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Wing in air, wing in water, or both wings in air, or both wings in water
The dominant activity: wing in air while board is wing in water.

Kiteboarding is the use of specialized kite systems for moving the human pilot-in-command over the surface of bodies of water. During the activity, the PIC may control to cause the board to become also an airborne wing while no part of the system touches the water. Tricks or changes of shape of system parts during flight may be used for flight-experience alternatives; the tricks may be part of competitions. FFAWE is a form of kiteboarding.

Get Lessons First!
All this information do not replace lessons with a wise instructor. We recommend reading all information, then take lessons, and then read again with new eyes and questions? Take this advice seriously, since already many accidents have happened, which could have been avoided, if people invested for lessons, rather than paying for huge medical bills afterwards.


Wing, tether set, harness, kiteboard or Kboard or board, accessories, lessons, sites, tricks, applications. dynamics.

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