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Click=> Recently updated on April 24, 2009 Tad E.  
Woopy Lab and Bow-Woopy Lab
notes, images, drawings
by   Pere H. Casellas

Update May 13, 2009: 


 and Lift/PereCasellas/bow-woopy-lab.jpg 

Recall Large study: =>> Woopy Fly.

See:  Image8.jpg

Video of powered-wheeled version:   Itemid=63

BHG (Bamboo Hang Gliders)
Jonathan advances video topics:
Sylmar Falcon League & Spring Air Festival Fun
A Wednesday, After-work Fly-day
Low Glide Back from Lance's Ridge ***
Alex MorilloSee illustrated story start ==>  Gypsy

Then Yes!  Update: ============click to enlarge====
On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 2:31 PM, Alex Morillo  
Just a quick up date on Gypsy  :
With the tubes I had, I made this mock up,  
semi functional experimental frame of 23 to 25 pounds.  
It is still far from a flight-ready HG. ALEX


        Juan Salvadori weighs some parts toward Paramontante II:
            => PartsWeighing  Mast is2.2 m long and 10 cm in diameter.

May 24, 2009 Update: 
Paramontante II no-wind inflation and ground control: Success: 
          "Fantastic inflation of Paramontante II"

         Today I did the first swollen Paramontante without the wind. Inflates very easily and well-armed.  When it comes up, you just have to start and lift progress very well and quickly.
     The tests were a success.
Gently downward to the floor like a glider. It is very controllable.
                   Best Regards.
                   Juan Salvadori 

[    Juan, Nice way to celebrate Otto Lilienthal's birthday!  You are the Otto!    LIFT    ]

Echo of Otto and bruder Gustav Lilienthal: Juan and Pere.
From Laboratori d'envol regarding update on Paramontante II:  
Paramontante II inflation and raising on May 24, 2009.

After cutting the 180 cm of Quantum suspension lines and correct all the distortions in the vault, it was possible to raise successfully (with no wind) the Paramontante II.

Added new fotos. Video in preparation.
Added details and new schemes
of control devices for the Paramontante

Pere Casellas


May 17th, 2009  Update:

Dear friends,

The latest news from Paramontante here:
últimas noticias sobre el Paramontante aquí:
Les dernières nouvelles du Paramontante ici:



Pere H. Casellas                                       


May 13th update note from Pere H. Casellas:

Salvadori has almost all the materials for Paramontante:
Quantum paraglider old wing, aluminum tube for the mast, fishing rods. Just need to find a triangle of control, which should be small. We must also cut the lines to reduce the distance between the wing and the pilot.

Juan Salvadori opens the project for others to help develop:

April 25, 2009
Dear friends,
Salvadori and I are preparing what will soon
become the " PARAMONTANTE II."
This is a recreation of Paramontante built by Salvadori in 2000 and a
laboratory where experiment the latest ideas.

The concept of the Salvadori "Paramontante" has great potential,
and now we are trying to improve the comfort and safety of use.

All of you are welcome to participate in this exciting project. I believe that
a new and fascinating hybrid hangglider-paraglider is born.
Soon, more detailed data.


Pere  Casellas                       
              Pere H. Casellas of Laboratori d'envol        

=> Paramontante




Tow Jam 2009
June 19th, 20th, and 21st.

Charge the EnergyBank of your electrically-launched HG/PG/Paramontante using EnergyKiteSystems
Knotless Weak Links?
Jeff Shapiro
  Police adopt "low and slow"       S.O.A.R.
PBPD  wings via   Dudek
Launch assist: Some are still ICE-ing their launch: < 25 kg comparisons
Will InternalCombustionEngine (ICE) finally win over coming electrical solutions?
Marshall Peak
NOTES are INVITED REGARDING: Rob Clarkson                                               
Connect Reverse - convertible harness/backpack
Could this be a reason for moving toward (electric) E-launch assists?
"Tree it" or not? That is the question.
New Videos from NMERider
Soaring Over Mt. Wilson Observatory       Jonathan, thank you!
Some videos
Tying your own Weak-Links:
TowMeUp shows a weaklink DIY process
 "Consider the risks of action and inaction."

