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 "The Venturi was made using many scraps of fabric that I had stored in my workshop.
I did it without money, just using what I had. Just bought some Dyneema."  "Not a wing for sale."

Photo of Juan's homemade wing Venturi 17 m  by CZwings, Juan Salvadori. 
He loves making wings and flying; he was the first builder of a paraglider in Argentina.
He is not a paraglider manufacturer, but he is a testing agent
for those who do have their own paragliders
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 (Paraglider timed inspections: 50 hr, 100 hr, annual, or special)
"I'm paraglider tester approved by the Federatión Argentina of Free Fly"

"Tu Seguridad es lo Primero"  Your safety is first.
Juan's  inventive Paramontante framed-and-towered hybrid paraglider
has received congratulations from Andy Hediger.  See this.

And visit:

We are talking to Juan Salvadori about unmanned  "kites for torno" or unmanned kites towed by cord.


Photo-with-enhanced art of synthetic dune concept for slope soaring fun at the beach where there otherwise is just flat sand.     Photo Art by Pere Casellas. Click photo for more.





front-electric sustainer  FES  
Notice that dynamic braking is close here. Gain by thermal; run turbine to get recharge of batteries. Regenerative braking.

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Free-flight systems manned or unmanned:

  • Coupled two-kite dynamic soaring for recreation (Richard Miller), travel (Dale Kramer), or energy-conversion (Joe Faust, Wayne German)

  • Regenerative soaring (Gary Osoba, Taras Kiceniuk)

  • Aloft-piloted wind-energy conversion kiting (Joe Faust, Dave Santos)

  • Ground-based piloting of airborne tethered wind-energy conversion systems

  • Kite-launched hang gliding

  • Kite-launched paragliding

  • Hang gliding

  • Paragliding


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Increasing is hang gilding's interface with wind-energy conversion systems. The given here is that we kite ourselves and frequently convert wind's energy into a climb for sustaining free flight. But there is more that lives in the intersection of hang gliding with windpower operations. Just as we avoid the electricity power lines that carry electricity and communication signals, there is an avoidance of trees, poles, and wind farms. Ground-hugging towered turbines set to convert wind's energy to electricity are increasing in numbers around the world; they are bird killers; it is no fun to mix with those swirling blades!  

Coming on the scene is another family of wind-energy conversion systems…those that are airborne by tether and those that are airborne free-flight dynamic soaring wind-energy conversion systems using wind differences smartly to sustain soaring and even energy-mining soaring; one family of such is the free-flight two-kite system used for travel or energy mining Tangling with the tethers and wings of tethered wind-energy conversion systems by hang gliders will not be fun.  Some hang glider pilots one day might actually be aloft pilots of active wind-energy conversion systems; some will spend some time piloting to make energy for ground purposes and then release for free-flight hang gliding. Some hang glider pilots might even get jobs flying to docking stations on huge ever-up wind-energy tethered systems in order to do maintenance and repair on the large devices (one new-start Joby Energy proposes a device that has the area of two foot-ball fields  ).

This thread is a potential place to track the concerns of hang glider pilots relative to wind-energy conversion systems (ground hugging sorts, tethered to ground or ground vehicle sorts, and free-flight sorts. Report new installations that we need to map for XC concerns. Report incidents where hang glider pilots failed to avoid mixing with wind-energy conversion machines. Report progress on multi-tasking tethered wind-energy conversion systems for launching hang gliders for free-flight sport. Report experiences with converting wind energy for direct or indirect use in hang glider activity (charge batteries, run devices onboard, conversion ambient wind to tow-launch hang glider, etc. ). Describe specific interfaces of hang gliding with AWECS. Keeping the interfaces safe. Keywords: AWECS, AWE, windpower, manned kiting, delta flying, free-flight, windpower, airborne wind energy, airborne wind energy conversion systems, hang gliding, paragliding, tethered wings, kite pilot, EnergyKiteSystems, AWEIA, KiteLab, KiteLab Group, high-altitude wind power, kiteMotor, wind turbine, airborne wind turbine, sportAWE, nomadicAWE,

The lifted load could be a hang glider and pilot to save coal and oil.

Soaring Magazine editor in 60s Richard Miller envisioned the travel form. Currently soaring champion Dale Kramer is exploring such for his sailplane as kite coupled with upper kite; at HAWP 2009 conference this month I and Wayne German focused on mining energy from the free-flight two-coupled-kite AWECS.


Seed flight and influence on gliding: