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Page 8 of November 2010 of Lift

     At Simi Valley when my dad and mom were testing Bob Lovejoy's first Quicksilver,
I was there on the ground; my dad held me while my Mom flew the Quicksilver. 
I was still nursing at the time; I probably saw some some flying, but I do not remember that moment; there is a photo of my Mom flying the Quicksilver:     


Joy Faust is  team member that produced Low & Slow. Her sister Jennifer was nursing at this time. Shown is the attic
of their home holding printing press, sheet folder, and other works for hang gliding publishing.
Joy Faust was key in the 5-strong production team of Low & Slow.
Their mother Joanne was flying Seagull II, III, and Quicksilver.

  • Remembering Bob Lovejoy at the moment with one of his drawings in Low & Slow #12      Click image for video of SplitWing by Tony Prentice.   
  • v
  • Recalling Dave Cronk in Low & Slow #12 with his tip draggers on polyethylene film CronKite

  •  Low & Slow #12, clip of top of ad by Dick Eipper. On the phone he agreed to take USHGA #1 membership,
    as I wanted #5 to remind me of the five persons in the family that was most important to me...
     five of us reaching for the heavens.  JpF