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                                      Kiting Kite Hang Gliders (KKHG)
The focus in this folder regards hang gliders that have the pilot hanging from a wing by short kite lines (hang lines) generally for gliding purposes following release from towing, but not always; then that arrangement is further kited by long tow lines (one or more). The purposes of such two-level kiting of an occupied winged system are many.  We distinguish KKHG from kiting of non-kite hang gliders, man-lifting by kite systems where the wing set is not directed toward release-to-gliding activity, and from occupied aerotecture.

       People have died kiting kite hang gliders; prevent such result for yourself and others, if you enter this kind of activity. This folder
is not adequate for assuring safety of anyone involved in kiting occupied kite hang gliders.  This folder is an open study; people interested in the topic are invited to send essays for inclusion.

  • Have a kite hang glider; then consider long-line kiting of that kite hang glider. Is the kite hang glider structurally ready for being secondarily kited? Is the pilot and involved team ready for the secondary kiting?
  • Why long-line kite an occupied kite hang glider?
    • Launch into recreational and sport hang gliding when satisfactory launch alternatives are not available (hills, mountains, slopes, inclines)
    • Extraction of people from difficult circumstances?
    • Travel
    • Moving goods, supplies, foods,
    • ?
  • What methods and arrangements have been explored for long-line kiting of kite hang gliders?
    • What will be the nature of the anchor set for the long-line kiting arrangement?  Will the kite hang glider pilot have what controls over the anchor set? Will the anchor set have humans involved? What would be the communications to helpers in the system?
      • Fixed anchors using ambient winds only for the kiting of the kite hang gliders?  The wind might thus be too much for safe kiting of a human-occupied kite hang glider.
      • Moving anchors?     
             Still, the nature of the ambient wind for safety will be important. Is the path clear for the moving vehicle or device? Is the airspace clear of hazards? Has communications been completed? Are communications open during the operation?
        • Powered aircraft? Manned? Robot?
        • Drogues in rivers?
        • Drop-mass rigs?
        • Fixed winch with powered rotating drum?
        • Unmanned controlled kite systems pulling the line?
        • Human helpers towing the line or lines?
        • Animal helpers towing the line or lines?
        • Moving car or truck with fixed-long-line length already set out?
        • Moving car or truck with payout from controlled winch?
        • Moving motorized boat?
        • Moving unmanned kites or parachutes as prime movers of the long tow line?
        • FFAWE method with the anchor set being a kited wing?
        • Hapa?
        • Drag mass with ground friction?
        • Falling mass? Hole? Incline? Lofted pulley?
        • Train?
        • Ship?
  • What methods and arrangements might be explored for long-line kiting of kite hang gliders?
  • Explore the various ways to have the long-line kiting continue to happen.
  • How is the long-line connected to the kite hang glider? 
  • Bridling the KHG? What kinds of bridles have been explored?
  • Explore various ways of releasing the kited kite hang glider from the initial kiting situation. Are there ways that are better than others? Why? What studies have been made over methods?
  • What happens to the released long line? Line chutes? Line kites? Reeling? Collecting?
  • What happens if the long line releases near the anchor or breaks mid-tether and the KHG pilot fails to release the remaining line?
  • Examine various ways to release the kite hang glider from the long-line kited format. 
  • What are the challenges in each choice of release method?
  • What devices are involved in each system used?
    • Are the devices to be certified for specific use?
    • How does one train to use involved equipment?
  • Explore the control environment while long-line kiting of the kite hang glider is occurring.
  • What is involved in gliding with slack-long-line during step-towing operations?
  • Explore the control environment during the release from-long-line towing operation.
  • What incidents have occurred in various types of kiting of kite hang gliders? 
  • How many people have been injured and/or killed during kiting of kite hang gliders?
  • What lessons have been learned?
  • What guides and tips have been recorded?
  • What has been found to be unsafe?
  • Are there safe methods?   How to keep safe methods safe?
  • What risks are involved? How are risks being managed?
  • What are references to the body of knowledge affecting KKHG?
  • Do KKHG instructors have adequate knowledge and training skills? What would that knowledge be? How might one know that an instructor is qualified to instructor KKHG?

Let us know you and your interests.
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