Various answers about "First kingpostless (topless) hang glider"  Send in your ideas. Consider that the demonstrated Francis Rogallo hang glider indoors was kingpostless in late 1950s. Consider Barry Hill Palmer's kingpostless hang gliders of 1961c.. Consider Richard Miller's Conduit Condor high-aspect ratio hang glider was kingpostless. The Lou Everett Ryan Aeronautical power-off glider was kingpostless. The 1961-2 Charles Richards' series of gliders using the stiffened Rogallo Wing flexible boned wing were topless hung-pilot gliders.  Consider later 1962-3  Mike Burns SkiPlane (that somehow revisited the 1908 triangle control frame) glider rendition of the NASA wing as kingpostless, early kites of JDickenson-Moyes-Bennett ski kites put into some releases for gliding were kingpostless. Then appreciate the kingpostless biplane hang gliders of 100 years ago. The Bamboo Butterfly hang glider of 1964c was topless. The early 1970s also included the kingpostless or topless Frank Colver Skysail. And Volmer Jensen's topless VJ-23, etc.  Hey, note that limp-wing hang gliders (the subset of hang gliders of limp wings are ordinarily now called paragliders) are also topless without kingpost..  Well, then came a revisiting of hang gliding in a big way with adding kingposts; we had a few years of nearly only kingposts on most hang gliders seen in the early 1970s. Some people nearly thought that high count of kingposts meant that such was always the case. No, clearly topless hang gliders occurred before the advancing late 1970s topless occurred. When "topless" began to happen (again.....) we notice the literature claiming "firsts" for "topless" when such was not fact, except if one neglects the other earlier firsts.  See the early hang gliders of SeedWings Sensor 411A (1977).   Along then came such as Tom Price's ASG-23 topless and others. See image.  Now we see very many topless hang gliders.   Thanks to the person who anonymously put in a nudge toward this topless topic.  Tom Price.  Others are welcome to add to this topless note.    
Enter HERE


Jon Durand Jnr

HG parachute deployment systems?  Hand deployment, BRS, other?   Notes are invited.
Weight, burns, accidental deployment, cost, drag bite, repacks, interference, practice, reliability, timing, record of experience, training, clinics,      Enter HERE

10 year old kid paragliding

Danika, 8 year old pilot flies in Hungary:


And 5 Year Old Paraglider Pilot

and Parapente à 4 ans

And: 3 year old kid paragliding alone:

And, .... what next?

Parapente-flying mother gives birth while hang gliding, tandem father attaches umbilical cord to parapente, newborn infant hang glides right out of the womb. Infant reports that the flight was just great.
Send in your video:  Editor@UpperWindpower.com


Second Sundays ....at Torrey  ... meet, eat, talk, and fly.  Yes. Torrey Hawks.



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Hargrave was an excellent experimenter. His models were always beautifully made. He had the optimism that is essential for an inventor, and the perseverance that uses failures as learnings.  Modest, unassuming,  and unselfish: he always refused to patent his inventions. Hargrave was only anxious that he might succeed in adding to the sum of human knowledge.

New Videos from NMERider
Mount Laguna & The "Hell Z"
Mid-Week Fun @ Marshall Peak
A Quiet Saturday @ Sylmar
Shadows, Friends & A Condor

"Hang glider history has yet to post an instance of a tethered hang glider pilot operating a hang glider in high altitude winds while operating the kited self in such manner to cause generation of electricity at the ground-based kite line points. One scheme could be the spread-loop scheme where the kited hang glider is held via a loop kite line with the ground-based anchoring is actually two points spread; the hang glider pilot would control to the left sector of the wind window to pull the loop through the right ground pulley; then the pilot would control to the right of the wind window and thus pull the loop through the left ground pulley. A sprag clutch and generator would be set inline in the ground section between the left and right pulleys. While the pilot is having fun flying the kited hang glider, electricity could be made and sent into a grid to gift some homes. Power figure of eights, practice, fun."  JpF from May 10, 2009, blog.

