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Archive of messages of former group called KiteImages
Archive of former group called KiteImages.
http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/kite-enthusiast-leaning-against-a-giant-kite-over-twice-his-news-photo/3347351      Circa 1955
M75 Room wall art:
Image of FFAWE ... dreamy. 
And many:  Peter pan kite wall
M74  Artist's vision of energy kite systems in the jet stream.

Artist's vision of energy kite systems in the jet stream. 

Depicted are gyrokites each having four blades. The depicted long tethers are electrical conductors. The game would be to have autorotation of the blades by resisting the jet stream and then mining a portion of the forces of autorotation to drive at-hub electrical generators.  
M73  Journal of the Hakluyt Society


The Journal of the Hakluyt Society August 2012
Flying a kite and catching fish in the Ternate panorama of 1600
Stefan Dietrich

More than one image involves kite.
"kite" as word shows 217 times in the document. 
M72:  Early DIY toy book and some images.Art. 
Malay Tailless Kite
See also the Box Kite text and images.
Home-Made Toys for Girls and Boys
M71: Drift socks    http://www.walleyesinc.com/walleyeinc3/tedh.html
M70: Travel advertising. Fine art showing kite group
M69:   http://gombergkites.com/nkm/samples.html
M68:  RE: Two different kited wings



Designed by Arno Gradwohl

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M67: Vector and a Bow, two different kited wings
M66:  kite hang glider :: free-gliding kite inhabited kite systems  http://www.hanggliding.org/pics.php
M65:  Hargrave item http://i742.photobucket.com/albums/xx70/bazza4338/Stampboards/Inventions/04-08-1965-australian-fdc-50th-anniversary-of-death-of-lawrence-hargrave-wesley-with-typed-address-5043-p.jpg
M64: Glider-kite advert  Publication and date and page???
M63: Glider-Kite ad 3.bp.blogspot.com/-Jmt8XsJqWrQ/ToRZvehSJaI/AAAAAAAACtI/g1vJW-6evZc/s1600/GliderKite1.jpg BAD LINK, research.
M62:  R. P. https://scontent-a-pao.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/q71/s720x720/1474590_10151816445152098_846079089_n.jpg
M61: Andrew Beattie  http://tug.com/kites/index.html
M60:  Fanø 2009 photos and general link 1. Bill Ola Rasmussen photo set of   Fanø 2009    many photos
2. General link for the festival.
M58: Mapping with strings attached
http://www.geog.ucsb.edu/undergraduates/local13/posters/Mapping-with-strings-attached-1000.jpg :
M57: Tensional hex-cells
M56: Train at festival
M55: Tree and Earth as lower wing of kite system
M54: Box kite pool
M53: RE: Children's story books and kites
M52: Kite Fishing
Bridle adjuster with slider for angle-of-attack setting..
Lead shot for veering.
M51: Kite Tattoo      Start:
What trends? Kite types? Who will show a first electric-energy-generating kite systems in tattoo format?
M50: Re: Feathers





Feather kites.       FKPat        |      Johan Hallin   |   

Plume-specific kites. 

Feathers for train balancers. 

Kite covers decorated with real feathers. 

Kite covers decorated to mimic feathers. 

M49: Feathers http://www.sciencelearn.org.nz/var/sciencelearn/storage/images/contexts/flight/sci-media/images/flight-feathers/522991-1-eng-NZ/Flight-feathers.jpg
M48: re:  Goody-Naughty

See M47 below:

M47: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/22197/22197-h/22197-h.htm
M46: Art: Theta Kite     Art: Theta Kite
M45:  The Flyer ... sculpture Rob Burman Sculpture Studio http://robburmansculpture.com/
M44: "Satellite Kite" meditation world
Artist: Beautiful Eulogy
Album: Satellite Kite
M43: Hallmark spirit notes  http://www.hallmarkspiritclips.com/films/kite    Meditation world ... and the kite
M42: Meditation world: kite scarf http://skyfive5.com/about-our-company.html  Meditation world: kite scarf
"Sky5 kite scarves"
M41: Bird world: Look west to see the red kites flying high   Look west to see the red kites flying high
M40: Music world ... Interview: Red Kite
Several neat drawings. 
This interview was originally published in Issue 22, April 2012. Words by Alice Slater, illustrations by Jhinuk Sarkar.
M39: Video:

concurso de papalotes en zacatelco

video, yet it holds many interesting stills
M38: RE: RE: Deviant-art kites

Resistive anchor is a powered friend: 


