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Artificial thermals for soaring      
Plans, experiments, concepts: all welcome. Send text, drawings, reports, etc.
Artificial thermals form a sector of artificial lift
for hang gliders, gliders, sailplanes, kites, paragliders, parachutists, skydivers, etc.

  • Patents
  • Examples
  • Concepts
  • Drawings
  • Reports of experiments
  • Black bodies and black surfaces
  • Heat of compression
  • Ambient temperature of air mass
  • Opportunities on cold days
  • Opportunities on calm wind days
  • Opportunities in directing wind
  • Geothermal opportunities
  • Hot-house opportunities
  • Clear-glass shrouding
  • Clear-plastic shrouding
  • Hot spring opportunities
  • Structured nations where serial artificial thermals allow dependable transport of goods and people
  • Kite energy systems using energy to heat captured air for cycled release to give thermal for HG
  • Solar-energy farms
  • Roofing decisions
  • Sectored raised encapsulations with triggered opening of the covers
  • Designer thermals
  • Timed thermals
  • Triggering thermals
  • Thermal measuring
  • Thermal visualization
  • Thermal classification
  • Tumbling in thermals.   Tumbling mitigation.
  • Economics of artificial thermals
  • Thermal shaping
  • Pulsed thermals
  • Thermal texturing
  • Thermal separation engineering
  • Electrical measures of the thermal environment
  • Role of water in artificial thermal engineering (liquid, vapor, steam, humidity, air conditioning, ...)
  • Giving odors to artificial thermals
  • Giving treatments to thermals to provide certain kinds of thermal visualization (natural visible or special types of instruments)
  • Vertical velocities of artificial thermals
  • Flatland long vent
  • Long sequenced venting
  • White and black
  • Ocean-city black roof
Exhausts from large buildings
Roof coloring
Ground coloring
Oscillating capture-release of passively solar-heated air
Ducting wind to cool heat processes with channeled releases
US Patent 2371629  by Frederick W. Lee, of Owings Mills, Maryland. The patent was assigned to the Government of the United States, as represented by the Secretary of the Interior. 
Filed date
: Jul 24, 1943.    Issued: Mar 20, 1945

Release cap over domed city
Geothermal thermal channeling
Motivation sectors to explore: waste heat, calm winter days, wind energy,