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  • Non-electrically-conductive tether set that drives ground-based electric generators or fluid pumps
    • by reel-in-and-out schemes or laddermill or fan-belt schemes.
    • by various rocking arms or counterweighted tipping beams.
    • or by tracting carts, trains, or hulls that have electric generators in axels, rings, or water turbines.
  • Tasking: Direct mechanical power used to perform direct tasks that otherwise would use other fuels. Included in this is the traction of cargo ships, yachts, boats, and sports players; but many other tasks are known.
    The beaming proposal is more distant in time for fulfillment. Beaming to ground or to airborne targets are options.
    The electrically conductive compound tether schemes for "flygens" have niche uses in near term; utility-scale electrically-conductive tethers for flygens sit also after 1., 2, and 3.
  • Aerial transportation using AWE methods has a variety of feasible solutions that sit available for political will. Coupled free-flight wings, lofted cable-ways, and bi-fluid utilization (water and air) using paravane and kite/kytoon compounds.
  • AWE may tap the thickness vertically of the upper winds.
  • AWE ROI will be the cause for a change in the wind power spectrum.
kPower, Inc, (or k Power, Inc. throughout the below note)
c/o Ed Sapir, Operations Manager
November 23, 2013
Formally I here agree to the following:
1. All published energy kite systems technology that I have invented is assigned to kPower, Inc. for advancing growth of kPower, Inc.
2. All published energy kite systems technology invention that I will invent is assigned to kPower, Inc.; a formal note from me ceasing such assignment per some future date will be required to stop such assignment for new invention following the cessation declaration; I do not expect there to be any stoppage on this matter. 
3. All kite-energy related copyrights held by me are assigned to kPower, Inc.  Henceforward, kPower, Inc. may control how such covered matter is published. All future kite-energy copyrighted matter that I may create is assigned to kPower, Inc. up to some date of stoppage by formal note by me to kPower, Inc; any stoppage would be for new material after some stoppage date; I do not expect there will be any stoppage date announced. 
4. All kite-energy related trademarks and domain names held by me are assigned to kPower, Inc. Henceforward, kPower, Inc. may control the use and dispersal of such trademarks. Future created domain names and trademarks related to kite-energy are assigned to kPower, Inc., except for creations dated following some formal stoppage notice from me to kPower, Inc.  I do not expect there ever to be such stoppage notice. 
Signing below while in the County of Los Angeles, California, on November 23, 2013, 
5. The above is in harmony with and follows the extension by kPower, Inc. of " to join kPower and secure an equity stake in the company."   I personally so join kPower, Inc. and aim to help fulfill the mission of kPower, Inc. by professional participation. 
Joseph Patrick Faust, birth date: September 21, 1942,
aka Joe Faust, JoeF, JpF, joefaust
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Los Angeles, CA 90032-3937