M37:   http://jhitongingkz.deviantart.com/art/kite-flying-fantasy-117659201
M36: http://zae369.deviantart.com/art/Flying-Kites-354234947
M35: http://th04.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/323/8/d/how_to_fly_a_kite_by_muffinexplosion-d5lggvk.jpg
M34: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/265/f/d/kite_duty_by_booter_freak-d4ak70z.png
M33: Deviant-art kites
Starting:  http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/133/4/a/Broken_Kite_by_shirohato.png
M32: RE: Costen Collection  http://library.princeton.edu/libraries/cotsen/exhibitions2/Kites/Images/Large/K7blg.jpg
M31: All are invited to remark and link, etc. to kite-related images from the Costen collection.
Start:  http://library.princeton.edu/libraries/cotsen/exhibitions2/Kites/Kites7b.html
M30:  Images at One World: Chinese Adoptee Links Blog http://www.chineseadoptee.com/2013/05/a-kite-festival.html
Several images.
M29: Collecting kite images. 

Collecting Kite Images

Kites: From Physics to Fancy 15


A Timeless Pastime, Kite Flying 21


M28: Contemporary India and kite images   Contemporary India and kite images
Start:    http://phototravelings.blogspot.com/2012/12/delhis-international-kite-flying.html#.UnMay3AjJf8
M27: RE: Mary Poppins ... and the kites  Book pages:
What book? Illustrator? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_-cr_FYVm3rI/S83bmdj8_sI/AAAAAAAAE2I/-e0odIov838/s1600/mary+poppins.kites.jpg
M26:  Many media depict kites surrounding the Mary Poppins story
Start:: Vintage 1964 Jaymar Interlocking Picture Puzzle Walt Disney Mary Poppins Flying Kites 17 x 22    IMAGE
M25: http://www.greatlakesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/kite1.jpg
M24:  Many leads to kites in children's books:


M23: Child Life magazine     Start only:
M22: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-26WI5y0ecRI/T4Y3N230XWI/AAAAAAAAUyU/m3DT9YLBzlk/s1600/kites2.jpg
M21:Goodhousekeeping magazine, start only:

This topic thread invites anyone to note and discuss images and articles from the Good Housekeeping magazine regarding kites

M20: People flying kite in art. 


The Qianlong Emperor's Southern Inspection Tour, Scroll Six: Entering Suzhou and the Grand Canal, Qing dynasty (1644–1911), dated 1770
Xu Yang (Chinese, active ca. 1750–76)
Handscroll; ink and color on silk

27 1/8 x 784 1/2 in. (168.8 x 1994 cm)
Inscribed by Yu Minzhong (1714–1780)
Purchase, The Dillon Fund Gift, 1988 (1988.350)

M19: Gazbia Sirry, The Kite     The Kite, 1960   Gazbia Sirry (Egyptian, born 1925)
Oil on canvas
M18: Skull and kite. 1949



Margaret CILENTO

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia born 1923


  • Movements: USA 1947-49
  • France 1949-50
  • England 1954-65


Paris commenced 1927

print workshop (organisation)

  • Movements: New York

Skull and kite. 1949
intaglio engraving, etching and aquatint, printed in black ink with plate-tone, from one plate
Impression: artist's proof
Edition: edition unknown
plate-mark 21.2 h x 17.6 w cm 
Gordon Darling Australasian Print Fund 1997
Accession No: NGA 97.1019

