

Standing By –

LIFT contributing reporter/journalist
Neil Larson USHGA #24