David Prentice

Ken Baier 

UK Electric Paramotor test flight Bristol

Pilot Neil Andrews Test fly's his Electric Paramotor at Doynton Airfield on 11.12.2007 with an easily reached flight time of 15 minutes. Very quiet running powerful machine with excellent prospects for the near future! lightweight @ 20 Kg and aimed at both the free flight thermalling pilots and the paramotorist alike. Watch this space...

Electric Paramotor

John Reynoldson

Fall-arrest solutions, general research link:
E-power fly to favorite foot-launch sites?

Avoid all use of cars and trucks?

Ideas and project descriptions are welcome to Lift:

Tow-HG vehicle's ground speed: zero

Bill Moyes explored having a zero-ground-speed-tow-vehicle of tiny size (the vehicle was just a ground-anchored point). The towing line or kiting line was short in his first experience in Australia (later in Torrance with me, Bill made such line longer and he let me be the mooring point instead of a dead moor point). There was no towing-vehicle driver or pilot, as the ground-mooring-point "tow vehicle" was not to know any complex motion between the ground and itself. Bill exploring towing himself in his flex wing in natural strong breeze; he kited up just a bit in his first trials (in Torrance, California, he kited up into the slope lift and released for some slope soaring; he just dropped the rope).

Paul MacCready's guides would discourage self-kiting and self-kited launches to gliding and/or soaring, if I read his safety matters correctly because of gust events that occur when there is sufficient wind to self-kite and self-kite launch. However, Jack Lambie's article on self-kite launching for long cross-nation traveling using on-board winch-assist when needed in lower-speed winds, suggests a realm of flying that is little developed. And the cross-ocean hang gliding proposals include some that have self-kiting from use of de-powerable water-kites that barely get any velocity relative to the encasing water (nearly zero speed anchor point to the tow line).

Morphing HG wings to allow self-kiting in lower wind speeds may be arriving one day in higher participation counts: ....morphing wings to higher sail-loads as altitude is gained and as one gets ready for more traditional hang gliding speeds and wishes for penetration upon topping and release.

Will there be a real-time-variable-strength knotless weak links used in self-kited launches off flatland to soaring altitudes in systems utilizing morphed wings? How will towing SOPs be written to face mature self-tow launching of morphable hang gliders?

Staying on zero-speed tow-mooring-point (earth as vehicle) while operating one's hang glider for the purpose of causing ground-point electricity generation using various arrangements of ground-placed levers operating generators would give air time to the pilot while making useful electricity for homes and machines. Sell the electricity; fly for hours making electricity. http://EnergyKiteSystems.net  Operate the self-kited hang glider until a thermal passes; then release and morph and sail off for an adventure.   JpF, May 22, 2009

For the record: We had published the following event which just passed (but help save the site be getting involved):

Emergency Meeting
Soboba Flight Park saving effort is a Now item.
Saturday May 16 ..
Please arrive by 2 pm.
Meeting starts at 3 pm.
Flying after the meeting
Barbeque after flying.

What a shock! I go to open the gate to the Soboba flying site and taped
to the gate is a paper with "NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE"….This property
will be sold at auction to the highest bidder….

As many of you know, the past few years of easy side hill launching at
Soboba have been courtesy of a very accommodating land owner. Many of
you met Roger at last year's September Fly-in. Regretfully, the downturn
in real estate and the economy has hit him hard. A new owner may not be
so friendly, and could snap a new lock on the gate and kick us out. I'm
sure none of us would like that. Therefore I am calling an emergency
meeting of all pilots to come and discuss the possibility of us buying
this property.

So far I have 5 persons interested in forming a partnership. Please
bring your ideas to the meeting, there is much to discuss. You do not
have to invest in this flight park to attend this important meeting.
Please come, we need your ideas and participation.

Emergency Meeting
Soboba Flight Park
Saturday  May 16 ….Please arrive by 2 pm. Meeting starts at 3 pm.
Flying after the meeting
Barbeque after flying.

Darrel Wood (951) 487-0053 home
(951) 570-0566 cell

Enter HERE your comments on matters affecting the hang glider universe.
Special thanks to all those who have been a LIFT to others.