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ParakitingDuringKiteBoarding.jpg [ 42.36 KIB | Viewed 182 times ] 

:?: Is the shown "KiteBoarding" or not? A "dangling" phase of kiteboarding?
:?: Is it "parakiting"? With a canopy wing? Woglum-based? Yet, also and still a phase of KB?
:?: Is it "gliding"? With a canopy wing? Yet, also and still a phase of KB?
:?: Is it "paragliding"? With a canopy wing? Yet, also and still a phase of KB?
:?: Is it "hang gliding"? With a canopy wing? Yet, also and still a phase of KB?
:?: Is it "FFAWE"? Is the body and board forming a wing complex, though of low L/D? Yet, also and still a phase of KB?
:?: Is it "CWKPS"? Yet, also and still a phase of KB?
:?: Is it a "kite-energy system" converting the wind's energy into useful purpose, perhaps even pleasant thrilling recreational purpose? Yet, also and still a phase of KB?

How much will kiteboarders explore the aerodynamics of the lower "wing" complex of the free-flight shown kite system? Will kiteboarders enter very long distance travel via FFAWE methods of utilizing wind-layer differentia?

The lower wing complex is composed of things among which might be: PIC, harness, wetsuit, helmet, goggles, pants, shirt, board complex, communication devices, food, water, first-aid kit with medicines, signalling devices, rescue parachute, Vitamin C tablets, seeds, fishing gear, water drogue, compressed-gas canisters, kytoon, raft, auxiliary kite system for fishing and safety, repair materials, Internet-satellite communications device, solar-energy driven battery charger, identification, credit card, additional lines, tools, checklists, prayer card, pictures of loved ones, sunscreen, trip plan A, alternate trip plans, potable water-making system, a buddy or companion for the long trips, etc. . 

Shaping the lower-wing complex for flight purposes may be challenging. For FFAWE KB , the system's lines and control methods will probably altered; longer lines will permit wind-layer differentia to be harvested for effective travel. Radio-control will be considered by some to control the upper wing and even perhaps the lower-wing complex; automatic controls will be considered. The lower-wing involving the "board" complex will morph to shapes that help fulfill purpose.

Kiteboarding is being practiced in some of its possible realms, not all. The KB of today will remain an option. But other KB activity options will keep appearing as the exploring spirit remains alive.

The clip is from a larger photo:


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