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LTA Windpower, Inc.
  • Their home site. Notice the domain name is the shorter www.ltawind.com
  • Method indicated: Lifter lighter-than-air kite or lifting aerostat has rigidly mounted turbines with generator aloft. Flygen.
  • Patent application.    AIRBORNE WIND POWERED GENERATOR
  • Paper:    Generic System Requirements for High Altitude Wind Turbines
  • Principals:  Nykolai Bilaniuk and Asphodel Norwood
  • Well said rephrased: site challenge lessens as one operates higher.
  • They have shared a cool wind site: http://showcase.netins.net/web/wallio/MZW.html
  • Their white paper is being studied.
        Commentary by JpF about the white paper: Right off, I liked the focused point rephrased here that among AWECS, they cannot all be equally promising for a stated purpose or target goal.  He predicts a shakeout in AWECS to a success set of one or none.
        Attention: The author's set of reviewed AWECS methods that are feasible today is the null set; but he proposes that LTA Windpower has a direction that can become successful.    JpF
  • PowerShip        Term used by LTAwindpower, Inc. 
  • Interestingly www.HAWPA.net was announced as a competitor; however, HAWPA.net favorably lists LTA Windpower.  Fun.
  • Competitors more directly:  Airbine    and China companies are aiming for LTA AWECS.  
  • Airbine   in this site.

  • Airbine   home site
  • AerostatPower (AWP)
  • http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/AirborneWindEnergy/conversations/topics/2483    Discuss.
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  • Flygen: The kite-balloon with lifting wing holding HAWTs  will have a leak rate and shape-keeping mechanism. Mined energy sent to ground via conducting tether is apparently used. 
  • Consider solar-energy collection from the exposed upper surfaces of the elements of the system.
  • Consider some collection of atmospheric water for splitting to hydrogen for recharging the aerostat envelope.
  • Consider "cavexity chamber" for maintaining pressures and shape of the balloon or blimp element.
  • Aim for ever-up operation.
  • Aim to stack train elements to use airspace and land to maximal levels. The airspace is vertically thick, so have working elements off one long main tether.    Then horizontally ...traverse to wind...have kitefarming of multiple units.
  • Aim to involving carbon nano-tubes in tether, in working elements.
  • Aim to involve graphene or graphane in the kytoon structure.
  • Prove whether or not multiple turbines off a torque tube would serve well or not.
  • Prove the best design for the turbine to be used  that is mounted to the lifting wing.
  • "Dr. Nykolai Bilaniuk former Chief Engineer of Magenn Power Inc of Ottawa"