M17: In Australian libraries.  Start:  http://mylibrary.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/FULL/PIC/BIBENQ/12404351/10989004,1?FMT=PA&SVL=10989004
M16: Train http://cerfvolant.militaire.free.fr/page%20suite/accueil/histoire%20du%20cv/photos%20histoire%20cv/8f_1_b.jpg
M15: Abstract kites.  Start:  http://mmufoundationcourseblog.blogspot.com/
M14: Kites of Edo by Shin Taga      Etching presented in a gallery
is titled Kites of Edo
Kites of Edo
Reference no.: 1025
Shin Taga, (b. 1946)
Kites of Edo
47.7 x 29.8
Artist's proof
Signed in pencil
M13: Bow-tie Bell tetrahedral

M12: Smithsonian archives.  Start:   Smithsonian Institute

  • Many images can only be seen by visiting researches by appointment. 
  • Some images are online. 
  • Some images have been given rights and show in books, movies, online documents, etc. 
So, it is guessed there there are some interesting images that can only be seen by visiting the archives physically. 

M11: Russian train kite   Image

M10: Poster for an event in 1926 ?

Exposition du 17 juillet au 15 août 1926 des travaux exécutés par les élèves pendant l'annee scolaire 1925/26 : Ville de Strasbourg Ecole municipale des arts décoratifs
Detailed information 


Full bibliographic record

Title : Exposition du 17 juillet au 15 août 1926 des travaux exécutés par les élèves pendant l'annee scolaire 1925/26 : Ville de Strasbourg Ecole municipale des arts décoratifs

Author : Meyer, Marcel. Illustrateur See only the results matching this author.

Author : Strasbourg. Ecole municipale des arts décoratifs See only the results matching this author.

Date of publication : 1926

Subject : Homme, cerf-volant Search all documents with this subject

Subject : Strasbourg Ecole municipale des arts decoratifs Search all documents with this subject

Type : image fixe

Language : French

Format : 1 affiche : ill. en coul. ; 112 x 77 cm

Format : image/jpeg

Copyright : domaine public

Identifier : ark:/12148/btv1b10209418t

Source : Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire de Strasbourg, NIM18194

Relation : http://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb41931757x

Description : Appartient à l’ensemble documentaire : BNUStr003

Gallica online date :23/09/2013

M9: Early train http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b6917736b.r=cerf-volant.langEN

M8: Gordon Bennett  http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b6917735x.r=cerf-volant.langEN

M7:   ,,, Le Capitaine Madiot,  http://aviation.maisons-champagne.com/images/galerie/1910/09-b.jpg

M6:  Le Capitaine Madiot  http://images-01.delcampe-static.net/img_large/auction/000/067/981/677_001.jpg

M5:  Four-cell small parafoils Three fins. One fin is central; the other two are side fins. There is a tailing cutout. Bridle line join to one main tether.  http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_UM0s5Nx7zWc/RytWh7enR6I/AAAAAAAAAZc/i-QSsHwUVSI/s320/20071102_FlowForm30Kite.jpg
Discuss alternative ways of manufacturing a kite wing close to this.

M4: Sky Sails  http://assets.inhabitat.com/files/beluga1.jpg

Beluga SkySails
Day? Date?
Normally the kite would not be inflated in harbor. So, what is being done in this photograph? The ship is docked, but the kite is inflated.  
What boat is at the right of the Beluga?  
Wind direction?
Kite size?
Launching-landing mast size?

M3:  ?

Intro: Images of kite systems are linked, studied, and discussed. Kite systems have a resistive set, tether set, and wing set. The kite systems "fly" in fluids. The resistive set may be moving or fix to a referenced object; moving may be free-fall or constrained in some manner. Hence, FFAWE, kite hang gliders, gliding canopies, conventional kite systems, and more are kites, i.e., kite systems.
Photographs and art are realms where images live. Link the images or post the images, if you have permission to post. A tiny linked editorial thumbnail of a larger linked image seem to the original source seems to fit fair use; give credit to the holding web site, when appropriate.
Discuss the image. Content? Implications? Significance? Implied mechanicals? Setting.
This is not the place to specialize in the images taken by KAP; such photos are often interesting; those photographs by KAP of external scenes are valued, but this is not the place for discussing KAP results, except when KAP is taking photographs of other kite systems or of its own kite system in action.

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Let us know you and your interests.
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