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Santa is on his way:     SHG       FatherFrostRussia       WithTwoDeers      Merry Christmas from contributor Neil Larson who after 40 years still has a hand at painting.   [Ed: Thanks for the selections, Neil ! ]

Gust soaring as a basis for the flight of petrels and albatrosses (Procellariiformes) BY  Colin J. Pennycuick   (thanks Steve C.)

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Aeros movable CG announcement:


Discussion open for the variable-CG topic:

The elaborate mechanism of cords and block-and-tackle used to operate the Vari-CG - may one day be replaced with a more simplified pneumatic/hydraulic compressed-fluid system – perhaps using the keel tube as a sealed cylinder with fluid loaded and compressed. A flipper valve could be operated from the pilot's control bar using a two-way flipper switch; a small amount of motion from the simple movement of the pilot would be used to lever a tiny compressor – filling a compression chamber. This pressurized fluid would then be channeled back and  forth--fore-and-aft--through the main keel tube/compression cylinder, as the fluid can be harnessed to operate a floor jack, or change the ballast of a submarine.

Very little pressure is needed to operate a 6-ton car jack! A tiny hydraulic jack on a hang glider would replace the intricate
series of ropes, pulleys, and tackle blocks.

The weight difference between a future “Vari-CG“ proposed idea pneumatic apparatus and the pictured current working array of cords and pulleys may be very close.             ~~Neil Larson            2Dec2010

Otto Service Hydraulic Jacks?     ~~ JoeF            2Dec2010                   
CG optimizing?   ~~ JoeF   2Dec2010

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