Open discussion on knotless weak links
for use in towing of hang gliders to soaring altitudes
KnotLessWeakLink (KLWL)
KnotLess Loop
Rated Segment
Rated Inspectable Continuous Homogenous Loops 
(RICH Loops)

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  • Questions entered, so far:
    • How might we have the WL be inspectable for integrity and measure for the immediate tow's use? Wear rate?
    • If we want 1.4 g  for this immediate tow, then how might we assure that the immediately used WL will be good for the experiences in the immediate tow?
    • How many ways are there to make knotless loops or knotless specified-strength segments?
    • How much wear is in the WL that I am going to use on this immediate tow?
    • ?

"This list should make it easy to find the correct weak link for your aircraft.

Always confirm your selection by checking your aircraft's Operating Manual.

It is the final authority."

Concept: Very large loop that has no join closure; i.e., the loop points are homogeneous. There are no welds, knots, joins, etc. to complete the loop.  Then consider over looping the large loop to itself to form smaller apparent rings.  Would such a large loop have a play in the weak link universe?

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